Pro Wrestling 2023 Awards: Recognizing The Best In Male and Female Wrestling, Feud, Faction, Promo, And More

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

There is no doubt that 2023 was a thrilling ride for pro wrestling fans, as it revealed extraordinary battles with unpredictable plot twists and new champions. With the approaching new year and all it will bring, let us look back at what made 2023 so special: remarkable performers, conflicts, and storylines that shaped the past twelve months.

Rhea Ripley: Female Wrestler of the Year

Rhea Ripley was the boss in this highly competitive women’s division, and her story was nothing short of fascinating. She left an indelible memory by winning the Women’s Royal Rumble and then an incredible victory at WrestleMania over Charlotte Flair to get the WWE SmackDown championship. However, her personal accomplishments were not the only thing that made me stand out; she turned Judgement Day on Monday Night Raw into an unstoppable power due to her outstanding leadership.

By 2023, Ripley’s superiority went beyond just being a championship holder, as she remained undefeated in singles matches. Through her faction’s acquisition not only of the singles and tag team titles but also a women’s title, Davis showed some incredible influence on Judgement Day. With the introduction of “The Eradicator,” there is a prophecy that foretells Ripley’s journey to iconic stature within wrestling circles, from NXT down to UK shows.

Cody Rhodes: Male Wrestler of the Year

Cody Rhodes was recognized as ESPN’s top male wrestler of 2023, captivating fans throughout his journey. Despite enduring a torn pectoral muscle, he remained resolute and competed in the Royal Rumble at No. 30, where an unforgettable final-two showdown with Gunther occurred. While it wasn’t his match that became memorable, but rather what unexpectedly unfolded during WrestleMania 39, interference sparked intense debates regarding WWE’s booking decisions, resulting in a defining moment for him.

Rhodes finally settled his long-term rivalry with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, triumphing over him in a just and equitable battle. Despite their once-cordial alliance ending on bad terms, they shared cordial handshakes afterwards as a sign of mutual respect. Together with Jey Uso within The Bloodline outfit, Rhodes displayed immense skill to secure the WWE Tag Team Championship title without compromise. His outstanding performances both inside and outside the squared circle earned him glowing recognition across WWE as one of its preeminent heroes, whose amazing feats were often intertwined intricately within captivating storylines.

FTR: Tag Team of the Year

Although tag team wrestling did not dominate this year, FTR, a duo comprising Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, was at the peak of their greatness. Though they weren’t able to recreate their incredible trilogy with The Briscoes from the year before, FTR was still leading, and other teams followed. Their near-hour battle with Jay White and Juice Robinson this past summer demonstrates that they can go toe to toe against modern legends like the tag teams from yesteryear did.

While no captivating stories were available in 2023, Harwood and Wheeler became the top wrestling duos thanks to their impressive performances. One of such recollections was their run-in at the Final Battle between Mark Briscoe, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Claudio Castagnoli.

CM Punk: Debut of the Year

However, after WarGames had ended and fans were still in the craze mode of this movie, an unusual event occurred. The symbol of CM Punk flashed across screens, and “Cult of Personality filled the arena. Once more, making a dazzling appearance dressed in WWE symbols on his dress, he achieved an unexpected comeback during this period when surprises are few. Despite early questions and contradictory stories about his readmission into the world of wrestling fame in 2023 through remarks made during ‘pipe-bomb’ days rife with later interviews marked under “PG Punk,” WWE fans’ fanatic loyalty was apparent, proving that he could not be deprived again.”

LA Knight’s phenomenal ascent: Breakthrough Wrestler of the Year.

LA Knight became a rising star in wrestling in 2023 with his laid-back yet enchanting style. First, his appearance as a male model earning from an image never seemed to work out until he found her authentic identity; Knight was able to achieve such remarkable success in the box office. Famous for his unique catchphrase of “Yeah!” which reverberated in packed arenas every week, LA soon became one of wrestling’s major draws before embarking on a fiery feud with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, proving that he belonged among the biggest stars. Most notably, they faced off in the main event for WWE at Crown Jewel. As a result of their unforgettable battle, LA Knight was named Friday night’s top act! In the end, it shows us what one can do with discipline—taking an obscure person and making them known is not impossible as long as you are persistent!

MJF: Promo Artist of the Year

In 2023, nobody could be on the mic as good or better than MJF. But he had the almost unique ability of stirring up strong feelings with his words, whatever their role, good or bad. Many of the events that occurred during the latter half of that year elevated him as a one-of-a-kind storyteller for the reigning AEW champions due to his analogy in polarising speeches and cutting insults at fellow rising stars. His greatest triumph happened when he was involved in an epic saga featuring Adam Cole, going from bitter enemies to friends and even becoming the ROH tag team champions together. This stupendous act was achieved due to the genius of MJF, whose performance on stage mesmerised people who were lost in effective stories masterfully made at this point.

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay’s exceptional draw: Match of the Year

In two matches, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay gave amazing performances, earning a unique tie in the match of the year award. Their first encounter at Wrestle Kingdom embodied an extraordinary performance of brutality that was every inch a visceral symphony, while their second confrontation at the AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door went further by surpassing perilous heights. The superlative performances of the wrestlers and their physical prowess ensured that they were top luminaries in what was perhaps some era’s finest epoch.

The splendour of WrestleMania 39, WWE’s Optimum Per-View event.

With intense competition, WrestleMania 39 was truly the unrivalled PPV of 2023. The perfect staging in SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California, made memorable moments like the women’s match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. WrestleMania 39 outperformed expectations in every aspect, from unexpected twists to thrilling showdowns.

Impact of Bloodline 2.0

Although Roman Reigns’ participation began to wane and the Bloodline plot towards the end of 2023 was undeniable, its emergence early on could not be disputed. It seamlessly incorporated clichés from traditional wrestling, with Cody Rhodes transforming into an antagonist after Sami Zayn’s betrayal, while The Bloodline dominated the show at WrestleMania. Although such limitations existed, it proved profitable for WWE owing to great ratings during televised fights and dense attendance; therefore, The Bloodline story became the company’s most outstanding creation within years.

As 2023 vanishes, these wrestling triumphs epitomise the complex and interesting events that occurred in the match. Looking forward to what will be yet another thrilling year of pro-wrestling in 2024, these awards emphasise fortitude, creativity, and athleticism—aspects that make for a great sporting event.

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