3 Reasons Why Chad Gable Deserves Another Intercontinental Title Match At WWE Fastlane 2023

8 months ago By Sports Desk

The Mighty Austrian Gunther has held the Intercontinental Championship for an impressive 435 days, dominating the main roster with his brutal fights. However, even an unstoppable force like Gunther faced defeat two weeks ago on WWE Raw when he went up against Chad Gable. Gable secured the victory through a count-out, but Gunther retained his Intercontinental Championship since count-outs don’t result in a new champion. This week on RAW, Gable had another opportunity to face Gunther, but this time he lost. Despite this, there are compelling reasons why Chad Gable should receive another shot at Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship and potentially become the next champion.

Here are three reasons why Chad Gable deserves another chance at the Intercontinental Title at WWE Fastlane 2023:

3) He’s the Only One to Beat Gunther

On a recent episode of Raw, Gunther defended his Intercontinental Championship against the top contender, Chad Gable. Gable’s victory via count-out marked Gunther’s first loss on the main roster, but the championship didn’t change hands due to the count-out rule. It’s worth noting that Gunther previously attempted to defeat Gable in a 5-minute beat-the-clock challenge before SummerSlam but failed. Gunther’s consecutive unsuccessful attempts against Gable may suggest a potential changing of the guard.

2) Exceptional Talent

Chad Gable stands out as one of WWE’s highly talented wrestlers, possessing remarkable strength and ground wrestling skills. He’s one of the few Olympians in the company who has maintained a long-standing presence. Initially seen as the next Kurt Angle, Gable faced setbacks as a singles competitor due to creative changes and a lack of a consistent tag team partner. However, as WWE fans have recognized his potential, a singles push could see him capture his first singles championship by dethroning Gunther at Fastlane.

1) A Classic “David vs. Goliath” Tale

The timeless story of David vs. Goliath has always captivated audiences, and WWE has a history of featuring such scenarios. The narrative of a smaller, talented underdog taking on a dominant giant resonates with fans. Gunther’s underestimation of Gable led to his first defeat, and if this theme continues, Gable and Gunther could bring this classic story to life. Watching a smaller competitor challenge a larger one, especially when the larger competitor is a top-tier WWE Superstar, is inherently compelling.

Chad Gable embodies the quintessential underdog, as he is smaller than most WWE stars. His real-life accomplishments in combat make it believable that he can overcome the odds. A clash between Gunther and Chad Gable represents a modern-day David vs. Goliath match, elevated by their exceptional in-ring skills.

Could these two clash at Fastlane? Only time will reveal the answer. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your comments below.

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