5 WWE Superstars Who Are GOAT On Mic Skills

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To succeed in professional wrestling and WWE, aspiring performers must excel in one of two areas. The first is the obvious physical aspect of performing convincingly in the ring.

Stars like Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) and Bret Hart are renowned for their technical prowess, making them some of the greatest technical wrestlers in history. In today’s wrestling scene, many stars in New Japan Wrestling also fall into this category.

Current wrestlers such as Asuka, Pete Dunne, and Josh Alexander are also celebrated for their exceptional in-ring abilities. However, as many WWE fans would agree, being exceptional in the ring can only take you so far in some wrestling promotions.

Another crucial skill that most performers need to succeed is the ability to deliver a compelling promo. While most WWE stars are proficient in this area, some struggle to deliver a believable promo.

Nonetheless, there are a few standout performers known for their ability to deliver scathing and impactful promos.

Here are the top five current mic workers in WWE.

#5: Becky Lynch – A True Promo Star

Several years ago, Becky Lynch was the standout member of NXT’s Horsewomen who truly made a mark on the main roster. She won the SmackDown Women’s title twice since the brand split in 2016, although her initial runs were unremarkable.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that she truly took off. After repeatedly playing second fiddle to Charlotte Flair, Lynch finally snapped at her former friend. The storyline positioned Lynch as the heel, but due to Flair’s dominance and Lynch’s likability, the fans rejected this dynamic.

One reason it was challenging to root against Lynch was her ability to deliver compelling promos. She spoke from the heart, echoing the sentiments of many fans regarding the booking between the two friends.

With each promo and every injustice she faced, Lynch’s star continued to rise. Her fiery nature contributed to the first female main event of WrestleMania.

Had her initial heel turn not unfolded the way it did, the WWE women’s division would be in a different place today, missing one of its brightest stars and best promo deliverers in Becky Lynch.

#4: LA Knight – A Future WWE Star

At nearly 41 years old, LA Knight may be older, but he possesses the potential for a successful future in WWE. Outside of the company, he was one of the most entertaining stars in IMPACT Wrestling and the NWA. He held the IMPACT World Championship and several other titles during his time there.

Some individuals seem tailor-made for sports entertainment rather than just professional wrestling, and Knight fits that description. He is also competent in the ring, but his true strength lies in his promos. He excels at taunting fans and opponents as a heel.

What’s exciting is that Knight has now become one of the top faces on SmackDown. Grayson Waller has become a despised heel in part due to Knight’s outstanding mic work. Knight may not have won a main roster championship yet, but it’s only a matter of time given his talent.

#3: Paul Heyman – The Master of Verbal Prowess

In professional wrestling, the role of a mouthpiece is often underestimated. When a talented wrestler struggles with promos, they are frequently paired with a manager or advocate. Paul Heyman is arguably one of the most famous managers/advocates in wrestling history.

This is primarily due to his ability to captivate the audience with his promos. He can hold fans in the palm of his hand while also tearing down formidable opponents. Heyman’s work made Brock Lesnar even more convincing throughout his career.

While Roman Reigns has significantly improved in delivering promos, Heyman’s addition has further enhanced the aura of the Tribal Chief.

WWE could benefit from more managers with the skills and charisma of Paul Heyman.

#2: Sami Zayn – Consistently Outstanding on the Mic

Sami Zayn has consistently been a top talent in WWE when it comes to mic skills. Whether portraying a never-say-die babyface or a smug heel, Zayn always entertains when he holds a microphone.

His heel runs have been particularly impressive, as he uses his superior promo skills to portray an annoying, smug villain. Similar to Daniel Bryan, some of what Zayn says rings true. There might not be a full-blown conspiracy against the Great Liberator, but he hasn’t always been booked favorably.

Zayn’s recent interactions with Jey Uso on Raw demonstrate his versatility. If he isn’t already teaching promo classes at the WWE Performance Center, he certainly should be. The stars of tomorrow could learn a great deal from Sami Zayn.

#1: Kevin Owens – A Master of Adaptation

Much like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens possesses consistently strong promo skills, whether as a face or a heel. When he debuted as a heel, his words made fans despise him, showcasing what effective heels do.

During his face turn to feud with Shane McMahon, his promos resonated due to the passion he injected into them. Owens also echoed the sentiments of many fans at that time.

In his recent heel run, his backstage interactions with Seth Rollins, Kevin Patrick, and others further showcased his abilities. Kevin Owens is undoubtedly one of the best promo talents in professional wrestling. WWE made a wise decision in securing his services for the coming years.

Who do you believe is the most proficient talker in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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