Empowering Female Warriors: Women’s Pro Wrestling Gains Traction In Singapore and Asia

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the midst of glamorous Singapore, a megacity characterised by rich multiculturalism and a gleaming skyline at its core, another breed of warriors rises every other month, living out their dream—breaking stereotypes and creating aurora-like miracles in people’s minds.

One of them is Alexis Lee, a 28-year-old restaurant host and part-time gym trainer who, once she metamorphoses into her wrestling persona as compared to ring muzzle power,.

Singaporean professional wrestling has a far cry from being mainstream sports; it barely survives as an underground sport, struggling to make itself accepted by the younger generation. Andruew Tang, founder of Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW), admits that pro wrestling culture is fading, and the reasons are that people believe it’s entirely scripted or staged, hence devoid of true reality.

However, for Alexis Lee, it is more than just a choreographed stunt; wrestling has been her passion for the past ten years. The wrestling ring is not just a battleground for her; it’s also an instrument of self-determination as well. After being bullied in her childhood, Lee found comfort and strength in wrestling. It turned out to be her channel, a space where she could vent buried frustrations and reconstruct the story.

“When someone pisses you off, in your head you have this whole monologue of how I want to talk back to people. It is nice when one can release it and simply put it out there into the ring,” she confesses.

She entered professional wrestling at 18 as a result of bullying in primary and secondary school. Wrestling became her protection, a tool to face and overcome the past. Due to the physical nature of this sport, it provided a healing escape where she could face those bullies who had once tormented her.

In a world where pro wrestling is often treated as merely theatrics, it may be understood that there are many challenges awaiting those considering jumping into this industry, like Lee. But according to Tang, professional wrestling is the synthesis of sport and theatre, without an opportunity for reshoots. Every match is like a display of live talent, demanding concentration and stalk-like assassin’s movements, plus they should be able to tell the most thrilling story about what could not but get into a screaming audience.

For Lee, the real aspect is enabling an audience to believe the reality of a performance. There is a fine line between athleticism and showmanship, a delicate craft that demands passion and strength. Before SPW, Lee perfected her skills by watching YouTube videos and television shows; this signifies resourcefulness and determination that ignite the path she sets on.

The difference in women’s pro wrestling is not only in the physical strength used by such fighters as Alexis Lee, but it can also be seen through the different range of characters and stories that they create inside the ring. Japanese professional wrestler Yuki Kamifuku, who once tried to have a career as a bikini model, states that women in wrestling can be both feminine and strong, thereby breaking stereotypes that imply that they should fit some image.

Kamifuku asserts, “Many believe that in wrestling, women need to look like men. Women can be tender and beautiful while being strong and doing whatever they want.”

Ring serves as a canvas for self-expression, and Alexis Lee perfectly represents this when embracing a role that does not meet society’s norm. As a skeleton dressed and made up, she transforms her object into ridicule as a symbol of self-assurance. Her path from being laughed at because she was skinny to confidently dressing herself in a skeleton face and persona demonstrates the transformative power of professional wrestling.

“I started to watch wrestling because I wanted my bullies gone and me protected. But once they knew what side of pro-wrestle I was learning in, you could see them all cowering back a little.” Lee recalls This is particularly true for activities that require complete trust in another person, such as diving. Wrestling was a way to help oneself in moments of danger, but it turned into an arena where personal development and the ability to bounce back were encouraged.

As mindless entertainment for hicks and barflies, pro wrestling became an escape for those who could never fit in with the conformist majority. By opting to adopt the skeleton persona, Lee is essentially rejecting society and regaining her identity, as well as reinforcing his confidence. For her, wrestling is not only a sport; it’s an art form that transcends the confines of the ring.

“Pro wrestling is a place where I can be myself and maybe someday inspire somebody else to know that you don’t have to fit the mould,” Lee affirms.

Women’s pro wrestling has an appeal that goes beyond the confines of what happens in the ring; it resonates with fans who need a break from life stressors. In Japan, as Yuki Kamifuku observes regarding the popularity of professional wrestling, complete with a loyal fan base, watching it allows them to vicariously relieve their own stress by looking at how physical and determined these performers are.

People are very stressed. In the ring, it is allowed to hit and kick people because we are professional wrestlers. However, the fans cannot do that since it is against the law. “It takes off the stress,” commented Kamifuku.

The stories spun in the wrestling ring inspire fans by providing a surrogate life of overcoming. For example, Kamifuku herself is a former bikini model who ignored predictions that anyone as beautiful as she was could never compete in professional wrestling to become one of the sport’s brightest stars.

With women’s pro wrestling carving its niche in Singapore and Asia, Alexis Lee and Yuki Kamifuku are part of the empowering power that this sport has. It is not just about pretences but stories of real people fighting adversity, reclaiming their stories, and inspiring other men to leave societal limitations behind.

The wrestling ring as a stage is finally set aside for an arena vivid enough to capture the colour, richness, and contrasts of empowerment where blonde goddesses defy new notions of strength, beauty, and courage—all in their own images.

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