WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 01 December 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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WWE SmackDown presented a thrilling episode packed with high-octane action and gripping drama. The show kicked off to an electrifying start as Bianca Belair’s music blared through the speakers, heralding her confident stride down to the ring.

The excitement continued as we revisited the highlights from the Survivor Series, particularly the women’s War Games match. The energy in the arena was palpable as Bianca gave a shout-out to Becky Lynch, Shotzi, and Charlotte Flair, emphasizing her ongoing feud with Damage CTRL. She made her intentions clear – she’s after IYO and determined to reclaim her title.

Interrupting Bianca’s moment, IYO’s music hit, and out came Damage CTRL, noticeably without Bayley. Dakota Kai, a member of Damage CTRL, took the mic to taunt Bianca. She mocked Bianca’s popularity with the fans and warned her of being in over her head. Kai threw down the gauntlet, stating that if Bianca wants another shot at the title, she must first contend with all members of Damage CTRL.

The tension escalated when Charlotte Flair’s music hit, and she arrived with Shotzi. Flair declared her own intentions to challenge IYO, suggesting there’s enough of Damage CTRL for everyone to take on. The verbal exchange quickly turned physical as Flair, Bianca, and Shotzi engaged in a fierce battle with Damage CTRL, ultimately standing tall in the center of the ring.

Backstage, the drama unfolded further as Damage CTRL encountered Bayley. They questioned her absence during the earlier confrontation. Bayley retorted, claiming ignorance about the event and suggesting the outcome would have been different with her presence. The segment concluded with Bayley learning about Kairi Sane’s upcoming match against Bianca, hinting at potential involvement to aid Kairi.

Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown was a rollercoaster of emotions and confrontations, setting the stage for more intense rivalries and eagerly anticipated matchups in the weeks to come.

In an intense and action-packed match on WWE SmackDown, Bobby Lashley faced off against Butch, with The Street Profits at ringside, adding to the electric atmosphere. Lashley, known for his dominating presence, opened the next segment with a bold statement. As the fans chanted his name, he dared Butch to make a name for himself, but not at his expense. Lashley’s confidence was palpable as he threatened to break Butch into pieces, questioning if Butch was ready for the challenge.

The match began with an unexpected slap from Butch, signaling the bell and igniting a fierce battle. Lashley, showcasing his brute strength, lifted Butch effortlessly and threw him around the ring. He continued his assault with a powerful clothesline and a punishing slam into the turnbuckle.

Butch, however, wasn’t going down without a fight. He retaliated with a kick to Lashley’s face and a dropkick that sent Lashley outside the ring. Demonstrating agility, Butch executed a knee strike from the ring apron and a moon sault from the top rope, targeting Lashley with precision.

The momentum shifted back to Lashley with a commanding suplex. He attempted a vertical suplex, but Butch countered with a knee strike and landed on his feet. Butch’s attempt to capitalize was cut short as Lashley caught him mid-run and slammed him onto the mat. The action spilled outside the ring, with Lashley displaying his raw power by slamming Butch into the ring post, much to the delight of The Street Profits.

Back in the ring, the match reached its climax. Lashley aimed for a spear, but Butch evaded, causing Lashley to crash into the ring post. Butch unleashed a flurry of kicks and a reverse DDT, nearly securing a win, but Lashley powered out. The back-and-forth continued with both competitors showcasing resilience and determination.

In a dramatic finish, Lashley delivered a devastating spear to Butch, securing the pin and the victory. The match was a testament to both competitors’ skill and tenacity, with Lashley proving why he is one of the top superstars in WWE.

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown delivered another night of captivating drama and intense rivalries. The show featured a segment that began with a look back at the men’s War Games match from Survivor Series, setting the tone for the unfolding events.

In a backstage segment, viewers witnessed a strategic conversation between Nick Aldis and Paul Heyman. Aldis, seated confidently on a couch, revealed his ambitious plan to sign Randy Orton to an exclusive SmackDown contract. The revelation caught Heyman’s attention, prompting him to question whether Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief, was aware of this move. Aldis retorted, stating that all communications about Roman Reigns must go through Heyman, thus making this discussion an official notification. He boldly stated his willingness to sacrifice the entire Bloodline to secure Orton’s signature. Heyman, known for his cunning and strategic mind, responded with a cryptic “anything it takes” before exiting the scene, leaving viewers intrigued about the implications of this potential signing.

