10 Unexpected Bookings For Wrestlemania 40

3 months ago By Jhon Woug

With WrestleMania 40 getting closer every other minute, the WWE thrills and chill are cooling the fans down. The prospect of live comedy performances at all kinds of venues enthrals both comedians and fans, but the great height of ecstasy usually induces a crushing anxiety about booking fares. In this detailed guide, we will carefully analyse 10 worst-case scenarios that WWE should be running from WrestleMania 40 in order to ensure that the hottest ticket of the year will be worth it.

Star Mode Storyline

Indisputably, wrestling cannot advance without the advent of new wrestlers, and the WrestleMania 40 event must be a stage for the future superstars of wrestling. Cease such names as Tiffany Stratton, Bron Brekker, or Jade Cargill from the list of their participation in WrestleMania, as the season’s hallmark will certainly be diminished the other way around. People who are to watch these rising stars in full-scale displays of their artistic abilities aspire for this too. If WWE does not do so, they might possibly end up with letdowns.

Jade Cargill’s WrestleMania Debut

The presentation of Jade Cargill at Wrestle Mania 40 would be a breakthrough moment; any wrongful management from WWE would not be acceptable. Not only will Cargill shine at this legendary pay-per-view event, but her dazzling performance in the Royal Rumble is just the first in a series of high-risk matches that await her. At stake in that is more than a win; it means a whole lot for her to prove her might as one of the contenders in women’s divisions. The failure of Cargill to lucratively ascend on WrestleMania’s stage would be the faux pas par excellence in layers of tropes of booking scripture.

Gunther’s Intercontinental Reign

The greatness of Gunther’s single greatest triumph on the Intercontinental Championship title belt is a record that will forever remain in history. However, every reign has a time when it comes to an end. The 40th edition of WrestleMania delivers the right occasion for WWE to stand up with a face-lift title by renouncing the Intercontinental Title and enabling Gunther to assert his dominance in the World Championship. The complete absence of any semblance of a formidable contender would only serve to hinder Gunther’s empirical rise, barring his undeserving retainment, which would be an acutely gross misstep on WWE’s part that cannot be commercialized.

Damian Priest’s MITB Cash-In:

As Damian Priest celebrates the fact that he has gone without calling himself Mr. Money in the Bank, the fans don’t seem to dig into the book-making decisions of the WWE. The crowning ceremony of WrestleMania #40 should see Priest cashing his MITB money into the bank contract that culminates his much-portrayed moment in the spotlight. Leaving the chance unnoticed, only seeing the credibility of the priest beдолж to embellish a bad taste into the mouths of those fans, who are avidly waiting for their star time.

LA Knight’s WrestleMania Moment:

In a way, LA Knight was absent at WrestleMania 39, but at least this omission in 40 has to be rectified by WWE. With a possible clash with AJ Styles predicted on that big day, Knight earns a life-changing advantage by being the first of the superstars to win the biggest fight in the noble industry of WWE. To my mind, a WrestleMania moment for LA Knight or even a superstar-level booking would be just Jon Gruden’s standard; we have lost the most precious WWE’s fans all over the world.

Bayley’s Championship Aspirations:

Not to look forward beyond WrestleMania 40’s completion, the Bayley-IYO SKY match has unquestionably been one of the most entertaining storylines to happen, meaning a great conclusion must be provided for this thrilling plot. While the fans have gotten all excited with Bayley’s redemption arc about to reach its end, a championship victory doesn’t seem like a good scenario, on the other hand. Scripted a great moment in WWE legacy, where only a victory can allow her to write her name in history, and a failure would be a fitting end to the hopes of this magnitude.

Drew McIntyre is heading off to a career change:

The road of Drew McIntyre, who wants to carry the corporate championship title, has effectively caught everyone’s attention, so WrestleMania 40 should be the greatest moment in his journey. Seth Rollins is the current World Heavyweight Champion, and McIntyre is standing ready to knock him off his pedestal and have his show of the WWE Universe that he is meant to be at the top. If McIntyre does not get his crown after fighting so long to win it, the Scottish Warrior has been wronged, and the huge legions of fans who’ve been waiting to see him crowned will be highly disappointed.

The Rock’s Potential Involvement:

The possibility of The Rock headlining Mania 40 has kicked off a crazy rumour mill. Although a Triple Threat between The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes would probably be the match to go for, the match could dance on the head of a pin as it may defy the natural rightful one-on-one rematch between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. The risk of the Rock fortune must be minimised so that it clarifies rather than fragments the core plot of the universe.

Cody Rhodes’ Redemption:

Cody Rhodes main event against Roman Reigns at the ongoing WrestleMania 40 is the much-hyped match between the two. There has been a storyline for years in the offing, and this is the opportunity to get redemption. Adorned with the burden of history, Rhodes would need to come out of this showdown spotless and with a clear and resounding victory under his belt to make sure that he would be able to resonate with history as one of the greatest WWE champions of all time. An easy victory for Rhodes that is devoid of any significant struggle would completely destroy the authenticity of the story line, which would result in the displeasure of the fans.

Roman Reigns’ Title: Reign

Roman Reigns’ stay as Universal Heavyweight Champion has been absolutely vanquishing. Still at WrestleMania 42, he started to wonder what would come next. Fan mood now hitting an all-time high towards having a “full-time champion title” involves sending tears to their eyes if Reigns’ retains the title.

A vital WrestleMania step is to showcase the standout and the generational talent of Reigns, or to let the torch be passed to the next, and this is something for which WWE as the brand must make the decision carefully because if they do otherwise, they may end up losing their entire fan base.

With WrestleMania 40 rapidly approaching, WWE is in a crucial position where all their booking choices are worth considerably more value compared to usual. WrestleMania 40 may fall in line with the history of warm expectations accompanied by subsequent disappointments, but documented pre-match scenarios and due care in entertaining would ensure this event goes into the annals of time as one of the world’s greatest!

Through the learning of what has already happened and the prevention of the very things talked about in this given guide, the WWE can shape a WrestleMania of a lifetime that would end as a thrill on the tangs of all the fans and be craved for even more.

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