Cody Rhodes doesn’t want to wrestle Brock Lesnar again

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Rhodes and Lesnar engaged in a prolonged rivalry spanning several months. Their conflict culminated in a decisive showdown at WWE SummerSlam, where Rhodes emerged triumphant in their rubber match.

Cody Rhodes Triumphs Over Brock Lesnar in Epic SummerSlam Showdown

In an intense clash at the WWE SummerSlam 2023 pay-per-view event, Cody Rhodes emerged victorious in a singles bout against Brock Lesnar. This match marked the culmination of their fierce trilogy, with “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes sealing the win using a combination of his signature Cody Cutters and the Crossroads finishing move.

Cody Reflects on Victory and Praises Brock Lesnar

During the post-show press conference, Cody Rhodes addressed his hard-fought victory over the formidable Brock Lesnar. He expressed his admiration for Lesnar’s prowess and toughness. Having vanquished such a formidable adversary, Cody is taking a moment to contemplate his achievement and set his sights on future endeavors.

“I will deeply cherish and reflect upon that experience. I mean, he even spat on me during the match. He executed numerous German Suplexes and F5s, sending me crashing through tables, thoroughly overpowering me on multiple fronts. Strangely, amidst all this, I sensed a camaraderie forged through battle in those final moments, and I’m genuinely appreciative of the whole journey.”

End of a Rivalry: Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

The rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar appears to have reached its conclusion after the events that unfolded at SummerSlam in Detroit. Their intense series of battles culminated in this definitive encounter.

Brock Lesnar’s Dominance and Cody’s Resilience

Throughout much of the match, Brock Lesnar demonstrated his dominance, executing a barrage of suplexes and delivering a powerful F5 move on the floor and even through a table. Despite this onslaught, Cody Rhodes displayed unwavering resilience, repeatedly returning to the fight.

Cody’s Victory and Lesnar’s Unexpected Gesture

In a pivotal turn of events, Cody Rhodes managed to counter a slam attempt by Lesnar, leading to a succession of Cross Rhodes moves that secured him the victory after approximately 18 minutes of intense action. The post-match scene was marked by an unexpected moment of sportsmanship as Brock Lesnar shook Cody’s hand, embraced him, and raised his hand in front of an appreciative crowd. This genuine gesture, revealed by WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H, caught Cody and the audience off guard, given Lesnar’s heel persona in recent months.

Cody Rhodes Reflects on the Moment

Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on the post-match exchange with Lesnar at the SummerSlam press conference. He expressed deep appreciation for the unexpected bond that seemed to form in that final moment of their battle. Despite the physicality of the match and the challenges they faced, Cody acknowledged the significance of the gesture and its impact on him.

“While I don’t desire to face Brock Lesnar again, I’m tremendously thankful for the chance to have competed against him and operate at his level. As I mentioned last night, at some point, he will step away, and I can’t predict when that will be. When he does, the world will recognize the rarity we had. He’s like a mythical creature, an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime individual. The concluding moment tonight brought to mind the way my Dad used to regard Harley Race, and this reflection goes beyond the concise answer I was expected to provide.”

Cody’s Aspirations and Future Goals

Looking ahead, Cody Rhodes expressed his desire to pursue the path of becoming the Undisputed Universal Champion. The fans’ fervor aligns with his aspirations, with many supporters eager to witness him claim the championship title. As he continues his journey, the question remains whether Cody will have the opportunity to dethrone Roman Reigns and secure the championship.

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