WWE RAW Superstar Ricochet used social media to express his heartfelt birthday wishes to his former tag team partner

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WWE Superstar Ricochet’s Heartfelt Birthday Message to Former Tag Team Partner Cedric Alexander together known as the 2 Fly Crew.

The 2 Fly Crew’s Tag Team Era

During the time of WWE’s Thunderdome era, a tag team that some might have forgotten emerged – Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Together, they were known as The 2 Fly Crew and made their mark on Monday Night RAW. One of their memorable rivalries was with The Hurt Business. However, their alliance took a twist when Alexander turned against Ricochet, joining forces with MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin.

New Paths After the Split

Following their separation, Ricochet took an unexpected route by forming an alliance with Braun Strowman, while Cedric Alexander pursued his wrestling journey as a free agent alongside his former Hurt Business teammate, Shelton Benjamin.

No Hard Feelings: Birthday Greetings for Cedric Alexander

Despite their divergent paths, there’s no animosity between the former teammates. Cedric Alexander celebrated his 34th birthday, and Ricochet used Twitter to send his warm wishes.

Ricochet wrote, “Wishing a fantastic birthday to my partner from The 2 Fly Crew! Happy Birthday, @CedricAlexander!”

Ricochet’s Triumphs and Acclaim

Recently, Ricochet faced off against internet sensation Logan Paul at SummerSlam. This highly-anticipated match marked a significant moment for Ricochet in his WWE journey.

Although Ricochet didn’t emerge victorious, he garnered admiration from both fans and colleagues, including WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Booker T, a former World Heavyweight Champion, commended Ricochet’s evolution as a performer throughout the years.

Booker T Praises Ricochet’s Remarkable Evolution and Ascent in Wrestling

Booker T remarked, “I want to give a shout-out to Ricochet because I’ve seen tremendous growth in him. He’s reaching his prime and truly grasping the essence of this business. I can see the progress in Ricochet.”

He further added, “He’s not only smarter in the ring but also understands when, how, and why to execute his moves. He’s definitely improved compared to before. Ricochet is making his way up the ladder. He’s almost at that pivotal point I expect him to reach. Ricochet is certainly on an upward trajectory.”

Conclusion: A Message of Friendship and Acknowledgment

Ricochet’s birthday message to Cedric Alexander showcases the enduring camaraderie between former partners. Additionally, Ricochet’s growth and recognition from industry veterans like Booker T demonstrate his promising trajectory within WWE.

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