Jade Cargill After Joining WWE Says, ‘I Have Made The Best Decision’ 

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Jade Cargill, the former TBS Champion recently joined WWE. The news of her recent shiftment to WWE has created the latest buzz among the professional wrestling lovers. Her decision to join the global wrestling powerhouse, WWE has sparked excitement among fans and fellow wrestlers both. In a recent interview on The Ringer Wrestling Show, Cargill shared her thoughts on this key career move and her aspirations for the future.

A Dream Realized

For Jade Cargill, it was like a dream come true to become a WWE Superstar. When asked about her newfound status as a WWE talent, Cargill expressed her excitement and sense of accomplishment. To her, it felt like the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

It feels great,” Cargill said, beaming with enthusiasm. “I felt like I was just in preparation for the grand stage. I felt like this was always the mission, I felt the shoe fit, I felt like this was gonna happen. This is all expected, so I’m excited to be here.

Her journey to WWE was marked by her determination to succeed in the wrestling world. She had previously bet on herself and took the path less traveled by signing with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) before making her way to WWE. Cargill recognized the value of believing in her own abilities and taking calculated risks.

Jade Cargill’s decision to sign with AEW before WWE was a strategic move guided by her entrepreneurial spirit. She described herself as a businesswoman who believed in her abilities and took a chance that ultimately paid off. While acknowledging WWE as a great company, she made the decision that felt right for her at the time.

“One thing I am is a businesswoman, and I think I made the best route at the time,” Cargill explained. “WWE is a great company, but I took what I had, and I bet on myself. The outcome obviously paid off.”

This bold move and her subsequent signing with WWE demonstrate Cargill’s confidence in her wrestling skills and her desire to make a significant impact in the industry. Her journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and the willingness to take risks in pursuit of one’s dreams.

“I want to create a legacy,” says new WWE sensation

Beyond her successful transition to WWE, Jade Cargill has big aspirations for her wrestling career. She expressed her desire to create a lasting legacy in the world of professional wrestling and to be recognized as one of the best in the business.

“I want to create a legacy, I want to be in the Hall of Fame,” Cargill declared with determination. “I want to wrestle with the best women in the world. There’s no grander stage than this stage. The opportunities are endless for this company. It’s a no-brainer. It was very welcoming. I didn’t have any second thoughts about it all, it was the easy choice. It wasn’t easy, but it was easy.

Her ambition to achieve the top in WWE aligns with her belief that the company offers unimaginable opportunities to showcase her talent and elevate her wrestling career to new heights. With a clear vision of her goals and a fearless attitude, Jade Cargill is all set to make a significant impact in WWE and continue her journey towards wrestling stardom.

While the exact details of Jade Cargill’s debut on WWE remain under wraps, her arrival in the company has generated immense excitement among fans and fellow wrestlers. Wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in Cargill’s promising career as she takes on new challenges and aims to leave an indelible mark in WWE.

Top 3 reasons why WWE went all in for Jade Cargill

WWE’s decision to sign Jade Cargill has garnered significant attention and speculation within the professional wrestling community. While the intricacies of WWE’s decision-making process may not be publicly disclosed, several compelling reasons can be identified as to why the company went all in for Jade Cargill:

1. Exceptional Athleticism and In-Ring Skills:

Jade Cargill possesses exceptional athleticism and in-ring skills that make her a standout talent in the world of professional wrestling. Her agility, strength, and overall physical prowess set her apart from many competitors.

2. Charisma and Star Power:

It is not only her in-ring abilities that bags Jade Cargill a multi year WWE contract, she owes that charisma and star power that can captivate audiences. Her magnetic presence and ability to connect with fans can translate into compelling storylines and memorable moments.

3. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity:

Cargill’s presence on WWE’s roster not only reflects the company’s dedication to diversity but also provides representation for fans who may relate to her story and journey. Her inclusion contributes to a more inclusive and representative WWE product.

Ultimately, WWE’s decision to go all in for Jade Cargill likely stems from a combination of her outstanding athletic abilities, charisma, and the company’s ongoing commitment to diversifying its roster.

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