The focus then shifted to Butch, who was seen walking backstage. Kayla approached him for a comment about Ridge walking out on him in their previous match. Butch expressed indifference, emphasizing his focus on his own path in SmackDown. This moment was interrupted by Pretty Deadly, who taunted Butch about his career heading to a “dead end.” The confrontation quickly escalated into a physical altercation, with Butch attacking Pretty Deadly but eventually being overpowered and thrown into equipment.

The segment transitioned to highlighting the ongoing feud between Santos Escobar and Carlito, with clips from last week’s SmackDown showing Escobar attacking Carlito. Backstage, Cathy interviewed Escobar about his upcoming match against Joaquin Wilde. Escobar expressed his frustration with Rey Mysterio, feeling betrayed by Rey’s choice of Carlito over him. He accused the other members of the LWO of being blinded by Rey’s influence. As Escobar’s music hit, he made his way to the ring, ready for his match, leaving viewers anticipating the next chapter in this heated rivalry.

In a highly anticipated match on WWE SmackDown, Santos Escobar squared off against Joaquin Wilde in a display of athleticism and technical prowess. The match began with the ringing of the bell, and Wilde immediately showcased his agility with a swift dropkick. He continued his momentum by throwing Escobar to the ropes and connecting with a back elbow, forcing Escobar to roll out of the ring for respite.

Undeterred, Wilde executed a stunning cross body over the top rope onto Escobar outside the ring. He maintained control by throwing Escobar back into the ring, but as Wilde attempted to re-enter, Escobar strategically rolled out again. Displaying his aerial skills, Wilde climbed the top rope and delivered a high-flying splash onto Escobar. Once again, he threw Escobar into the ring and attempted a pin, but Escobar resiliently kicked out.

The battle intensified as Wilde climbed the top rope, only for Escobar to counter, causing Wilde to crash onto the mat. Escobar then executed a calculated move, placing Wilde in a tree of woe in the corner, and hit him with a running dropkick. Escobar attempted a pin, but Wilde showed his tenacity by kicking out. Escobar then targeted Wilde’s face with a knee strike.

The match saw a shift in momentum as Wilde managed to deliver a dropkick after being thrown to the ropes. Wilde then hit Escobar with a running knee and a rolling DDT, going for another cover, but Escobar kicked out once more. Wilde’s attempt to continue his offensive was halted by a kick to the face from Escobar.

In a decisive moment, Escobar lifted Wilde onto his shoulders and executed the Phantom Driver, pinning Wilde for the victory.

However, the action didn’t stop there. Post-match, Santos Escobar continued his assault on Wilde with relentless right hands. This prompted Dragon Lee to rush to the ring in defense. Escobar, sensing the challenge, rolled out of the ring, but not for long. He re-entered, attempting to attack Dragon Lee, only to be met with a swift response. Dragon Lee skillfully threw Escobar to the ropes and hit him with a hurricanrana. He then cornered Escobar and delivered a powerful running dropkick, sending Escobar tumbling to the outside of the ring. This dramatic turn of events left the audience in awe, as Dragon Lee stood tall in the ring, having saved Wilde and sent a clear message to Escobar.

In a captivating backstage segment on WWE SmackDown, Nick Aldis was deeply engaged in a phone conversation. Suddenly, Logan Paul appeared, and the two exchanged a brief but firm handshake before Aldis walked away, leaving viewers curious about the nature of their interaction.

The focus then shifted to Aldis in his office, where he was confronted by Adam Pearce. Pearce, clearly agitated, accused Aldis of attempting to sign Randy Orton, a renowned Raw legend, right under his nose. Aldis, unfazed, revealed his intention to sign Orton that very night in the middle of the ring. He retorted that Pearce had his opportunity on Monday. Pearce, not backing down, informed Aldis that he, too, had a contract for Orton and promptly left the office, intensifying the anticipation of what was to come.

