AEW Star Chris Jericho Recalls Memorable Match As A “Coming-Of-Age Party” In Wrestling

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

Inside this world of intense professional wrestling, events play out, rivalries burn hot, and lifetimes are often judged by a single night. Recently, AEW star Chris Jericho—renown as a master of the art in personifications of pro-wrestling—travelled back to yesteryear. He recalled one match that he once called “a turning point for me.” Surrounded by the festive atmosphere of MMA, perhaps we can look back even more. It is time to explore the tale of Jericho’s “coming-out party” and its impact on his chaotic passage through pro wrestling.

The Monday Night Wars and Jericho’s Switch:

Monday Night Wars reached their apex at the turn of the millennium, opening up the wrestling landscape. Many of the stars who navigated these rough waters in this era included Chris Jericho. Since making the jump from WCW to WWE in 1999, Jericho has been trying to find a niche for himself in a company dominated by larger-than-life personas.

Fully Loaded 2000: The Defence: A Brutal Encounter with Triple H

One match that is a permanent page in Jericho’s career is the Last Man Standing match against Triple H at Fully Loaded 2000. Far from being a mere bout between two professional punchers, this was Brutality’s own symphony. This was Resilience’s dance floor. For Jericho, the son of God, it almost passed as his coming-of-age party set to an alternative beat, with the Last Man Standing stipulation on top that ratcheted up intensity for both field generals past.

In his reflective musings, Jericho says this was a changing point for him. It was not just a fight of bodies in the ring; it was also a showdown between skill and determination, winning the audience’s imagination. The stakes were high. Once the physical toll was visible, this became a key moment in Jericho’s rise within WWE.

Establishing a Presence: Vince McMahon’s Recognition:

Finding yourself through the discerning eyes of Vince McMahon, the master puppeteer behind WWE, For any wrestler, this is like being a kid with his hands on both golden tickets to Ozzy Land. Jericho says that this Last Man Standing battle was the stage on which he portrayed his wrestling ability. Everyone knew that the astute McMahon was able to judge talent, and he quickly recognised Jericho as something other than a performer. He saw therein a force to be feared—and defeated.

Without the dramatic acting of professional wrestling, it would be normal every day. But in that loud world where a competitive match with Triple H or whoever else is really endlessly auditioning for yet another role, Jericho’s performance was nonetheless gripping enough to elevate him above just some running lackey. Knowing what appealed to the crowd, McMahon hit upon Jericho as a performer who could go out and get cheers and tell stories that kept people on their seats inside the ring.

The Last Man Standing Legacy:

The Last Man Standing match itself is an embodiment of the physical intensity and narrative possibilities in pro wrestling. It is a sheet of paper on which the combatants paint their war, where they show off struggle and perseverance. In his encounter with Triple H, this stipulation was encapsulated in Jericho’s, and those opponents pushed their bodies to the limit. Each man struggles to be the last one standing.

A few days after the match, WWE’s corridors reverberated. However, Jericho had shown that he wasn’t one of these newcomers looking to find a home; he was somebody who demanded attention. The Last Man Standing match soon became a building block of Jericho’s legacy, one that proved he could always headline and deliver in the big matches.

Feuding Beyond Fully Loaded:

Triple H did win that night at Fully Loaded 2000, but the saga between Jericho and ‘The Game’ was far from over. The Last Man Standing match was the prelude to an epic and protracted rivalry that unfolded over subsequent years. Their rivalry dance continued, and the two battled in a main-event match at WrestleMania 18.

WrestleMania Main Event: Undisputed Championship on the Line:

The trip from Fully Loaded to WrestleMania 18 was an emotional rollercoaster for Chris Jericho. Stakes were raised when the two met for an undisputed WWE championship. The grand stage, where rivalries reached their height and champions were anointed, WrestleMania had always been the highest aspiration of any WWE superstar, but for Jericho, it was also a way to reclaim the title he lost at Fully Loaded.

At WrestleMania 18, the main event pitted Jericho against Triple H in a struggle for supremacy. The Game won the last round, taking away with him an undisputed WWE championship. The story had now come completely round, from the death match last man standing in 2000 to this year’s grandeur of WrestleMania. By doing so, Jericho had inscribed his name into the annals of WWE history as a genuine top-tier talent.

A Timeless Story of Resilience and Growth

Basking in the festive atmosphere of MMA, Chris Jericho’s destiny exemplifies how a wrestling career can be characterised by both resilience and development. The Last Man Standing bout against Triple H wasn’t just a fight; it was one page in the story of an entertainer trying to earn his keep under harsh circumstances.

The show-stopping spot and the colourful display of one man defying all odds are what made it such a coming-of-age party for Jericho. A successful wrestler, yes, but also quite simply an excellent storyteller on top of that—a quality that only works to pull spectators even further towards the edge of It’s the story of a wrestler who took on all comers and his own promotion, endured WrestleMania main events to get put out with pretty much every WCW star at one point or another, walking away through it into being crowned as captain wire by Royale Halo even when they spit in his face.

The celebrities’ corner in the MMA festive tapestry Recapping the story of a wrestling maestro, Jericho is cut out with resilience by Honour KO. Not all stars are shining, and it looks like we are going to have no immediate resolution here, but honestly, I don’t mind (Honour & Me?). (Is that part one?)

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