UFC Fight Night 228 Results, Ratings, Winners And Losers: All You Need To Know

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

UFC Fight Night 228, held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas and streamed on ESPN+, delivered an exhilarating night of mixed martial arts action. The event featured high-stakes matchups, intense rivalries, and some surprising outcomes that had fans on the edge of their seats. In this article, we’ll break down the key moments, thrilling fights, and unexpected twists that made UFC Fight Night 228 a memorable evening for fight fans.

Montserrat Rendon vs. Tamires Vidal:

Montserrat Rendon and Tamires Vidal’s thrilling fight at UFC Fight Night 228 left fans on the edge of their seats from the opening bell. This clash of strawweights was a true testament to the skill and tenacity that characterise MMA fighters. Rendon, with her impressive undefeated record, faced Vidal, who was eager to make her mark in the division. She strategically changed her approach, utilising takedowns and ground control to sway the momentum in her favour.

The judges’ judgement hung in the balance as the final bell sounded, and the tension was apparent. Montserrat Rendon ultimately prevailed through a split decision, maintaining her undefeated 6-0 record in mixed martial arts. This triumph not only emphasised her fighting versatility but also showed her resilience and capacity to change in the face of difficulty. The Montserrat Rendon vs. Tamires Vidal battle set the tone for a memorable evening of mixed martial arts action and demonstrated the heart and grit that competitors bring to the Octagon.

Jake Collier and Mohammed Usman:

The clash between Jake Collier and Mohammed Usman was a battle of contrasting styles that left fans intrigued. Collier, a seasoned striker with a penchant for knockouts, faced Usman, a grappling specialist aiming to impose his will on the feet.

From the outset, Collier showcased his striking prowess, moving with agility and precision. He utilised a diverse range of strikes, including powerful leg kicks and crisp boxing combinations. Usman, aware of Collier’s striking capabilities, looked to close the distance quickly.

Usman’s game plan centred around clinch work and takedowns. He pressed Collier against the cage, attempting to wear him down with his wrestling skills. Collier, however, displayed impressive takedown defence and an ability to escape the clinch, much to the surprise of many.

As the fight progressed, Collier’s striking continued to shine, landing significant shots on Usman, who absorbed the punishment with grit and determination. Usman’s grappling attempts became increasingly desperate as he struggled to bring Collier to the mat.

The final round witnessed a dramatic turn of events. Collier’s conditioning and striking seemed to be paying dividends as he pressed forward relentlessly. Usman, seemingly frustrated by his inability to secure takedowns, resorted to wild swings.

In the end, the judges rendered a unanimous decision in favour of Jake Collier, rewarding his striking skills and effective takedown efense. This fight showcased Collier’s evolution as a well-rounded fighter and served as a testament to his ability to thwart a determined grappling specialist.

The bout between Collier and Usman delivered a compelling narrative of styles clashing, ultimately favouring the striking prowess of Jake Collier. It was a bout that kept fans guessing until the final bell and added another thrilling chapter to the annals of mixed martial arts history.

Emily Torres vs. Jessica Martinez:

The highly anticipated women’s bantamweight fight between Emily Torres and Jessica Martinez, two rising stars in the category, was another highlight of the card. It was clear from the first bell that this clash would end in a battle. Torres, who is renowned for her outstanding grappling abilities, immediately made an attempt to take Martinez to the ground. Torres’ initial attempts, however, were thwarted by Martinez, who displayed her strong takedown defence and striking skills.

Both combatants demonstrated their adaptability as the match went on by switching between striking and grappling exchanges with ease. In the second round, Torres was able to get a takedown and showcase her ground game and submission attempts. Martinez, however, showed her fortitude by getting out of perilous situations and standing up again. Both competitors gave it their all in the third and final round, fighting ferociously in the standing position and raising the fans to their feet.

When the judges’ verdict was made public, Emily Torres was declared the winner by a split vote. Torres’ career reached a critical turning point with her tough victory, which showed she was prepared to compete against the best women’s bantamweights. Fans are anxiously expecting female fighters’ upcoming bouts after watching the Emily Torres vs. Jessica Martinez battle, which served as a shining example of the amazing skill and heart that female fighters offer to the sport of mixed martial arts.

Hannah Goldy vs. Mizuki Inoue:

Fans were on the edge of their seats as Hannah Goldy and Mizuki Inoue engaged in a stunning display. Both competitors, who are renowned for their extraordinary striking abilities, promised a stand-up fight, and they delivered. It was clear from the opening bell that this battle would be a display of dexterity and might.

Goldy, a charismatic and ferocious striker, used her reach advantage to keep Inoue at arm’s length with her long punches and powerful leg kicks. Inoue, on the other hand, displayed her incredible boxing skills by evading Goldy’s punches and connecting with thoughtful combinations.

