Top 10 WWE Matches That Should Have Main Evented The Wrestlemania

1 weeks ago By Jhon Woug

As passionate sports lovers, we always look to grab our eyeballs while sitting on our couches, enjoying every aspect of that particular sport with sheer enthusiasm, and so we end up debating over games, stating the ways in which they were so amazing, filled with breath-taking moments and iconic victories. 
Here We Bring You The Top 10 WWE Matches That Should Have Main Evented The Wrestlemania:
1. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
It sounds absurd when ”The Heartbreak Kid” goes head-to-head against ”The Dead Man” (both Texas natives) in the Wrestlemania 25 at Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas, and it is not a main event, for what was the most anticipated given the kind of reputation they both hold in the WWE organization and in that ring. The entire match was filled with thrilling back-and-forth encounters between the Phenom and Mr. Wrestlemania, where both were reluctant in their pursuit to top each other. It was a battle of its kind, which to this date the legend Undertaker claims to be the biggest moment in his career. Their story had everything in it for it to be the main bout on the card, especially the streak of The Undertaker. However, it was not so despite the fact the fact that both went on to display one of the most iconic battles of all time between two Future Hall of Famers and Wrestlemania flagship pay-per-view legends, one undefeated at the event while the other had the history of stealing the limelight with his breathtaking highflying performances at the grandest stage of pro-wrestling. Undertaker won the bout and stayed undefeated (17-0) in Wrestlemania, but respect for Shawn Michaels also reached greater heights for viewers around the world and the WWE fraternity. The matchup left a lasting impact on their legacies in the WWE.
Randy Orton and Triple-H graced the ring in the main event of the Wrestlemania 25 against each other for the World Championchip, where they tried to showcase their talents and give justice to the said main event.
2. Undertaker vs. Batista (Wrestlemania 23, 2007)
The stage was perfectly set for another breathtaking encounter with the World Heavyweight Championship Title on the line, while it had a perfect build up coming up to be the main event at Wrestlemania 23 only to be beaten by the then WWE’s face, John Cena, who grabbed the limelight and was placed for a bout at the main event against Shawn Michaels. While Cena vs. Shawn was only about the title, Undertaker vs. Bastista had higher stakes involved and had the viewers emotions running wild, awaiting a thrilling experience on display as The Deadman was the royal rumble winner and was looking to stay undefeated at Wrestlemania, and Batista was the young heavyweight champion with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. It was the Undertaker’s resilience and spirit that made him overcome Batista in the end, after a heated battle where both showcased their wrestling techniques and high-flying striking abilities. The Deadman remained unbeaten (15-0) at one of the most coveted events in sports entertainment across all genres of sports, Wrestlemania.
3. The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogen (Wrestlemania 18)
Despite the very fact that the two most iconic superstars of world wrestling were going head-to-head, the main event took place between Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho putting the title on the line against Triple-H, prioritizing the championship bout to grace the occasion. The Rock vs. Hogan was a masterpiece and symbolized the locking of horns between two of the of the most celebrated wrestling personalities of their generations in a battle of the decade, as most would describe it. 
This nostalgic battle went down as one of the greatest in-ring performances as the Rock put on the finishing touches by delivering his signature move ”the rock bottom” and winning by pinfall.
4. The Undertaker vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 27)
The Dead Man and The Game both shared an equally illustrious and legendary career when it came to wrestling; henceforth, it should have been this match going to the main event instead of John Cena vs. The Miz with the WWE Championship on the line. A Wrestlemania winning streak of 18-0 deserved a shot at the main event, as the very aura of The Undertaker and Triple H riding on an emotional rollercoaster wave through the years being rivals and having past history overshadows the Miz vs. Cena matchup.
The Undertaker put Triple-H to sleep by applying Hell’s gate submission to Triple-H for win number 19 and is still undefeated at Wrestlemania.
5. John Cena vs. JBL (Wrestlemania 21)
Fans were asking WWE a question back then, in 2005-2006, as to who would be the face of the WWE. As the picture was clear, with The Rock already cementing his legacy in the organization, they started giving priority to film projects, basically transitioning into a global icon appearing in multiple multi-banner Hollywood projects.
In 2005, we were in tussle over the argument that Batista was going to be the face of the company while John Cena was climbing up the ladder, trying to grab the spotlight as he came in crosshairs with JBL, who was not frequent to the WWE but knew how to brawl as he enjoyed occasional cage battles and no disqualification bouts. The Cena-JBL story quickly gained momentum leading up to an electrifying battle at Wrestlemania 21, sending a serious message across that the superstar has arrived. This was one of the most crucial moments of Cena’s career as it announced him as the face of the WWE, ending JBL’s career by pulling off an FU to win the WWE Championship. Cena vs. JBL overshadowed the main event, where Triple-H gave in to a Batista-Bomb from Batista and lost his title to the animal.
6. Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania 35)
