Top 5 Most Controversial Storylines In WWE

8 months ago By Jhon Woug

Professional wrestling is more than just athleticism and acrobatics; it is a narrative craft that blends both of these elements. In the world of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), a compelling plot may help a wrestler advance their career and have a significant impact on the sport. However, not all plots are well received; some straddle the border between contrived drama and actual tension, pushing the envelope of controversy. In this investigation, we go into the history of the WWE to identify the top five most divisive plotlines that have forever changed the landscape of sports entertainment. These accounts have stirred arguments, provoked fury, and cemented their position in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans everywhere.

  1. The Montreal Screwjob (1997)

The Montreal Screwjob, an occurrence forever carved in wrestling lore, must be included in any list of contentious WWE storylines. Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels were competing for the WWE Championship during this crucial moment, which took place during the main event of the 1997 Survivor Series. The events would forever alter the course of wrestling history.

This match’s controversy was the result of a covert scheme hatched by Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and referee Earl Hebner for the WWE. Bret Hart had no idea that they had planned a devastating conclusion. Hebner unexpectedly rang the bell as the fight was about to end, even though Hart had neither surrendered nor been pinned. Hart was in astonishment and wrath at the glaringly obvious subversion of the rehearsed story. This astonishingly honest betrayal caused sincere resentment, which ultimately resulted in Hart’s departure from WWE for WCW.

The Montreal Screwjob continues to be one of WWE lore’s most hotly contested and studied incidents. It cemented its position in wrestling history by serving as a sharp reminder of the fine line between planned entertainment and real emotions in the realm of professional wrestling.

  1. Katie Vick (2002)

WWE started a storyline in 2002 that would go down in history as one of the most distasteful and poorly thought-out tales the organisation has ever produced. This contentious plot line saw Triple H accuse Kane of being a party to a horrific vehicle accident that tragically claimed the life of his purported lover, Katie Vick. What came next was a slew of insensitive episodes, including one that included a particularly distressing “reenactment” of Kane’s claimed act of necrophilia with a mannequin in a coffin.

The plot was swiftly denounced by the public, with fans, pundits, and even other WWE superstars expressing their extreme discomfort and indignation over its themes. The professional wrestling industry, which is renowned for its love of provocative storytelling, was shocked by the callousness of this approach. Many supporters thought it went beyond the bounds of acceptable sports entertainment.

WWE ultimately decided to abandon the storyline in the face of rising pressure and escalating public criticism. The corporation expressed an implied apology for the suffering it had brought upon its viewers as well as the artists involved, and it admitted that it had made a major error in judgement.

The Katie Vick plotline serves as a sobering reminder of the need for good storytelling in professional wrestling, emphasising the narrow line between pushing limits for entertainment and using unnecessary shock value that harms the reputation of the sector.

  1. The Invasion (2001)

Professional wrestling history was made in 2001 with the Invasion storyline, which captured the interest of viewers who had long yearned for a confrontation between WWE and its main competitor, WCW (World Championship Wrestling). With WCW acquired by WWE, the stage was set for an epic battle of the titans, but the outcome disappointed and disillusioned many fans of the sport.

The absence of numerous important WCW stars was one of the obvious problems that made the plot fall flat. Some of WCW’s biggest names were unable to take part in the invasion angle because of contractual disagreements and other problems. Since WWE was forced to depend mostly on its own roster as a consequence, the storyline’s effect was diminished, and it did not live up to the high expectations of the fans.

Both critics and fans expressed dissatisfaction with how the plot was handled, pointing to wasted chances and a poor narrative. The anticipated fantasy matchups and clashes that the fans had dreamed up appeared to dissolve into thin air. The invasion came to represent unrealized promise as well as a lost opportunity to produce some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history.

In hindsight, the invasion plot line continues to be a source of debate and disagreement among fans of professional wrestling. While it was responsible for the dissolution of the Monday Night Wars and the purchase of WCW, it will also be remembered for the sadness it caused among fans who had anticipated a more spectacular and fulfilling conclusion to the legendary rivalry between WWE and WCW.

  1. The Attitude Era’s Risqué Content (Late 1990s)

WWE’s “Attitude Era,” which is known as the time when the wrestling promotion’s edgy and controversial material peaked, was at its height in the late 1990s and early 2000s. WWE pushed the envelope of entertainment during this time period, adopting plots laced with sexual innuendo, vulgarity, and characters meant to be contentious and, occasionally, outlandish. Wrestlers like Val Venis, The Godfather, and The Right to Censor came to represent this audacious strategy.

WWE’s commercial success may be attributed to the hugely successful Attitude Era programming, which attracted a sizable fan following. It was not without controversy, nevertheless, to a certain extent. WWE was frequently targeted by advocacy and parental organisations, who said the firm was pushing improper material to a young audience because of the content’s controversial tone.

WWE said that its “TV-14” rating indicated that it was meant for mature viewers in reaction to the growing criticism. Despite this, the Attitude Era’s legacy has been tarnished by the issues that surrounded it. While many fans will always remember this time period for its iconic characters and ground-breaking storytelling, it is also remembered for the discussions it spurred on the appropriate balance between entertainment and responsibility, particularly in relation to wrestling’s impact on younger viewers.

  1. Vince McMahon’s “Death” (2007)

WWE started a storyline in 2007 that ultimately proved to be one of the most divisive and unsuccessful in the company’s history. This storyline, which focused on Vince McMahon, the real-life company’s chairman and owner, took an unanticipatedly creepy turn.

A dramatic limousine explosion that occurred at the start of the plot was shown as a terrible occurrence in the WWE universe. Media agencies reported on Vince McMahon’s alleged death without recognising that it was all a staged plot to enthral wrestling fans. Nevertheless, they took up the story and reported on it.

But soon after the start of this plot, things took an unexpected and sad turn. The horrific double-murder suicide of Chris Benoit, which took place in June 2007, shocked the wrestling community. Before committing suicide, acclaimed and gifted WWE wrestler Benoit murdered his wife and children. The events leading up to this catastrophe shocked everyone in the sector and beyond.

WWE finds itself in an unusual and extremely frightening scenario as a result of the Benoit event. The Vince McMahon “death” scenario had to be quickly put to an end, and the organisation was forced to admit in front of the public that it had gone too far. One of the most contentious and ridiculed episodes in WWE history was caused by the storyline’s unsettling timing, which came immediately after a tragic real-life event.

The experience acted as a sobering reminder of the influence that carefully crafted narratives may have, blurring the borders between fiction and reality in ways that may have unforeseen repercussions. WWE, like any other type of entertainment, must walk a tight line between entertaining its audience and taking into account the realities of everyday life. As a lesson on the obligations that come with creating provocative storylines, the Vince McMahon “death” plot is indelibly engraved in the annals of wrestling.

In conclusion, WWE has a long history of pushing boundaries and generating controversy with its stories. Despite the fact that some of these tales occasionally blur the line between fiction and reality, they have unquestionably made a substantial contribution to the organisation’s growth. As a result of the controversy surrounding these stories, which has sparked arguments among both supporters and opponents, WWE is a frequently discussed subject in the sports entertainment industry.

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