Dana White’s Firing Words On Matt Riddle, Says “He Is A Moron”

9 months ago By Sports Desk

Last week, WWE decided to release Matt Riddle from his contract. It was reported that he had squandered too many opportunities with the company. This wasn’t the first time Riddle had been let go from a job; the UFC had famously terminated his contract years ago.

In an exclusive report by Ringside News, it was revealed that WWE had no intentions of reuniting Matt Riddle and Randy Orton upon Orton’s return. With Riddle’s release, that possibility is entirely off the table.

Recently, an old interview with Dana White, dating back to when Matt Riddle was released from the UFC, resurfaced. In the interview, the UFC President had some strong words to share about Riddle and his use of marijuana.

“The reason he’s no longer in the UFC is because he couldn’t pass a drug test. He had such a weak will and an addiction to marijuana that he couldn’t stay clean enough to pass a drug test three times a year. Well, guess what? They drug test in the real world too. Do you think you can’t pass one three times a year? I want to know where this genius plans to make six figures a year!”

This is Matt Riddle who, in an interview, stated, “I use marijuana to avoid causing harm to my wife and children.”

It’s worth noting that marijuana has been recognized for its medical benefits, and Matt Riddle has been an advocate for its use. However, his failed drug tests may have contributed to his release from the UFC, but it wasn’t a factor in his departure from WWE.

Riddle’s release from WWE led to another controversy when his ex-girlfriend expressed her joy at his firing. Riddle’s fiancée, Misha Montana, responded by defending him. His ex claimed that his problems began when he got involved with Montana.

As for Riddle’s future, it remains uncertain where he will appear next. The attitude towards marijuana use has evolved significantly over the past decade, making you wonder if Dana White still holds the same opinion about the Original Bro.

We will continue to provide updates on the world of professional wrestling here at CombatSports247.

What are your thoughts on Dana White’s comments about Matt Riddle? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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