Intense exchanges took place in the middle of the octagon, and neither fighter was eager to back down. With each punch and kick delivered, the crowd erupted in cheers, admiring the technical mastery on display. Because of Goldy’s flawless footwork and head movement, Inoue had difficulty making impactful shots.

Inoue, who is renowned for her adaptability, nevertheless made vital modifications as the battle went on. She started anticipating Goldy’s blows and successfully retaliating. Each fighter was trying to outsmart the other as the bout turned into a game of striking chess.

The battle was still open as the decisive round drew near. Both Goldy and Inoue had instances where they showed heart and tenacity. The fact that they were able to keep up such a high level of performance throughout the fight was a credit to their expertise and preparation.

In the end, Mizuki Inoue won by a split decision, according to the judges’ scorecards. Standing ovations were given to both boxers by the audience as a sign of appreciation. The intense contest between Goldy and Inoue, which showcased the breadth of skill in women’s mixed martial arts, will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the division’s all-time great clashes.

Cody Brundage vs. Jacob Malkoun:

The moment Cody Brundage and Jacob Malkoun entered the octagon, the battle promised to be exciting. Malkoun, a striker with knockout power and a reputation for precise striking, faced off against Brundage, noted for his aggressive grappling and submission abilities.

It was clear from the opening bell that Brundage had a certain plan in mind. He attempted to bridge the gap rapidly in order to stay out of Malkoun’s striking range. As soon as they were in the clinch, Brundage used his skills in wrestling to secure takedowns and move the fight to the ground so he could use his submission strategy.

Malkoun, on the other side, aimed to continue the conflict. He used a precise and methodical attacking style, keeping distance while trying to dismember Brundage with punches and kicks. Malkoun, however, found it challenging to find his rhythm due to Brundage’s constant pressure in grappling.

Brundage successfully secured a takedown in the opening round and made an effort to lock in a submission. Malkoun was able to escape and get up again by displaying strong defensive abilities. As the rounds went on, the conflict between Malkoun’s striking and Brundage’s grappling persisted.

Brundage’s skill at grappling paid off in the final round when he obtained another takedown and moved into a commanding position. By applying constant pressure, Brundage was able to force a submission and demonstrate his mastery of the ground game.

In this match, the classic struggle between a striker and a grappler was highlighted, and Cody Brundage’s victory demonstrated the potency of his grappling techniques. Jacob Malkoun demonstrated fortitude and impressive talent, but Brundage’s wrestling and submission games ultimately made the difference in this gripping contest.

Andre Fialho vs. Tim Means:

The battle between Tim Means and Andre Fialho was advertised as a high-octane clash between two accomplished strikers, and it more than lived up to that promise. Means, an experienced veteran with a long MMA history, squared off against Fialho, a young and hungry prospect.

It was clear from the opening exchange that both competitors wanted to make a statement. Fialho made a forceful entrance, attempting to set the tempo and take advantage of his youth and power advantage. Means, however, demonstrated his expertise while remaining cool and relying on his technical hitting prowess.

Throughout the fight, Fialho showed off a wide variety of striking techniques, expertly blending in punches and kicks. He tried to confuse Means by hitting both the brain and the body. Means used his reach and counterstriking skills on the opposing side to punish Fialho’s aggressive attempts with powerful punches and elbows.

The momentum alternately increased and decreased as the rounds went on. Means was clearly hurt by Fialho’s pressure and hammer punches, but the seasoned combatant resisted giving up. Means demonstrated his character and toughness by enduring the storm and seizing opportunities to score important hits of his own.

Both boxers continued to trade powerful blows in the later rounds, enthralling the crowd with their exciting exchanges. Means relied on his knowledge to get through the challenging situations, while Fialho wanted a finish.

This bout was hotly contested, and it ultimately went the distance. The judges’ verdict served as evidence of the fight’s fierce competition. Tim Means defeated Fialho in a tough battle, showing that the veteran still has much left in the tank despite Fialho’s promise as a rising star. Fans of mixed martial arts won’t soon forget the skill, heart, and tenacity displayed during this bout.

Charles Jourdain vs. Ricardo Ramos:

In the featherweight division, the fight between Charles Jourdain and Ricardo Ramos was eagerly anticipated. This fight was a must-see for MMA fans since each competitor brought their own set of abilities and tenacity to the Octagon.

It was clear from the first bell that this fight had the potential to be exciting. Jourdain pushed the action right away because of his skill with a weapon and relentless tenacity. He launched a flurry of punches and kicks in an effort to put Ramos on the back foot.

