3 Superstars Who Are Unhappy With CM Punk’s Return At WWE

7 months ago By Sports Desk

In a shocking turn of events, former WWE champion CM Punk made an unexpected return at Survivor Series 2023, sending shockwaves through the wrestling world. Known for his straight-edge lifestyle and anti-establishment persona, Punk had not set foot in a WWE ring for nearly a decade following his acrimonious departure in 2014. His recent release from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after a backstage fight with wrestler Jack Perry opened the door for this dramatic comeback that has fans buzzing.

While the WWE Universe celebrates the return of the wrestler dubbed “Best in the World,” not everyone shares the excitement. Several current WWE superstars have openly expressed disappointment and frustration at the comeback of the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Voiceless.”

Seth Rollins, current WWE Heavyweight Champion, had a furious reaction backstage upon learning of Punk’s return. Video footage shows Rollins yelling expletives and flipping his middle finger while being held back by officials. The viral clip demonstrates the “Drip God’s” anger at having to share the spotlight with the newly returned Punk.

Similarly, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre stormed out of the arena after Punk showed up unannounced. Witnesses backstage reported hearing loud bangs emanating from the locker room area before watching a fuming McIntyre push the doors open forcefully and drive off into the night. The Scottish Psychopath’s extreme response points toward existing tensions with Punk that have now boiled over.

Adding to the growing dissent is WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Fan videos show “Mami” mocking Punk’s signature taunt of pointing to his wrist, indicating that “it’s clobberin’ time.” She also defiantly flipped off the crowd when they began chanting Punk’s name after the show. Ripley’s actions demonstrate her lack of regard for the returning wrestler.

Former tag team champion Matt Riddle also took to social media to blast the comeback. “I guess standards don’t matter anymore,” he tweeted cryptically along with a facepalm emoji. Riddle later deleted the tweet but not before fans had screenshotted the salty reaction.

While the reasons behind these negative reactions vary, most stem from superstars feeling threatened by Punk’s return. Despite being gone from WWE for nearly ten years, Punk remains one of wrestling’s most popular performers. His unexpected return has captured the intrigue of fans worldwide, sparking fears that he could overtake the spotlight from those currently on top in the company.

For Seth Rollins, the concern lies in losing his spot as WWE’s top champion. Rollins clawed his way back from career turmoil to capture the world title this year. The egotistical “Drip God” wants to cement his legacy and may view Punk’s comeback as jeopardizing his championship reign.

In Drew McIntyre’s case, rumors abound that he was on the cusp of reclaiming the world championship he lost two years ago. Punk’s return clouds that possibility, especially if WWE decides to insert him directly into a feud with Rollins. After years of chasing the title, McIntyre seemingly lashed out at seeing the rug pulled from under him yet again.

For Rhea Ripley and Matt Riddle, the common denominator is fear of losing relevance. As champions of their respective divisions, both have dominated the spotlight recently. Punk’s mere presence threatens to overshadow all non-main event happenings, typical of retuning megastars. Riddle also has a history of publicly criticizing Punk, indicating longstanding resentment.

Above all, the negativity aimed at CM Punk stems from fellow superstars feeling their hard work risks being swept aside to make room for an “outsider” they view as undeserving. Punk left WWE voluntarily in 2014 and only returned after first failing to recapture stardom elsewhere.

In contrast, all of Punk’s critics have to grind through lean periods to reach their current successful runs. They likely resent that despite their years of effort, one surprise appearance from Punk has captivated audiences and captured headlines globally.

What this resentment will manifest into remains unknown. Perhaps tensions will subside, and WWE’s current roster will make room for Punk to complete his triumphant career comeback. However, bitterness has festered during his long absence toward the man who dubs himself “Best in the World.” WWE may have scored a short-term publicity victory but one that could breed long-term locker room discontent.

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