5 Superstars Who Deserve A WWE Championship Shot Against Roman Reigns

8 months ago By Jhon Woug

Roman Reigns is the modern-day Hulk Hogan and beyond. The final villain of the video game, The Tribal Chief, marches on as there is literally no competition standing in his path. While he may have put down one too many of them, a showdown between the tribal chief and some very promising names may push the big dog to the limit. On that note, here are five superstars who could soon challenge the Head of the Table:

Chad Gable:

Chad Gable is a highly talented WWE superstar who has consistently showcased his exceptional wrestling skills and charisma throughout his career. He indeed has the potential to be a legitimate championship contender in the WWE.

Gable’s technical wrestling prowess, agility, and dedication to his craft make him stand out in the ring. His “Ready, Willing, and Gable” catchphrase epitomises his unwavering determination to succeed in WWE. He has garnered a loyal fan following who appreciates his underdog spirit and remarkable in-ring abilities.

A championship match against Roman Reigns, the “Tribal Chief” and Universal Champion, would be a dream opportunity for Chad Gable. Reigns is one of the top stars in WWE, and a victory over him would elevate Gable’s status in the company.

Gable has proven himself as a versatile performer who can excel in various wrestling styles and has the potential to provide Reigns with a unique and competitive challenge. His agility and mat skills could force Reigns to adapt his strategy, creating an intriguing match dynamic.

Furthermore, Gable’s charisma and ability to connect with the audience would add emotional depth to the storyline, making fans rally behind him as an underdog looking to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a champion.

If Chad Gable continues to impress and evolve his character, a championship match against Roman Reigns could indeed be a well-deserved opportunity to showcase his talents and potentially cement his legacy in WWE.


Gunther is a formidable WWE superstar known for his imposing size, incredible strength, and a wrestling style heavily rooted in European techniques and strong-style wrestling. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, he had already established himself as a dominant force in WWE’s NXT UK brand and was gaining recognition worldwide.

Gunther’s unique presence and in-ring abilities have made him a standout performer. His devastating chops and submission holds are feared by opponents, and he’s known for his no-nonsense, hard-hitting approach to wrestling.

A championship match against Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion, would be a monumental clash of two of WWE’s most dominant forces. Reigns, often referred to as the “Tribal Chief,” has been a dominant presence in WWE, and a bout against Gunther would pit two powerhouses against each other. Adding in a title-for-title scenario could raise the stakes even further.

Gunther’s credentials, including his impressive championship reigns in NXT UK and his victories over top competitors, would justify a championship opportunity. His international appeal and reputation would also make such a match a global attraction, drawing fans from around the world.

The clash of styles, with Reigns’ more traditional WWE-style brawling against Gunther’s European style, would create an exciting and unpredictable match. Gunther’s quest for championship gold could serve as a compelling storyline, and his pursuit of Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship would undoubtedly be a marquee event in WWE.

AJ Styles:

AJ Styles is undeniably one of WWE’s most accomplished and versatile superstars. His wrestling career spans decades and included remarkable success in various promotions before his WWE debut in 2016. Styles has achieved multiple WWE championship reigns and continues to be a fan favourite.

Styles’ in-ring ability is second to none, characterised by his high-flying manoeuvres, technical prowess, and uncanny ability to adapt to any opponent. His “Phenomenal Forearm” and “Styles Clash” are iconic finishing moves that have secured numerous victories in WWE.

A championship match against Roman Reigns, the reigning Universal Champion and a dominant force in WWE, would be a dream encounter for fans and a testament to Styles’ legendary status. Both men possess incredible skill, charisma, and in-ring psychology.

Styles’ deserving championship opportunity is not only based on his past accomplishments but also on his consistent excellence in WWE. He has consistently delivered top-notch matches and compelling storylines, making him a mainstay at the top of the card.

A match between Styles and Reigns would not only be a clash of two wrestling icons but also a battle of contrasting styles: Styles’ agility and high-flying moves versus Reigns’ power and resilience. The buildup to such a match would undoubtedly captivate the WWE Universe, and the actual contest would likely be an instant classic, showcasing the best of what professional wrestling has to offer. AJ Styles unquestionably deserves a championship match against Roman Reigns to further solidify his legendary status in WWE.

Solo Sikoa:

Sikoa, showcasing his impressive athleticism and powerhouse wrestling style, could very well end Roman Reigns’ championship run. His hard-hitting moves and agility in the ring set him apart as a unique talent.

A championship match against Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion and one of WWE’s biggest stars, would be a defining moment in Solo Sikoa’s career. The storyline potential between two cousins, both deeply rooted in The Bloodline story and Samoan wrestling heritage, would add emotional depth to the match.

Sikoa’s journey to the championship scene would likely involve overcoming Roman Reigns’ dominating ways towards him, beating formidable opponents, and earning his shot. His family legacy and wrestling abilities could make him a compelling challenger to Reigns’ reign.

Such a match would not only be a testament to Solo Sikoa’s potential but also a captivating narrative of family rivalry and Samoan wrestling heritage. It would be a remarkable opportunity for Solo Sikoa to shine on the grand stage and prove that he deserves to be considered a championship-calibre wrestler in WWE.

L.A Knight:

A championship match against Roman Reigns, the reigning Universal Champion and one of WWE’s top talents, would be a clash of personalities and in-ring styles. Knight’s confidence and bravado would provide an interesting contrast to Reigns’ stoic and dominant persona.

Knight’s deserving championship opportunity would be based on his consistent performances, his ability to engage the audience, and his potential to elevate championship storylines with his charisma. His journey to a championship match would likely involve notable victories and compelling rivalries.

Such a match would not only be a showcase of LA Knight’s talents but also a marquee attraction for WWE. The clash between Knight’s showmanship and Reigns’ in-ring prowess would captivate the WWE Universe and create an intriguing narrative. LA Knight has the potential to be a championship-calibre wrestler, and a championship match against Roman Reigns could be a defining moment in his WWE career.

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