On the other hand, Ricardo Ramos demonstrated his versatility as a martial artist. He demonstrated strong striking abilities as well as a mastery of the ground game. Ramos demonstrated his versatility by securing a takedown and attempting to control Jourdain on the mat.

As the bout went on, Jourdain kept up the tempo and delivered powerful blows that clearly hurt Ramos. His opponent was constantly in danger due to his continuous forward movement and potent combos. Ramos, on the other hand, kept his composure and relied on his defensive grappling and counterattacking to survive the attack.

Both combatants showed amazing passion and tenacity in the later rounds. Jourdain’s striking remained precise, but Ramos started to have more success with his takedowns and counterattacks. Fans were glued to their seats as the action went back and forth.

The decision of the judges, who were ultimately responsible for selecting the winner, was indicative of the fight’s competitiveness. Charles Jourdain prevailed in a closely fought, split decision. The depth of the featherweight category and the calibre of both fighters were both on display in this matchup. Ricardo Ramos demonstrated that he is a fierce opponent who can hold his own with the best in the category, but Jourdain’s unrelenting aggression and striking prowess gave him the victory. Fans of MMA can expect these two combatants to deliver more exciting performances in the future.

Bryan Battle vs. A.J. Fletcher:

From the time it was announced, the fight between Bryan Battle and AJ Fletcher promised to be exciting. Both competitors were eager middleweight prospects, and their fight didn’t let down the crowd by providing an exciting show inside the Octagon.

As the fight progressed, it became apparent that Battle and Fletcher’s opposing fighting philosophies gave their conflict substance. Bryan Battle, who is skilled at grappling, immediately attempted to bring the battle to the ground. He took the initiative in clinches and takedown attempts, demonstrating his desire to use the ground game.

On the other side, AJ Fletcher showed exceptional hitting ability and control under pressure. He used precise striking combinations and good footwork to keep a safe distance and evade Battle’s takedown attempts. Battle was forced to change his approach due to Fletcher’s ability to strike and manoeuvre in and out of range.

The contest’s momentum fluctuated all throughout. In the battle, takedowns and attempted submissions were successful, but Fletcher’s tenacity and capacity for ground defence were clear. In contrast, Fletcher kept making large strikes and maintaining a striking advantage.

The audience witnessed a true display of skill, heart, and tenacity as the bout entered its later rounds. Both competitors displayed amazing stamina and heart, refusing to buckle under pressure. As they watched two fighters leave it all on the line in the cage, the spectators stood to their feet.

The judges had to make a challenging choice as the final bell rang. Bryan Battle prevailed in a closely disputed split decision. This matchup revealed the depth of the middleweight division and the tremendous potential of both competitors. The judges chose Battle because of his takedown attempts and grappling prowess, but AJ Fletcher’s striking and defensive capabilities demonstrated his ability to be a strong contender in the division.

Bryan Battle and AJ Fletcher’s fight will undoubtedly go down in mixed martial arts history as an exciting contest that showcased the wide range of talent and skills available in the middleweight category. Fans of MMA should anticipate watching these two up-and-coming athletes continue to leave their mark on the sport.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez:

With the pairing of Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez, two strong competitors from various weight divisions came together to provide an exciting bout that might have title ramifications.

For this match, Marina Rodriguez, a well-known strawweight contender, moved up to the flyweight division. She was a strong force in her new weight class thanks to her well-documented hitting abilities and finishing prowess. Rodriguez had a size advantage and a good Muay Thai reputation going into the battle.

On the other side, Michelle Waterson-Gomez had experience in both the strawweight and flyweight weight classes. She was a difficult opponent for anyone in the division due to her expertise and diverse skill set. Throughout her career, Waterson-Gomez competed against top opponents and was renowned for her skill in grappling and submissions.

It became clear as the match progressed that Rodriguez intended to use her superior striking ability to keep Waterson-Gomez at bay. Waterson-Gomez found it challenging to cover the gap and begin her grappling assaults due to her precise Muay Thai strikes and potent kicks.

Waterson-Gomez nevertheless demonstrated her tenacity and versatility. She displayed her hitting prowess while looking for opportunities to submit the opponent to the ground. There were multiple grappling encounters throughout the rounds, with Waterson-Gomez trying submissions and Rodriguez successfully defending.

When the judges’ scorecards were read following the lengthy contest, Marina Rodriguez was declared the winner by unanimous decision. The outcome was significantly influenced by her striking superiority and capacity to frustrate Waterson-Gomez’s attempts to grapple.

Marina Rodriguez’s victory elevated her in the flyweight rankings and made her a legitimate contender in the class. Meanwhile, Michelle Waterson-Gomez’s heroic effort demonstrated her fortitude and adaptability, solidifying her place among the top flyweight competitors.

