3 Matches That Can Be Added In Tonight’s Episode Of WWE Raw – 02nd October 2023

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

Fans are anxiously awaiting what the penultimate WWE Raw before Fastlane PLE will bring as the programme gets ready to air its episode on October 2, 2023. There are already a number of exciting matches and segments on the show, but there’s always room for more contests to keep the WWE Universe interested. We’ll look at three potential matches that may be added to tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast in this post.

1. The Viking Raiders vs. New Day

The heated rivalry between The Viking Raiders and New Day, two dominant tag teams, has been the centre of attention on WWE Raw. Fans have been energized by this continuous conflict, which has produced thrilling confrontations and unexpected turns that have the WWE Universe on the tip of their seats. There is no better time than now to reignite this heated rivalry by having a tag team match that is sure to be nothing short of fantastic as we get closer to the Fastlane PLE.

Ivar and Valhalla, the Viking Raiders, and Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, together known as New Day, are the main figures in this enthralling feud. These teams have engaged in combat with the ferocity of soldiers on the field of battle, leaving a path of exhilarating moments in their wake.

Erik of The Viking Raiders, however, found himself incapacitated due to injuries, which caused the story to take an unexpected turn. Ivar and Valhalla were still determined to fight Woods and Kingston no matter what, and this setback did little to weaken their resolve.

It’s possible to create a masterpiece of tag team combat on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw. By including a tag team fight on the schedule, a scene has been created for these four superstar wrestlers to perform to the best of their abilities and produce a spectacle that will be talked about for weeks.

In addition to intensifying the plot, a tag team competition offers Xavier Woods a significant opening. Ivar has brutally attacked Woods over the past few weeks, making Woods particularly weak. Woods has an opportunity to atone for his mistakes, defend himself against his opponents, and demonstrate that the New Day spirit is still unbreakable in this match.

There is no denying the chemistry between these two tag teams. Each team member is aware of the strengths and shortcomings of their partner, facilitating effective collaboration and breath-taking sequences inside the squared circle. Every action and counteraction becomes an essential component of the story they are presenting because of their common history and experiences, which give depth to the narrative.

The tag team match also acts as a turning point in the storyline involving The Viking Raiders and New Day, laying the groundwork for what would transpire at Fastlane PLE. Every match, every interaction, and every choice will have a significant influence on how this bitter rivalry develops, making it a must-see for WWE fans.

The tag team matchup is set to be an exciting spectacle with jaw-dropping moves, heart-stopping near falls, and exhilarating moments that capture the spirit of WWE Raw because both teams are hungry for victory and ready to establish their supremacy. One question hangs in the air as the battle lines are set and the teams get ready to fight: Who will win this titanic tag team battle?

As they get ready to see the next installment of the epic tale of The Viking Raiders vs. New Day, the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the answers. The tag team fight tonight is more than just a contest; it’s a monument to the tenacious competitive spirit and the unwavering resolve of these outstanding athletes who give it their all to thrill, uplift, and make a lasting impression on the professional wrestling industry.

2. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax

The thundering return of Nia Jax has caused a profound change in the women’s division on WWE Raw. The unstoppable force quickly established her presence, leaving a path of havoc and devastation in her wake. One can’t help but wonder who will have the courage to stand up and take on the behemoth that is Nia Jax as the WWE Universe reels from her surprising reappearance.

With her relentless targeting of other female Superstars in recent weeks, Nia Jax has made it quite apparent that she is back and more ferocious than ever. Last week’s crushing victory against Zoey Stark served as a stinging reminder of her strong strength and unrivalled focus. It is clear that Nia is determined to establish her dominance in the women’s division and that she will do whatever it takes to overcome any obstacles.

Fans have been salivating over the possibility of a grudge match between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax’s former tag team partner, ever since Nia’s comeback, as excitement for tonight’s edition of WWE Raw grows. The women’s division might reach new heights as a result of this prospective match, and the competitive environment for Raw’s female rivals could be completely altered.

The past interactions between Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax give this possible confrontation an intriguing element. In the past, the two Superstars worked together to form a strong tag team that held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Power, ferocity, and an unwavering drive to vanquish all rivals characterised their relationship. Like many great alliances, though, theirs ultimately fell apart, creating resentment and hostility amongst the former allies.

It is more than simply a bout when Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler square off; it is the meeting of two titanic powers in the women’s division. In the arena, Nia delivers unrestrained fury and raw strength that frequently cause her to overwhelm her opponents. Shayna Baszler, on the other hand, specialises in submissions and is renowned for her technical skill and capacity to render her opponents helpless. Due to their divergent playing styles, this matchup might be exciting and have viewers on the edge of their seats.