The arena then erupted as Logan Paul’s music hit, and the United States Champion made his grand entrance. In the ring, Paul addressed his critics and detractors, boldly questioning their whereabouts now that he held the championship. He proclaimed that the more people hoped for his failure, the harder he worked, and his victories only multiplied. He taunted the jealous superstars backstage, stating that if they wanted his title, they had to earn it.

Paul then announced a tournament, orchestrated by himself and Aldis, to determine his next challenger. The tournament, starting next week, would feature eight superstars: Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Karrion Kross, an NXT superstar, Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory, and Kevin Owens. Paul confidently asserted that whoever won the tournament would face a nightmare trying to take the title from him.

As Paul spoke, Kevin Owens made his entrance, immediately capturing the crowd’s attention. They chanted “KO” as Owens grabbed a microphone and confronted Paul. Owens reminisced about first seeing Paul on the app Vine a decade ago, quickly realizing then that he found Paul unbearable. He dismissed Paul’s achievements, stating that his time as the United States Champion was coming to an end, and he, Owens, would be the one to end it.

Paul retorted, boasting about his experience in the ring with the greatest boxer in the world, claiming he’d need only six seconds to knock Owens out. Owens, undeterred, emphasized that WWE was his domain.

The tension escalated when Grayson Waller and Austin Theory interrupted. Waller tried to dissuade Paul from engaging with Owens, labeling him a troll seeking attention. Theory, chiming in, expressed his desire to punch people in the face, but before he could finish, Owens struck him, sending Theory tumbling out of the ring. Owens then stood face to face with Paul, as his music hit, leaving the crowd in suspense and eagerly awaiting what was to come in this heated rivalry.

In a high-stakes match on WWE SmackDown, Kevin Owens faced off against Grayson Waller, with Austin Theory at ringside and Logan Paul providing commentary. The match started with intensity as soon as the bell rang. Owens immediately took control, grabbing Waller and delivering a sharp chop to the chest, followed by a powerful right hand and swiftly throwing Waller back into the ring.

However, Waller quickly turned the tables, stomping on Owens as he re-entered the ring. Despite an uppercut from Waller, Owens responded with a chest chop of his own. Waller countered with a right hand, but Owens struck back with a back elbow to Waller’s face. Owens’s momentum continued with a clothesline, but Waller managed to land a right hand and a kick, showing his resilience.

Demonstrating his agility, Waller climbed the second rope, walked across it, and executed an impressive elbow drop on Owens. Waller attempted a pin, but Owens kicked out, showcasing his determination. Waller then tried for a suplex, but Owens blocked it and retaliated with a suplex of his own.

The action spilled outside the ring, where Owens aimed for a cannonball in the corner, but Waller escaped, leading to a confrontation at the announce table. Waller slammed Owens’s face onto the table, but Owens quickly recovered, delivering a clothesline and a stunning frog splash from the ring apron.

The match’s intensity peaked as Waller, with a distraction from Theory, stomped on Owens’s hands on the ring steps. Waller then focused on Owens’s arm, slamming it onto the ring post and locking in an arm bar. Owens, refusing to give in, threw Waller out of the ring and followed up with a DDT as Waller re-entered.

Owens’s offensive continued with a chest chop, a superkick, and a cannonball in the corner. Climbing the top rope, Owens hit Waller with a swanton bomb, but Waller kicked out of the pin attempt. Owens then tried for the stunner, but Waller countered, attacking Owens’s arm. However, Owens’s resilience shone through as he managed to reach the ropes to break the submission.

In a dramatic finish, Waller attempted to further damage Owens’s arm using the turnbuckle pad and post. But Owens dodged, rolled Waller up, and secured a pin, winning the match in a display of skill and determination.

Winner: Kevin Owens

The next WWE SmackDown segment opened with a flashback to CM Punk’s return at Survivor Series and his subsequent promo on Raw, setting an exciting tone for the evening.

Backstage, tension brewed within Damage CTRL. Dakota inquired if Bayley was okay, to which Bayley affirmed. However, IYO instructed Bayley to stay backstage, hinting at internal dynamics within the group.

The focus then shifted to the ring for a highly anticipated match: Bianca Belair, teaming with Charlotte Flair and Shotzi, against Kairi Sane, accompanied by Damage CTRL. As the bell rang, the match commenced with Kairi unleashing a series of kicks on Bianca. Kairi attempted to roll Bianca up, but Bianca countered with a stunning standing moonsault, impressively landing on her feet. She continued her dominance with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick after throwing Kairi to the ropes.