The fight between Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez showcased how the MMA scene is constantly changing and how athletes from all weight classes can step up and produce intriguing matches. Marina Rodriguez cemented her position as a formidable opponent in the flyweight division with this triumph, and Michelle Waterson-Gomez’s spirit of competition secured her continued significance in the sport. Fans of MMA may look forward to seeing them compete in their respective weight divisions in the future.

Dan Ige vs. Bryce Mitchell:

The clash between Dan Ige and Bryce Mitchell was a high-stakes featherweight battle that promised fireworks from the very beginning.

Dan Ige, known for his relentless pressure and well-rounded skill set, entered the fight as the more experienced fighter. He had faced some of the division’s toughest competitors and was coming off an impressive win streak. Ige’s striking and grappling abilities made him a formidable threat to anyone in the featherweight division.

Bryce Mitchell, on the other hand, was an emerging prospect with a unique fighting style. His grappling skills, particularly his exceptional submission game, had earned him the nickname “Thug Nasty.” Mitchell had showcased his dominance on the ground in previous fights, earning him a reputation as one of the division’s most dangerous submission artists.

From the opening bell, it was clear that the fight would be a battle of contrasting styles. Ige looked to use his striking to keep Mitchell at bay, while Mitchell sought to close the distance and take the fight to the ground.

The first round showcased Mitchell’s grappling prowess as he managed to secure takedowns and attempted submissions. Ige, however, showcased his resilience by defending against Mitchell’s submission attempts and managing to get back to his feet.

As the fight progressed, Ige’s striking began to find its mark, and he started landing clean shots on Mitchell. Mitchell continued to press forward with his grappling, but Ige’s takedown defence improved, making it difficult for Mitchell to secure dominant positions.

The bout went the distance, and when the judges’ scorecards were revealed, it was Dan Ige who secured the hard-fought unanimous decision victory. His ability to stuff takedowns and land significant strikes played a pivotal role in his victory over the grappling specialist.

This win elevated Dan Ige’s status in the featherweight division, positioning him closer to a title shot. Bryce Mitchell, despite the loss, displayed his tenacity and resilience, ensuring that he remained a rising star in the division.

The fight between Dan Ige and Bryce Mitchell was a testament to the diversity of skills and talent in the featherweight division. It showcased the importance of well-rounded abilities and adaptability in the ever-competitive world of MMA. Both fighters earned the respect of fans and peers alike, and their future bouts promise more thrilling action in the featherweight ranks.

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot:

The showdown between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot was a highly anticipated lightweight bout that had fans and pundits buzzing with excitement.

Rafael Fiziev, hailing from Kyrgyzstan, had quickly made a name for himself in the UFC’s lightweight division with his explosive striking and dynamic fighting style. Known for his Muay Thai skills and knockout power, Fiziev was considered a formidable force in the 155-pound weight class.

Mateusz Gamrot, a former KSW champion, brought his own set of impressive skills to the octagon. Gamrot was a well-rounded fighter with a strong grappling background, and he was eager to prove himself against the striking prowess of Fiziev.

From the opening round, it was evident that this matchup had the potential for fireworks. Fiziev showcased his striking superiority, landing crisp punches and powerful leg kicks. Gamrot, however, demonstrated his resilience by absorbing the strikes and pushing forward.

As the fight progressed, Gamrot decided to shift his strategy and focus on taking the fight to the ground, where he believed he could have an advantage. He managed to secure takedowns and control Fiziev on the mat, attempting to find submission opportunities.

Fiziev, known for his takedown defence, did his best to keep the fight standing, where he felt most comfortable. The battle between Fiziev’s striking and Gamrot’s grappling created a fascinating contrast in styles.

The fight went the distance, and when the judges’ decision was announced, it was Rafael Fiziev who emerged victorious via unanimous decision. His striking had earned him the nod from the judges, showcasing the importance of effective stand-up skills in MMA.

This win propelled Fiziev further up the rankings in the lightweight division, making him a potential contender for the title in the future. Mateusz Gamrot, despite the loss, displayed his tenacity and grappling prowess, ensuring that he remained a force to be reckoned with in the division.

The clash between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot served as a reminder of the diverse skill sets and strategies employed by fighters in the lightweight division. It was a thrilling battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats and added another chapter to the storied history of the UFC’s 155-pound weight class.

UFC Fight Night 228 was a rollercoaster of emotions, with thrilling fights, unexpected outcomes, and memorable moments. From impressive submissions to explosive, striking battles, this event had it all. As the MMA world continues to evolve, nights like these remind us why we love this sport—for its unpredictability and the sheer heart and skill of the athletes who step into the Octagon.

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