Jinder Mahal Believes Only Roman Reigns Can Dethrone Himself When He Retires

9 months ago By Sports Desk

Jinder Mahal recently shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns’ incredible run as the Undisputed Universal Champion. He believes that the only way Reigns could lose this prestigious title is if he decides to retire from WWE.

Roman Reigns’ reign as the Tribal Chief has been nothing short of legendary, making it one of the most remarkable championship runs in WWE’s extensive history. He has held the title for over 1000 days and currently appears unbeatable. Almost every prominent name on WWE’s roster has fallen victim to Reigns’ dominance.

During an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling before Superstar Spectacle 2023, Jinder Mahal was asked to speculate on who could put an end to Roman Reigns’ historic championship run. The Modern Day Maharaja explained that judging by the momentum Reigns has, the only way he would relinquish the title is if he chose to step away from the wrestling ring.

Jinder Mahal also noted that with the guidance of Paul Heyman and a more relaxed wrestling schedule, Roman Reigns has a significant advantage.

“I believe the only person who can end Roman Reigns’ reign is Roman Reigns himself if he decides to retire. That’s my take on it. Right now, he has an incredible amount of momentum. He has Paul Heyman guiding him, and, of course, he has control over his schedule. He wrestles only occasionally, picking his battles wisely, which gives him a substantial edge,” stated Jinder Mahal.

When asked about the possibility of an Indian wrestler rising to the challenge:

“It’s a possibility. We are working towards it. I genuinely believe WWE must conduct more talent tryouts in India and perhaps establish a Performance Center here. This way, we can nurture a new generation of Indian wrestlers who could form their version of The Bloodline and take over WWE. But before that happens, our young talents must stay motivated, set their goals, and put in the hard work required to prepare themselves to become part of The Bloodline.”

Shanky’s Opinion on Gunther’s Potential:

One of the dream matches that fans have been eagerly anticipating is a colossal showdown between Roman Reigns and Gunther.

Similar to Reigns, Gunther has been on a rampage as the Intercontinental Champion. During an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Shanky identified The Ring General as a potential candidate to bring an end to Roman Reigns’ reign as the top champion.

“Maybe Gunther, who currently holds the Intercontinental Championship,” suggested Shanky.

Considering that Gunther and Reigns compete on different WWE brands, it seems that the dream match between these two giants is still a distant possibility.

It’s worth noting that Roman Reigns is scheduled to compete in his next match at an event in Saudi Arabia on November 4.

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