3 Possible Opponents For Dominic Mysterio At WWE Crown Jewel 2023

6 months ago By Sports Desk

Dominic Mysterio, a rising star in the WWE, has captured the hearts of fans with his impressive in-ring skills and potential to become a major figure in the company. As WWE Crown Jewel 2023 approaches, scheduled for November 4th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the anticipation for Dominic’s matchup is building. In this article, we delve into three possible opponents for Dominic Mysterio, each offering a unique and exciting storyline.

1. Father vs. Son: Rey Mysterio

The prospect of a match between Dominic Mysterio and his legendary father, Rey Mysterio, is nothing short of monumental. It would mark the first-ever WWE showdown between father and son, creating a WrestleMania-worthy moment that the entire WWE Universe would cherish.

Rey Mysterio, a revered figure in the wrestling world, continues to amaze fans at the age of 47. His mastery of the in-ring craft is unparalleled, making him the ideal opponent to guide Dominic through a memorable match. Dominic has openly expressed his desire to face his father in a WWE contest, and Rey himself has shown enthusiasm for the idea. In a 2022 interview with Sports Illustrated, Rey Mysterio stated, “I think it would be an amazing moment. It would be something that I would cherish forever. I think it would be something that the fans would love to see.” If WWE decides that WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is the right stage for this historic showdown, it will undoubtedly be a highlight of the event.

2. The NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar, the current NXT Cruiserweight Champion, is a young WWE star who has been making waves with his charisma and in-ring prowess. As one of the most popular and exciting talents on the NXT roster, he would be a perfect opponent for Dominic Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

A match between Dominic Mysterio and Santos Escobar promises a fresh and thrilling clash of styles. Both wrestlers are highly skilled in the ring, and their charismatic personas resonate with fans. This matchup would undoubtedly deliver an electrifying encounter for the audience.

3. The Return of Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, made a triumphant return to WWE in 2022 after a successful run on the independent circuit and as a former AEW World Champion. His comeback has solidified his status as one of WWE’s top stars, showcasing his versatility in the ring.

A showdown between Dominic Mysterio and Cody Rhodes would be monumental for both wrestlers. It would provide Dominic with an opportunity to prove himself against one of the best wrestlers in the world. Furthermore, given Rhodes’ history of facing Dominic’s father, Rey Mysterio, in stellar matchups, a battle between Dominic and Cody could potentially surpass expectations.

Additional Possibilities

While the above three opponents offer exciting prospects, WWE Crown Jewel 2023 could explore many other talented wrestlers as potential foes for Dominic Mysterio. Some of these intriguing options include:

1. Seth Rollins: A clash with the “Architect” could push Dominic’s skills to the limit.

2. AJ Styles: A match against the “Phenomenal One” would be a showcase of technical prowess.

3. Edge: Facing a Hall of Famer like Edge would be a defining moment for Dominic’s career.

4. Finn Bálor: A bout with the “Prince” would highlight the future of WWE.

5. Damian Priest: A dynamic wrestler like Priest could offer an unpredictable challenge.

6. Ricochet: A high-flying contest against Ricochet would electrify fans.

7. Mustafa Ali: An opportunity to prove himself against the innovative Mustafa Ali

8. Solo Sikoa: A potential rivalry with the emerging Solo Sikoa could captivate audiences.

9. Giovanni Vinci: A fresh face like Giovanni Vinci could provide an unexpected challenge.

10. Luchasaurus: A matchup against the colossal and agile Luchasaurus would be a spectacle.

11. Andrade El Idolo: A former WWE star like Andrade could make for an exciting return match.

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 could even consider a multi-man match for Dominic Mysterio, a thrilling way to involve multiple talents in a high-stakes contest.

Dominic Mysterio’s journey in the WWE is one of promise and potential, and WWE Crown Jewel 2023 offers an ideal platform to showcase his abilities. Whether it’s a dream match against his father Rey Mysterio, a showdown with NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, or a monumental clash with Cody Rhodes, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, numerous other talented wrestlers on the WWE’s roster could provide memorable encounters for Dominic.

The anticipation for WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is growing, and the question of who will step up to face Dominic Mysterio remains an exciting one. Regardless of the chosen opponent, it’s clear that this event will be a remarkable moment in Dominic’s career and a treat for wrestling fans worldwide.

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