How To Watch All UFC Night Match Results On ESPN+ For September 24th

9 months ago By Sports Desk

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier organization, showcasing some of the most thrilling fights in the sport. As a dedicated MMA fan, keeping up with UFC Fight Night events is essential to witnessing the rise of new stars and enjoying action-packed matchups. Fortunately, ESPN+ offers an excellent platform to watch these events. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to watch all UFC Fight Night match results on ESPN+.

1. ESPN+ Subscription:

To access UFC Fight Night events on ESPN+, you’ll need a subscription. ESPN+ offers a single plan priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. With this subscription, you gain access to a wealth of live and on-demand UFC programming, making it a must-have for MMA enthusiasts.

2. Exclusive Fight Nights:

ESPN+ provides exclusive coverage of UFC Fight Night events as part of your subscription. These events are included in your monthly fee, meaning you can enjoy thrilling matchups without any additional cost.

3. Pay-Per-View (PPV) Events:

While Fight Night events are covered by your ESPN+ subscription, it’s important to note that UFC PPV events are not included. PPV events require an extra payment of $79.99 per event. However, if you’re a new subscriber, you have the option to bundle an annual plan with one PPV event for $124.98, saving you some money.

4. Additional UFC Content:

ESPN+ goes beyond just Fight Night events. It offers a wide range of additional UFC content to satisfy hardcore MMA fans. Some of the exclusive originals and studio shows include “Ariel & The Bad Guy,” “Detail with Daniel Cormier,” and “UFC Destined.” Moreover, you can watch Dana White’s Contender Series, where up-and-coming fighters battle for a chance at a UFC contract.

5. Exclusive Docuseries:

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes action, ESPN+ provides “Fight Island: Declassified,” a four-part docuseries that chronicles the journey of Dana White and the UFC as they put together epic sporting events. Additionally, ESPN+ offers access to the entire 30 for 30 library, featuring iconic names in UFC history and their captivating stories.

6. Bundle Option:

ESPN+ also allows you to bundle your subscription with Disney+ and Hulu, opening up an even larger library of content for just $12.99 per month. This bundle gives you access to the entire on-demand library from Disney Plus and Hulu while still enjoying live UFC action on ESPN+.

7. User-Friendly Interface:

Navigating through ESPN+ is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you’re using a web browser or a streaming device app, you’ll find a menu bar at the top of the screen. This menu allows you to access featured content, originals, and browse available programming by sport and league.

8. Mobile Accessibility:

If you prefer watching on mobile devices, the ESPN+ app is well designed. The menu buttons are spread out at the top and bottom of the screen, making it easy to access featured titles, search, and settings. You can also browse available streaming titles, the home screen, and scores from the bottom menu bar.

9. Finding UFC Content:

To find UFC content on ESPN+, follow these steps:

a. Open the ESPN+ app or website and log in.

b. On the home screen, you’ll see featured titles and programming, some labeled “live.” Click on what you want to watch.

c. UFC PPV events can be found under “Top Upcoming Events” in the “ESPN+” tab. Click on the event card and select “Buy Now” if you wish to purchase it.

d. For quicker navigation, use the “Browse” button to filter programming by sport and league. Select “UFC” to see all available UFC titles and events.

e. You can also check for live or upcoming events by clicking on “Schedule & Replays” from the web browser or using the calendar icon on the mobile app.

10. Supported Devices:

ESPN+ is compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring you can watch UFC Fight Night events on your preferred platform. Compatible devices include Amazon Fire tablets and TV devices, Android phones and tablets, Apple TV devices, iOS devices, PlayStation 4, Roku devices, Samsung connected TVs, and Xbox One.

In the world of MMA, staying updated with UFC Fight Night events is crucial for fans. ESPN+ provides an excellent platform to watch these events, along with a plethora of additional UFC content. While PPV events come at an extra cost, the subscription offers incredible value for MMA enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various devices, ESPN+ ensures you never miss a moment of the action. So, subscribe to ESPN+ today and immerse yourself in the world of the UFC.

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