WWE SmackDown Result And Report For 01 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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In a thrilling start to tonight’s WWE SmackDown, John Cena made a spectacular return to the ring. Cena delighted fans with nostalgic memories of his past glories and took the moment to announce that he would host Payback tomorrow night. The warm reception was cut short as Jimmy Uso interrupted Cena with new music and a new attitude. Jimmy compared John Cena with Roman Reigns and said they both only take from everyone and never give back. The ensuing tension between Uso and Cena culminated in Cena delivering his trademark move, the Attitude Adjustment, leaving fans screaming for more.

Tag Team match

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller took center stage in a backstage interview, boldly proclaiming themselves as the best tag team of all time. The duo faced off against the Latino World Order, represented by Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar.

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller defeat LWO (Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar) via pinfall.

Bobby Lashley returns

Bobby Lashley also had some screen time, addressing his newfound alliance with the Street Profits. Lashley praised Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins for their athleticism and charisma. The Street Profits reciprocated the love, acknowledging how Lashley helped them gain a fresh aggressive streak and newfound success.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde

Sami Zayn starts the match with Joaquin Wilde, taking him out with the side headlock, and shoulder block, and tags Kevin Owens. Also on the other end, Cruz del Toro tags in, but it doesn’t go well for the Latino World Order. With a pop-up powerbomb and Helluva Kick Cruz Del Toro was flattened.

At last, Kevin finishes the match with a pinfall with a stunner.

After the match, Sami calls out The Judgment Day, and says, tomorrow night will be the fight of Judgment Day’s lives.

AJ Styles vs Solo

AJ Styles amping up the tension in his emerging rivalry with Solo. Styles was clear in his backstage interview about wanting to face Solo and make him “taste his own medicine.” Styles challenges Solo Sikoa to match tonight.

Even when Karl Anderson stepped in to play the voice of reason, Mia Yim backed AJ, and it’s clear that Styles has no intention of backing down.

LA Knight and Miz: A War of Words

The Miz, never one to hold back, took to the mic to assert his dominance over LA Knight, setting the stage for a critical showdown. However, LA Knight retaliated strongly, challenging not only Miz’s character but his track record as well. LA Knight says, he is ready to “leave him broken and battered,” while Miz claimed he’d send Knight back to “his roach-infested apartment.”

The verbal spar escalated into physical combat as LA Knight attacked Miz in the aisle, causing a scene that required immediate intervention from referees and road agents. Both men seem more than ready for their clash at Payback tomorrow, with each promising a decisive victory.

Bayley vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart displayed remarkable athleticism against Bayley, brushing off paintbrush strikes and executing a series of dynamic moves, including an enzuigiri that stunned Bayley. Even after a commercial break, Blackheart continued her high-flying style.

The tide seemed to turn when Bayley, with the help of Damage CTRL, got Shotzi in the Tree of Woe. However, Charlotte Flair’s timely interruption allowed Shotzi to capitalize and secure a pinfall victory, further intensifying the rivalries and unpredictability that WWE fans have come to love.

AJ Styles vs. Solo Sikoa

In an unforgettable duel, AJ Styles and Solo Sikoa displayed a masterclass of wrestling acumen, blending technique and brute force in a battle for the ages. As both superstars were fighting, the entrance of Paul Heyman turned the tables. Sikoa took advantage of the moment, unleashing a barrage of attacks, including a spine-tingling one-handed bulldog and a belly-to-belly suplex that almost sealed Styles’ fate.

AJ Styles, never one to back down, fought back with a dazzling array of his iconic moves, from a Pele kick to the Styles Rush. Each time it looked like Styles had the upper hand, Sikoa’s unbreakable spirit came through, culminating in a breathtaking pop-up Samoan drop.

Just when the crowd was at the edge of their seats, expecting a Styles Clash to end it all, Jimmy Uso interfered, tripping up AJ Styles and creating an opening for Sikoa. With a brutal Samoan Spike, Solo Sikoa claimed victory, leaving the audience in awe.

Post match, Jimmy ran and hugged his Solo Sikoa, and Solo tries to spike him, but Paul Heyman takes him down. Thereafter, as Solo and Paul left the ring, Jimmy superkicked AJ, along with the USO Splash.

Is this the sign that Jimmy wants to get back?

That’s it from the WWE SmackDown for this week. See you guys tomorrow on WWE Payback.

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