The crowd had definitely burned out by the time the main event took place, as they had already gone through a rollercoaster ride witnessing one of the greatest fights unfold in a WWE ring. Thank God that it was at least the penultimate matchup of the show, electrifying the crowd with their scintillating performance and demonstrating some high-quality moves in a quest to win the WWE title. The viewers and audience were skeptical about Lynnch vs. Rousey vs. Flair battling it out in a winner takes it all matchup as both women’s titles were on the line. It was one of the most coveted women’s championship affairs in WWE history, and so it did justice to its reputation.
However, the Kofi vs. Bryan match should have ended in a perfect ending with Kofi winning the ultimate bout, even though he did accomplish the task of winning the long-awaited WWE Championship and would have kept the crowd off their seats in a nail-biting finish.
7. The Rock vs. Stone Cold (Wrestlemania 19)
No true fans could come to terms with the fact that the Wrestlemania 19 main event bout was Lesnar vs. Angle while their hopes were riding on The Rock vs. Stone Cold to close the extravagant night simply because it was a whole lot more than just two legends as they had the perfect script comprising years of personal grudge altercations, heated words were exchanged on numerous occasions, and had already gone two rounds in wrestlemania 15 and 17, both of which Stone Cold had won. This was the Rock’s chance to enlist himself among the greatest by putting an end to Steve Austin’s era in the WWE.
The packed crowd of 50,000+ at Safeco Field in Seattle witnessed one of the most intense, overwhelming, and excitement-filled thriller masterpieces, giving Stone Cold the perfect stage to hang his shoes up after experiencing and living to be what would be referred to as one of the most prolific icons in wrestling entertainment history. Even though he did not win the match, the spectators knew that they had had their money’s worth as he received a standing ovation from the electrifying fans for his yet another legendary performance in the ring. The Rock, on the other hand, delivered what was expected of him to win this matchup. It took the Rock to give Stone Cold three back-to-back iconic rock bottoms that will be remembered for as long as the WWE goes on to exist, as the resilience and character shown by Stone Cold were phenomenal.
The Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar main event ended with Lesnar winning the bout and cementing himself as the face of the WWE with authority. Their battle had a fair share of excitement leading up to a title bout between the two most fundamentally sound wrestling geniuses with some breathtaking techniques.
8. Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania 20)
Eddie Guerrero is a natural crowd-puller; his Latino heat personality and charming yet cunning character made him an instant fan favorite. Eddie’s rise from being poor to super stardom is a testimony in itself. He found a perfect challenger in Kurt Angle for the WWE title; both Eddie and Angle are pioneers of wrestling entertainment with tremendous tactical skills up their sleeves. 
Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle at wrestlemania 20 stood the test of times even though the main event was a tripple threat match where Shawn Michaels v Tripple H v Chris Benoit locked horns for the WWE Heavyweight championship promised to be a thrilling encounter, I feel the audience would have welcomed the Eddie vs Angle match up as the main event knowing that Eddie Guerrero was not immune to struggles and had his share of trouble in the beginning of his career and a win at Wrestlemania 20 would speak volumes about his legacy in the organization and so Eddie delivered what was expected of him as he defeated Kurt Angle to remain the WWE Champion and solidified his place as one of most loved and watchable wrestling superstars in the history of pro-wrestling who shared an unbroken vibe and bond with its spectator.
9. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 21)
Kurt Angle pulled off a major career highlight, putting away Shawn Michaels with a tap-out through the legendary, gut-wrenching, spine-chilling ankle lock. Shawn Michaels, however, did live up to his ”Mr. Wrestlemania” status and produced a masterpiece against the two-time Olympic gold medalist. The match was the culmination of emphatic strategistic wrestling and utmost resilience as both faced each other for the first time in Wrestlemania 21.
The fans were eagerly waiting for the answer as to who would be the best wrestler ever to have stepped foot inside the ring after this matchup. The match had a rather deeper connection with the audience than that of the actual main event, which was comprised of Cena vs. JBL (SSmackdown) and Triple-H vs. Batista (RAW). As Cena and Bastista had promising careers ahead of them, it just did not match the enthusiasm and excitement that the viewers had ahead of and throughout the Angle vs. Michaels’ bout.
10. Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage (Wrestlemania 8)
Ric Flair and Randy Sagave shared a feud that was one for the ages as it was packed with high-voltage drama, both trying to demean each other’s legacies in pro-wrestling history. Both Savage and Flair were legends colliding for the WWE Championship, which, in the end, was won by Savage by pinfall.
The Flair-Savage story had everything lined up for them for it to be a title bout to knowing the stakes involved with Ric Flair being a 16-time world champion and. The Hogan vs. Sid Justice main event drew a flak as the spectators were left extremely disappointed with the match ending in a disqualification and Hogan being declared the winner following an invasion in the ring by Papa Shango and The Ultimate Warrior.
With Wrestlemania being extended to two nights since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has drawn more viewers, and the struggle to sometimes prioritize championship bouts in main events instead of a big story feud has been eliminated to some extent by giving viewers two main events in two nights.

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