3 Talking Points From WWE NXT No Mercy 2023

9 months ago By Sports Desk

WWE NXT presented a premium live event known as No Mercy! This NXT show had an impressive lineup, featuring five championship matches. Notably, three of these matches included talent from “Raw” and “SmackDown,” such as Dominik Mysterio, Butch, and Becky Lynch. Additionally, the event was set to either conclude or initiate several significant storylines, including the ongoing feud between Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin, and the evolving relationship between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

WWE NXT No Mercy featured title defenses across the board. This included a rematch between Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch for the women’s title but with an Extreme Rules stipulation, as well as a fatal four-way tag team title match. The Heritage Cup was also up for grabs in a contest between Noam Dar and Butch. Bron Breakker took on Baron Corbin, and the main event featured NXT champion Carmelo Hayes defending his title against Ilja Dragunov. While these were the major highlights, there were other exciting matches as well.

Before the main show, on the pre-show, Blair Davenport defeated Kelani James, but Gigi Dolan then attacked Davenport, only to be chased away by referees.

Here are the three key takeaways from WWE NXT No Mercy:

3) The Judgment Day Finally Suffers Defeat at NXT No Mercy

Dominik Mysterio defended his title against Trick Williams at NXT No Mercy without any assistance from his Judgment Day faction, which led to his loss. This match relied too heavily on referee interventions, which is less appealing. Nevertheless, Dominik’s time in NXT has significantly improved his in-ring skills and overall presentation. This match also sets the stage for potential main roster action between Dominik and Dragon Lee. It’s worth noting that Trick Williams has played a supporting role to Carmelo Hayes for the past two years. While it’s unusual to describe a 6’4″ man as a sidekick, Williams has been the second-string member of the Trick Melo Gang, typically offering ringside support to his partner’s singles success in NXT.

However, everything changed at No Mercy when Williams had a defining moment of his own by defeating Dominik Mysterio to become the new “NXT” North American Champion. This entertaining match was filled with various antics and referee distractions. Williams secured the victory by executing a raised knee strike and earning a three-count with special guest referee Dragon Lee officiating.

2) Multiple Challengers Required to Defeat Butch

The Heritage Cup storyline has extended further than initially anticipated. While the previous trophy holders, whether real or fake, deserve recognition, No Mercy demonstrated that this concept was more suited for premium live events. In this event, Noam Dar and Butch (disguised as Pete Dunne) engaged in an intense six-round contest. Dar emerged victorious after interference not only from his Meta-Four stablemates but also from Gallus. The match’s unique rules, point system, length, and complexity worked against Butch, and the involvement of multiple parties proved too much for him to handle, leading to his defeat. However, from the perspective of NXT No Mercy, the match received an excellent crowd reaction, and fans seemed to enjoy it. The Heritage Cup tournament now leaves us with an intriguing cliffhanger about what’s next for competitors and the Heritage Cup itself. This uncertainty adds a positive element to NXT’s future.

1) Dragunov Triumphs as New NXT Champion

A new champion has risen in NXT, and he certainly made an impressive mark with a decisive victory over the former “NXT” Champion, Carmelo Hayes. Ilja Dragunov, a former “NXT UK” Champion, left no room for doubt during No Mercy on Saturday night. His performance was nothing short of outstanding, and he undeniably earned this victory. It’s safe to say that the match can be described as a “slobber knocker.”

At one point in the match, Carmelo Hayes seemed to gain some momentum, but he soon realized that the story of the bout was centered on how much punishment he could endure. Hayes took quite a beating but displayed remarkable resilience, continuously kicking out Dragunov’s attacks. The match was paced just right, where the brutal assault on Hayes made sense without going overboard and harming his character.

To cap off the event, Hayes and Trick Williams shared a heartfelt moment, showcasing their bond. It leaves us wondering about the future for both Hayes and Williams now that only one of them holds championship gold. Will Hayes’ confidence be affected by this loss? We eagerly anticipate Tuesday’s next episode of “NXT” to see where this storyline goes. Furthermore, we’re highly interested in finding out who Dragunov’s next challenger will be. It appears that a heel turn for Carmelo Hayes might be in the works.

So, these were the three main talking points from NXT No Mercy. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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