WWE NXT Champion Becky Lynch Is Slated For 19th September Episode

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

In a stunning turn of events, WWE fans witnessed the crowning of a new NXT Women’s Champion, none other than “The Man” herself, Becky Lynch. The Irish superstar’s victory on the September 12 episode of WWE NXT sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. But the surprises didn’t end there. Lynch, after successfully defending her title on WWE RAW, is set to make a special appearance on the September 19 episode of WWE NXT. In this article, we delve into the details of Lynch’s recent triumph and explore the intriguing possibilities that lie ahead for the new champion.

Becky Lynch: The NXT Women’s Champion

Becky Lynch has long been a fan favourite in the WWE universe, known for her incredible in-ring skills and charismatic persona. However, what unfolded on September 12, 2023, took everyone by surprise. Lynch squared off against Tiffany Stratton, a formidable opponent in her own right, and emerged victorious, capturing the NXT Women’s Championship for the very first time. The NXT faithful erupted in joy as Lynch hoisted the prestigious title high above her head.

This victory marked a significant milestone in Lynch’s illustrious career. Having previously held the Raw Women’s Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Lynch’s NXT Women’s Championship win solidified her status as one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in WWE history. But what was even more astonishing was Lynch’s decision to defend her newly acquired title on the main roster.

Open Challenge on WWE Raw

Just days after her historic NXT Women’s Championship win, Becky Lynch issued an open challenge on WWE Raw. This bold move immediately sparked speculation about which superstar would step up to the plate. On the September 18 episode of RAW, it was Natalya who answered the call. The two veterans engaged in an intense battle that showcased their exceptional wrestling prowess.

In the end, Lynch’s resolve and determination shone through as she successfully retained her NXT Women’s Championship against Natalya. The NXT champion’s ability to defend her title on Raw added an exciting layer to her reign and demonstrated her willingness to take on all comers, regardless of the brand.

The Upcoming NXT Appearance

As anticipation builds for the September 19 episode of WWE NXT, fans are left wondering what Becky Lynch’s appearance will entail. The announcement of her presence on the show has generated immense excitement. However, specific details regarding Lynch’s role and any potential challengers remain shrouded in mystery.

One can’t help but speculate about the potential scenarios that could unfold during Lynch’s appearance. Will she address the NXT audience directly, sharing her thoughts on her recent victory and title defense? Could this appearance set the stage for a crossover feud or alliance between NXT and the main roster? The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes Lynch’s presence on NXT so intriguing.

The NXT Women’s Division: Who’s Next?

Becky Lynch’s ascent to the NXT Women’s Championship opens up a world of opportunities for the women’s division in NXT. With Lynch’s star power and in-ring prowess, she will undoubtedly attract a slew of challengers eager to dethrone her. But who among the NXT roster is deserving of the next title opportunity?

NXT has a deep pool of talented female wrestlers, and any one of them could step up to challenge Lynch. Rising stars like Io Shirai, Raquel González, and Dakota Kai have all proven themselves in the ring and could be potential contenders for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Furthermore, this championship reign could serve as a bridge between the main roster and NXT, allowing for exciting crossover matches and storylines. With Becky Lynch at the helm, the possibilities are endless, and the future of the NXT Women’s Division looks brighter than ever.

The Upcoming NXT Card

Becky Lynch’s appearance on the September 19 episode of WWE NXT is undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. Still, the card boasts other intriguing matchups that fans won’t want to miss:

  1. Champion vs. Champion: Carmelo Hayes vs. Dominik Mysterio A clash of champions is always a must-see event in WWE, and this encounter promises to deliver fireworks.
  1. NXT Global Heritage Invitational (Group A): Tyler Bate vs. Butch The Heritage Invitational showcases emerging talents, and this Group A matchup is set to be a showcase of athleticism and potential.
  1. NXT Global Heritage Invitational (Group B): Joe Coffey vs. Duke Hudson: Group B promises hard-hitting action, and fans can expect a battle of epic proportions.
  1. Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice: A women’s matchup that will undoubtedly provide high-octane action and highlight the incredible skills of these competitors

Becky Lynch’s journey to the NXT Women’s Championship has injected new life and excitement into the world of professional wrestling. Her surprise appearance on WWE NXT is just the beginning of what promises to be a thrilling chapter in her storied career.

As “The Man” steps onto the NXT stage once more, fans can only speculate about the future of the NXT Women’s Division and the exciting rivalries and matchups that await. Lynch’s presence in NXT has reinvigorated the brand and promises to bring unparalleled excitement to both the black-and-gold brand and the WWE universe as a whole. Stay tuned to witness history in the making as Becky Lynch continues her reign as the NXT Women’s Champion.

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