Jared Cannonier Maps Return Post MCL Surgery: ‘Feeling Stronger Than Ever’

5 months ago By Jhon Woug

It is often said that a fighter’s journey is defined by their resilience. Jared Cannonier, an experienced UFC middleweight, personifies this trait as he strives to return to the octagon following a setback, namely, suffering from a torn right MCL. The road to rehabilitation has been filled with obstacles, but despite them all, Jared persists through sheer determination and unwavering positivity.

Following his invitation to take on Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 294 in October, Cannonier was faced with a surprising adversary: a severe injury. A torn right MCL during training not only disrupted his potential for stepping up on short notice but also caused him to reevaluate his position within the fiercely competitive middleweight division.

Despite the disappointment, Cannonier maintained his determination and underwent knee surgery to remedy the MCL tear and accompanying meniscus injury. The path through rehabilitation served as a challenging ordeal that put his strength to the test while demonstrating his unwavering devotion towards athletics.

With a 17-6 MMA record and 10-6 in the UFC, the ex-title challenger recently updated his fans on his progress. After consulting with his surgeon, Cannonier was informed that he could potentially be cleared for action by late March—an eagerly-awaited timeline signalling Killa Gorilla’s comeback to the octagon.

Cannonier reflected on his recovery process and emphasised the importance of maintaining peak physical condition during therapy. He confidently stated that he felt sharper and stronger than ever, attributing it to his unwavering dedication to strength training. However, grappling was still lacking in his regimen, but he plans to address this deficit soon.

Cannonier views his injury as more than just a physical obstacle. He believes that this setback has presented him with an opportunity to develop further. To Cannonier, the event was not a hindrance but rather allowed for growth and expansion in his skills by studying them intently. His perspective is reminiscent of the idea that obstacles are meant to be surpassed through personal development; they serve as catalysts towards progress rather than deterrents from achieving victory.

The harm incurred by Cannonier went beyond merely losing a hastily arranged fight with Chimaev, as it also resulted in the cancellation of his bout against Roman Dolidze that was set for December. Nevertheless, despite these unpredictable events, Cannonier remains undeterred. His experience serves as proof of how capricious the world of combat sports can be, with chances appearing and evaporating at lightning speed.

At UFC 276, Cannonier made his initial bid for a UFC title against the formidable Israel Adesanya and suffered defeat via unanimous decision. Nevertheless, he staged an impressive recovery with wins over former champion Sean Strickland and Marvin Vettori that demonstrated both resilience and adaptability. Instead of discouragement, the loss to Adesanya served as a catalyst for improvement in Cannonier’s career trajectory.

Since Cannonier’s last fight in June, the UFC scene has undergone notable transformations. The ascent of Khamzat Chimaev is among them and brings an interesting twist to the middleweight category. Having ultimately fought against former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 294, Chimaev’s triumph gives him a chance to win the title, leaving all eyes on Dricus Du Plessis’ much-awaited initial title defence for this division.

Cannonier, anticipating his comeback, recognises the adjustments but is unsure of who he will face in future matches. “It was a little unfortunate, but it didn’t bother me too much,” he noted. His serene attitude towards the unpredictability of fighting highlights his durability and reinforces how crucial it is to remain versatile in an ever-changing sport.

As the middleweight division has undergone changes, Cannonier faces uncertain terrain upon his comeback. Rather than dismayed by this unknown factor, he finds it motivating: “I’m biding my time until everything unfolds and I return with a firm understanding of what’s happening.” With that attitude in mind, one can see how eager he is to re-enter competition—prepared for whatever obstacles lie ahead—to prove himself as a fighter who thrives on challenge.

Jared Cannonier’s path to redemption goes beyond his physical rehabilitation and encompasses a tireless pursuit of personal growth. He embodies the qualities of true grit by overcoming obstacles, demonstrating resilience, and possessing an unbreakable tenacity. Fight enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Cannonier’s revival as March draws near, anticipating his triumphant comeback in the challenging UFC arena with renewed strength and vigour.

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