UFC Fight Night 230 Results And Report For 14th October 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

UFC Fight Night 230, hosted at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, provided an action-packed night with thrilling matchups. The event, streamed on ESPN+, featured a range of captivating fights, from featherweight showdowns to bantamweight battles.

Emily Ducote vs. Ashley Yoder

The event opened with Emily Ducote facing Ashley Yoder in a closely contested women’s strawweight clash. Ducote displayed strong striking and secured a late takedown in the first round, setting the tone for the match. She continued to use her striking skills in the second round, but Yoder showed resilience. The fight went the distance, and Emily Ducote claimed victory by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Heili Alateng vs. Chris Gutierrez

Heili Alateng and Chris Gutierrez engaged in a bantamweight matchup marked by Gutierrez’s leg kicks. Alateng tried to close the distance, but Gutierrez’s leg kicks were relentless. In the end, Chris Gutierrez won by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Irina Alekseeva vs. Melissa Dixon

Irina Alekseeva and Melissa Dixon fought a back-and-forth women’s bantamweight bout. Alekseeva dropped Dixon with a powerful right hand in the first round but couldn’t secure a finish. Dixon came back strong in the second, securing control. In the third, Dixon’s striking and takedowns earned her a unanimous decision win (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Brendon Marotte vs. Terrance McKinney

Brendon Marotte faced Terrance McKinney in a lightning-fast lightweight bout. McKinney landed a knee that led to a ground-and-pound finish within 20 seconds of the first round, making a strong impression on the night.

Tainara Lisboa vs. Ravena Oliveira

Tainara Lisboa and Ravena Oliveira clashed in a women’s bantamweight match, with Lisboa controlling the first round and displaying ground-and-pound. In the second and third rounds, Lisboa maintained ground control, eventually securing a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

TJ Brown vs. Darren Elkins

TJ Brown and Darren Elkins had a featherweight showdown marked by grappling exchanges. Elkins controlled the first round with takedowns and submission attempts. The second round continued with ground battles, showcasing Brown’s striking abilities. Elkins secured a rear-naked choke in the third round, earning a submission victory.

Christian Rodriguez vs. Cameron Saaiman

Christian Rodriguez and Cameron Saaiman engaged in a 140-pound catchweight bout. Rodriguez started strong in the first round but faced a more determined Saaiman in the second and third. Rodriguez won by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after a closely contested battle.

Michel Pereira vs. Andre Petroski

Michel Pereira and Andre Petroski put on a spectacular middleweight display. Pereira secured a quick TKO win in just over a minute, demonstrating his striking prowess.

Jonathan Martinez vs. Adrian Yanez

Jonathan Martinez and Adrian Yanez fought an intense bantamweight contest. Martinez dominated with leg kicks, causing Yanez to fall and securing a TKO victory. Martinez’s strategic use of leg kicks was evident in this impressive win.

Viviane Araujo vs. Jennifer Maia

Viviane Araujo and Jennifer Maia faced off in a women’s flyweight bout. Araujo displayed strong striking in the first round and secured a takedown in the second. Maia came back with determination in the third round. However, Araujo earned a unanimous decision win (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) for her striking and ground control.

Sodiq Yusuff vs. Edson Barboza

The main event featured a highly anticipated featherweight showdown between Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza. Yusuff wobbled Barboza in the first round with striking and secured a takedown. Barboza recovered in the second, targeting Yusuff’s legs. The third round saw Barboza’s striking prowess shine. He knocked down Yusuff and earned a unanimous decision win (49-46, 48-46, 48-46).

Memorable moments and standout performances

UFC Fight Night 230 provided fans with several memorable moments and standout performances that showcased the talent and tenacity of the fighters. Notably, Terrance McKinney’s lightning-fast TKO victory in just 20 seconds of the first round was a breathtaking highlight of the event. Michel Pereira’s spectacular middleweight debut with a TKO win in just over a minute also left a lasting impression.

Jonathan Martinez’s strategic use of leg kicks to secure a TKO win over Adrian Yanez demonstrated the importance of well-executed game plans. Viviane Araujo’s ground control and striking skills earned her a unanimous decision victory in the women’s flyweight division. The main event between Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza lived up to its billing, with Barboza’s incredible comeback showcasing his resilience and striking prowess.

These performances remind fans of the diverse skills and hearts that fighters bring to the octagon. UFC Fight Night 230 was a testament to the fighters’ dedication and the unpredictability of mixed martial arts. As the UFC continues to host thrilling events, fans can look forward to more unforgettable moments and inspiring performances in the world of MMA.

UFC Fight Night 230 delivered a night of exciting fights, featuring explosive finishes and closely contested battles. From the opening bout to the main event, the fighters left no stone unturned, ensuring fans had an unforgettable evening. As the UFC continues to produce exceptional events, fans can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the world of mixed martial arts.

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