WWE Legend Rey Mysterio Equals Goldberg’s Stunning Record

8 months ago By Sports Desk
Rey Mysterio

In a world where wrestling greats come and go, only a few can claim the kind of longevity that sees them capture gold across multiple decades. WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has now done just that, joining Bill Goldberg in a record that celebrates their enduring impact on the world of professional wrestling.

Both Mysterio and Goldberg were notable figures during the golden era of WCW in the late ’90s. While Goldberg was bulldozing through the competition, solidifying himself as an unstoppable force in the main event space, Mysterio was redefining the limits of athleticism and gravity, mesmerizing fans with his high-flying cruiserweight prowess.

A Historic Day for Mysterio

This past week on WWE SmackDown, Rey Mysterio etched his name in history once again. On August 11, 2023, Mysterio faced Austin Theory, a rising star, in a match for the coveted United States Title. Against all odds, Mysterio emerged victorious, adding another championship to his illustrious career. This win wasn’t just another accolade; it symbolized Mysterio’s ability to stay relevant, competitive, and at the top of his game, no matter the era.

As wrestling enthusiasts worldwide celebrated this win, Rey Mysterio’s global fandom erupted in joy. The victory not only trended across Wrestling Twitter but also painted the platform in a nostalgic hue, reminding fans of the days when both Goldberg and Mysterio were tearing the house down in WCW.

Historic Record Highlighted on Twitter

Wrestling Stats & Info, a revered name among wrestling stat junkies on Twitter, brought to light the significance of Rey’s recent championship win. Their tweet read:

Superstars who had a championship reign while on the WCW roster in the 1990s & who also had a championship reign while on the WWE roster in the 2020s [so far]: – @Goldberg – @reymysterio. Will any other WCW alum make the list this decade?

This exclusive list, now consisting of just two names, speaks volumes about the resilience, talent, and sheer willpower of both Goldberg and Mysterio. For any wrestler, maintaining such consistency across decades is an astonishing feat. But to do so in two of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world is almost unheard of.

Looking Ahead

With the 2020s only halfway through, the wrestling community is left to wonder if any other WCW alumni will join the list. There are certainly a few names from the past that could make a surprise return, but for now, the spotlight belongs to Mysterio.

As Rey Mysterio celebrates his recent victory and the recognition that has come with it, one thing is clear: Age is just a number in the squared circle. With passion, dedication, and a heart full of lucha spirit, Mysterio has once again proven why he is considered one of the all-time greats.

For fans and wrestlers alike, Rey Mysterio’s recent accomplishment serves as an inspiration and a testament to the timeless nature of pure talent and dedication.

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