The match intensified as Kairi narrowly escaped a body slam, using Bianca’s hair to gain the upper hand momentarily. However, Bianca quickly retaliated with a right hand. A ringside interference occurred when IYO tripped Bianca as she ran to the ropes, followed by Flair tripping Kairi. The referee, catching Flair and Shotzi’s interference, sent them to the back. Asuka then entered the ring, leading to further chaos and her subsequent ejection by the referee, after which Bianca hit Asuka with a dropkick.

The battle raged on as Kairi applied a modified headlock, but Bianca powered out, throwing Kairi down and executing a body slam. Bianca then unleashed a series of right hands and a modified spinebuster in the corner, followed by a moonsault. Kairi, showcasing her resilience, kicked out of the pin attempt. Kairi fought back with a back elbow and a sliding back fist, further escalating the match’s intensity.

Kairi’s momentum continued as she climbed the top rope and landed a punch, but Bianca kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt. The action spilled outside the ring, where Bianca dodged Kairi’s punch and countered by throwing her into the barricade and then back into the ring.

In a crucial moment, with the referee distracted, Bayley tripped Bianca on the ring apron. Kairi, seizing the opportunity, high-fived Bayley and ascended the top rope. However, Bianca countered with a right hand and executed the KOD, successfully pinning Kairi for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

This match was a showcase of skill, strategy, and resilience, with Bianca Belair emerging victorious, overcoming multiple interferences and demonstrating why she is a top contender in WWE.

The climax of WWE SmackDown was a segment filled with high drama and electrifying moments. In the center of the ring stood Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce, setting the stage for a major announcement. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as Aldis introduced Randy Orton to SmackDown. Orton’s iconic music filled the arena, and he made his grand entrance to roaring applause and chants of “Randy” and “RKO” from the fans.

Adam Pearce immediately acknowledged the electric atmosphere, while Aldis rebuked Orton for interrupting him on his show. The tension escalated as Aldis and Pearce began talking over each other, each trying to persuade Orton. Pearce offered Orton a chance to sign with Raw and compete for the Championship against the winner of Seth Rollins and Jey Uso. In contrast, Aldis tempted Orton with the opportunity to confront those who took him out, should he sign with SmackDown.

The segment took another dramatic turn with the arrival of Paul Heyman, who walked down to the ring, introducing himself in his usual charismatic manner. Heyman reminded everyone of Orton’s 18-month absence due to an attack by Roman Reigns and the Bloodline. He declared that there would be no RKO’s or decisions from Orton that evening, as the Bloodline would make the decision for him.

Suddenly, Solo Sikoa’s music hit, and Solo emerged with Jimmy Uso. Aldis and Pearce quickly exited the ring, leaving Orton to face the new arrivals. Orton, unfazed, immediately attacked Jimmy Uso with stomps. As Solo entered the ring, Orton continued his onslaught with a series of right hands. However, Jimmy recovered and joined Solo in a double-team attack against Orton.

The action intensified with the surprise entrance of LA Knight, who rushed to Orton’s aid. Knight unleashed a barrage of right hands on Jimmy and kicks on Solo. He managed to throw Solo outside the ring, but Solo pulled Knight out as well. Outside the ring, Knight continued his attack, throwing Solo into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Orton regained control, throwing Jimmy onto the ring apron and executing a devastating DDT, followed by his signature RKO. Orton then turned his attention to Heyman, Pearce, and Aldis, who held both Raw and SmackDown contracts.

Heyman, in a last-ditch effort, urged Orton to choose Raw for his safety. However, Orton, playing to the crowd, made his decision. He dramatically threw the Raw contract away and signed the SmackDown contract, declaring to Heyman that he could inform Roman Reigns that “daddy’s back.” Dropping the microphone, Orton’s music hit as he pointed to Heyman. Aldis, re-entering the ring, began to clap and raise Orton’s arm in victory. But in a stunning twist, Orton delivered an RKO to Aldis and celebrated on the second rope, marking a triumphant and defiant end to the segment.

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