The outcome of this prospective rivalry battle will have a big impact on how the WWE Raw Women’s division develops in the future. Nia Jax’s success would confirm her standing as a dominant force and maybe place her as a leading candidate for the Women’s Championship. On the other hand, Shayna Baszler might find redemption and reclaim her position as a serious danger in the division with a victory.

This contest is surrounded by mystery outside of the squared circle. An emotional powder keg is created between Nia and Shayna due to their shared past, unsolved problems, and explosive chemistry. WWE fans are well aware that some of the most memorable and intense matches in wrestling history sometimes result from rivalries driven by personal enmity.

It would not only be a brilliant storyline move to include this women’s grudge match on tonight’s WWE Raw show, but it would also be a testimony to the great ability and tenacity of the female superstars on the roster. It would demonstrate their capacity to produce intense, emotionally charged competitions that enthral spectators and leave a lasting impression.

The possibility of Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler remains large as the WWE Universe excitedly anticipates tonight’s broadcast of Raw, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the women’s division. Will these two formidable rivals square off in a fight for supremacy, or will they each choose their own road towards championship success? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: history will be created when the irresistible force meets the surrender expert.

3. Drew McIntyre vs. Mystery Opponent

The WWE Universe is filled with mystery and apprehension because of the intriguing atmosphere that surrounds Drew McIntyre. As viewers try to understand the convoluted web of connections, motives, and ambitions that surrounds the Scottish Warrior, his recent appearances on Miz TV have been nothing short of riveting.

One question looms big as the WWE Universe prepares for another thrilling edition of WWE Raw: What is Drew McIntyre’s specific game plan, and who will take the lead in his ongoing story?

Drew McIntyre has recently been in the spotlight on Raw on a number of crucial occasions. His decision to remain silent during Jey Uso’s altercation with Judgement Day as well as his failure to defend New Day from the Viking Raiders’ constant onslaught have sparked rumours and discussion among fans. Is McIntyre joining forces with a certain group? Is he seeking personal retribution? Or does he merely pursue a road that only he knows, marching to the beat of his own drum?

Drew McIntyre’s actions have raised questions about his motivations, and this uncertainty has made viewers and other Superstars more intrigued by him. It’s possible that tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast may shed some much-needed light on the situation, or it could only serve to further obscure Drew McIntyre’s mystifying personality.

An unexpected challenge from Drew McIntyre on tonight’s show might result in a dramatic turn of events that could alter the course of the game. Superstars would scurry to answer the Scottish Warrior’s summons as a result of this challenge’s unexpected nature, which would stun the whole Raw roster.

Any superstar in the locker room has the chance to steal the limelight, make a statement, and even change the direction of their career when Drew McIntyre issues an open challenge. It’s more than just a regular match. The appeal of taking on Drew McIntyre in such a high-stakes situation is clear, whether it’s a young star hoping to establish themselves on the big stage or a veteran seeking forgiveness.

Unpredictability is one of the things that makes an unplanned challenge so beautiful. The whole WWE fanbase would be kept on the tip of their seats as they excitedly anticipated the unexpected challenger who would take the stage to challenge McIntyre. Every fan and Superstar in the stadium joins in on a group guessing game as a result of this element of unpredictability, which adds excitement and spontaneity to the proceedings.

This challenge presents Drew McIntyre with the chance to address the entire Raw roster as well as the WWE Universe with a strong statement. It’s an opportunity for him to prove that he is a formidable opponent who can be counted on regardless of relationships or allegiances. Whoever accepts McIntyre’s challenge must be prepared for an epic battle due to his intimidating demeanour and exceptional athleticism.

The likelihood of a last-minute challenge from Drew McIntyre hovers in the air like a storm approaching tonight’s broadcast of WWE Raw. Who will have the guts to stand up in front of the Scottish Warrior? Will it be a budding star hoping for a big break, an old pro searching for a second chance, or someone totally unexpected? The solutions are hidden in the darkness of doubt, ready to be exposed in a nail-biting and unexpected clash.

An unexpected challenge from Drew McIntyre is a golden ticket to intrigue, excitement, and priceless moments in the world of WWE, where surprises are their own form of money. The one thing that is certain tonight, with the Raw stage set and the spotlight calling, is that anything can happen in the squared circle, especially when the mysterious Drew McIntyre is involved.

Final thoughts: On October 2, 2023, WWE Raw will have the ability to present an exciting and action-packed edition. The inclusion of these three prospective matchups—The Viking Raiders vs. New Day, Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax, and Drew McIntyre’s impromptu challenge—would lift the programme to new heights, even though the bouts and segments that have already been announced guarantee excitement. Surprises, heated rivalries, and unforgettable moments in the realm of professional wrestling may be expected as the WWE Universe excitedly tunes in.

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