Eric Bischoff Examines The Release Of Multiple WWE Superstars Including Elias And Dolph Ziggler

9 months ago By Sports Desk

A recently emerged wrestling stars has garnered significant praise from WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff. Bischoff discussed notable wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, and Elias.

Eric Bischoff recently shared his thoughts on Shelton Benjamin during an episode of the Strictly Business podcast:

He had nothing but compliments for the former Intercontinental Champion, highlighting that Benjamin consistently exceeded expectations.

Since his WWE debut in 2002, Shelton Benjamin has been seen as a future superstar for the company. He displayed remarkable athleticism and always put his best effort into his performances.

Benjamin initially had a successful stint in WWE, winning tag team championships and the Intercontinental Championship. However, he never reached the same level of success as John Cena or Randy Orton.

Despite a less successful second run in the company, Benjamin continued to give his all in every appearance. Regrettably, this dedication couldn’t secure his job, and he was released from WWE.

“He’s genuinely one of the nicest, most professional, talented, and gifted people I’ve ever worked with. Shelton is one of those individuals you can keep on standby, ready to excel in any role you place him in. He’s an outstanding performer and a true professional. Both he and Dolph Ziggler are like the Swiss Army knives of professional wrestling because they can do it all.”

Eric Bischoff also speculated that Dolph Ziggler might join AEW:

Dolph Ziggler, a top WWE star, was unexpectedly released during the latest round of budget cuts. Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, suggested that the 43-year-old might consider moving to AEW, especially since his brother works there.

One of this year’s surprising WWE releases was the long-standing superstar Dolph Ziggler. Although Dolph had been absent from television for some time, his release came as a surprise to many.

“Among everyone we’ve discussed, if I had to pick one person most likely to make the move, it would be Dolph, given that his brother is there, and that would be an enjoyable experience. I believe that’s the motivating factor for Dolph at this point,” Eric Bischoff stated.

He added:

“Dolph is financially secure. While I’m not privy to his financial decisions, he strikes me as a savvy individual. He will pursue what brings him joy, and I suspect working with his brother would bring him joy. So, if anyone among those individuals were to go to AEW, my bet would be on him.”

“I would assume that Dolph has accumulated enough wealth, having consistently earned a substantial income for twenty years.”

“He may not have been one of the top earners, but he has had a long career in wrestling, and that translates to a substantial income.”

“He’s likely in a position where he could retire or explore other passions like stand-up comedy or acting.”

“I believe he will pursue what he finds most enjoyable, given that he has the option to prioritize enjoyment over financial gain. That’s a wonderful position to be in.”

Eric Bischoff also shared his thoughts on Elias’ release:

During his time with WWE, Elias left a significant impact on fans and was involved in high-profile moments, including a segment with The Undertaker at WrestleMania. However, Elias hadn’t wrestled since May 15 on WWE Raw, and his television appearances in 2023 were infrequent. He showcased his versatility under the personas of Elias and Ezekiel.

Unfortunately, WWE released Elias on September 21.

Eric Bischoff, who had worked with Elias as an Executive Producer, offered his perspective on Elias’ release and his future in wrestling.

“It’s a bit more challenging to predict. I collaborated with him during my brief WWE tenure. We had regular discussions about his character and ways to enhance it through different approaches. I got the impression that he was dedicated and exceptionally talented. He wasn’t afraid to experiment with new ideas. However, I’m uncertain about his ambitions. At some point, typically in your late thirties or early forties, you must decide whether you want to commit to this line of work for the next two decades or, perhaps, explore other opportunities while you’re still relatively young.”

“I believe individuals in Elias’ age group must have this internal discussion about their future. It’s less about external considerations like whether Tony Khan is interested or if he could join IMPACT, and more about introspection, especially when you’re in your late thirties or early forties.”

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