Tony’s Takes: Sting’s Final Match, Samoa Joe’s AEW Championship Reign, CM Punk In WWE, And Cody Rhodes As Best Man

4 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the realm of professional wrestling, wherein storylines play out both inside and outside the ring with as much drama happening backstage as that seen during high-flying spots, recent developments such as AEW’s fight for survival and the WWE cruiserweight division have given fans plenty to discuss. We dive into the depths of Sting’s final match, Samoa Joe’s AEW title reign, CM Punk’s WWE return, and Cody Rhodes take unusually huge requests as we explore. These are quite thrilling times for pro wrestling at the moment.

Sting’s Final Match: A Bittersweet Farewell

Wrestlers’ icon Sting is about to make his last exit from the squared circle, as he claims that this match is going to be his final one. Everyone could feel the atmosphere of anticipation for this moment, and although fans are delighted with it at heart, they begin to worry about a wrestling legend. Such events on Dynamite last night raised concerns among enthusiasts about whether Sting would remain unharmed up to the Revolution.

It is worth respecting figures such as Sting in the music industry because that is what many have done. His tenure at AEW has turned out to be a sort of redemption after being lacklustre during his time at WWE. Especially due to his 65-year age and previous spinal problems, the recent Dynamite episode has brought issues regarding Rocky’s safety into light. The revolution needs a fine balance between making it epic and avoiding harming Sting’s health.

The apprehension isn’t just about the show; it involves Sting as a whole. The stakes are high, with over 15,000 tickets already sold for Revolution. Putting off the retirement match because of an injury might appear as a reasonable compromise; however, people’s financial investment in this appearing to be Sting’s last hurrah lends depth to the predicament.

Samoa Joe’s AEW World Title Reign: A Transition or Triumph?

Switching to AEW’s landscape of championships, Samoa Joe’s rapid ascension as the head honcho carries an argument that his reign will last how long and is it even important? In a recent AEW Worlds End column, I proposed that perhaps Joe could remain champion anywhere from a sizable six months to just 2-3 weeks, but odds are he will be merely another transitional title holder.

This perspective does not diminish Joe’s heroes; on the contrary, it emphasises how his AEW title run strengthened a legendary career. WWE may not have realised Joe’s full potential, possibly because of injuries that were happening within the main roster, but AEW is giving him an opportunity to be a star at the top. It creates an inspiring dimension if one imagines Joe trying to hold onto the title when faced with formidable challenges such as Hook and others.

Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland’s tease on Dynamite also sparks even more speculation about who Joe will eventually pass the torch to. Another potential title switch at or before Revolution, with Joe handing over the torch to one of these rising stars, would set himself up as a transitional champ while launching the next generation into stardom.

CM Punk’s Return to WWE: Low Risk, High Reward

CM Punk’s return to WWE has been one of the biggest news-maker moves within the company, and it seems like this represents a well-thought-out roll of the dice with low risk but potentially high reward. Punk was right to leave AEW, since I had noticed months ago the problems he would have in that company backstage. Still, WWE’s move to re-hire Punk reveals that the company firmly believes in his ability to do good for it.

WWE is committed to leveraging Punk’s star power, as evidenced by his inclusion in the main event and World Title scene with the utmost care.

With a structured setting like WWE in comparison to AEW, the probabilities of Punk’s meltdown could be reduced. As WWE is able to mitigate losses and still prosper under the guidance of Paul Levesque, this high-profile return will have more security around it.

Levesque is a genius because he makes the most of Punk’s potential and minimises difficulties. 2024 should be fully booked out in advance; if for any reason things blow up, WWE would have already built major main event feuds with Punk because of the hype surrounding his comeback. WWE is in for an exciting few months, with Punk occupying the centre stage—something that no one would have thought possible just six months ago.

Cody Rhodes: The Best Man at a Fan’s Wedding

In the midst of wrestling’s scripted drama, a real-life situation started to unfold at a WWE live event. One of the most popular stars, Cody Rhodes, even agreed to be the best man at a fan’s wedding. A fan’s sign required that Cody take part in this personal achievement, and Rhodes, as always, the showman, recognized and accepted it.

This strange twist of events creates fascinating questions in regard to such dynamics. Is not the lucky fan having a close friend or family member as his best man? If so, what would be the feeling of the “second best man,” perhaps diminished by a pro wrestler? The evolving plot may take interesting twists—what if the “second best man” is not as enthusiastic? Might this become a story, with WWE being prone to transforming real life into its brainchild?

As the wrestling world awaits with curiosity, Cody is preparing to play his part in this fan’s wedding. The fact that WWE could capture this unique moment using a camera crew and turn it into one of their segments creates an air of uncertainty in what is already considered to be such an intriguing industry.

A Tapestry of Wrestling Stories

Professional wrestling is a highly manufactured drama and certainly not real, so the current scenario has become an amalgamation of thrills, guesswork, and twists. Sting’s last fight, Samoa Joe’s AEW reign in championship, CM Punk back to WWE, and Cody Rhodes as a best man give fans all the stories they need.

With the road to revolution laying itself out and drama wrecking its sail in both AEW and WWE, one can never but appreciate this complexity yet unpredictability that professional wrestling is something that puts away a unique form of entertainment. In the following months, fans can look forward to where these storylines will take them, bringing unforgettable moments that are bound in wrestling history.

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