WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 03 November 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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WWE SmackDown in Los Angeles is electric tonight as LA Knight steps into the spotlight, the crowd roaring with approval. The arena resonates with chants of “LA Knight,” a testament to his rising popularity. Knight, fueled by the fans’ energy, declares his intention to bring an end to Roman Reigns’ dominant reign. He vividly recounts dodging a spear from Roman last week, turning the tables with a BFT, and pledges that at Crown Jewel, the result will be the same – a new champion will rise.

As Knight’s bold words hang in the air, Roman Reigns, accompanied by Paul Heyman, makes a grand entrance. Reigns, the undisputed Tribal Chief, and the face of WWE, commands the attention of the arena. He dismisses the local crowd’s relevance but acknowledges that Knight has managed to rally them behind him – a feat that Reigns respects, yet sees as futile.

Roman, with the poise of a leader, speaks of the changes in WWE during his time away. He credits himself for transforming the industry, claiming to have elevated it to a multi-billion-dollar level, casting his achievements as cinematic in scale. Heyman chimes in, reinforcing Roman’s star power. The tension escalates as Roman denigrates Knight’s efforts, accusing him of merely imitating a less successful version of his illustrious cousin.

Undeterred, LA Knight confronts Roman’s air of invincibility head-on. He isn’t there to be another name on the list of the conquered; he’s there to inaugurate the LA Knight era. Knight paints a vivid picture – not of cosplay, but of reality, where he stands as the one to dethrone Reigns. Knight’s defiance peaks as he envisions his victory, leaving Roman with nothing but a bloodline marked by defeat.

The confrontation intensifies, almost boiling over until WWE officials rush to prevent physicality. As Knight’s music surges again, it’s clear that this conflict is far from over. Fans are left buzzing, anticipation for Crown Jewel reaching fever pitch, where LA Knight’s promise to usher in a new era will be put to the ultimate test against Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief who vows to remain unchallenged at the head of WWE’s table.

For today’s first match, we have, Kevin Owens against Austin Theory, with Grayson Waller providing his insights from the commentary table. The energy is palpable as the bell rings. Owens wastes no time, charging at Theory, who quickly escapes to ringside, seeking refuge. However, Owens’s pursuit is relentless.

The action intensifies when Theory turns the tide, shoving Owens against the ring apron and then rolling him back into the squared circle. Theory unleashes a left hand and attempts to corner Owens, looking to dominate early. But Owens quickly responds, blocking Theory’s punch and delivering a heavy right hand of his own.

Owens’s momentum builds with an atomic drop, followed by a forceful clothesline that sends Theory tumbling out of the ring. Without missing a beat, Owens lands another clothesline on Theory outside, asserting his dominance.

Back in the ring, Theory attempts his signature A-Town Down, but Owens expertly lands on his feet. Owens aims for the Stunner, only for Theory to counter with a quick left hand and a staggering blockbuster. The theory covers, but Owens powers out of the pin attempt. Not to be subdued, Theory continues his assault, stomping on Owens in the corner and setting him up on the top rope. But Owens will not be outdone, reversing Theory’s suplex attempt into a breathtaking suplex from the top rope.

The crowd roars as Owens builds steam, launching Theory into the ropes and delivering a punishing popup powerbomb. Owens then locks eyes with Waller at ringside, adds extra flair to his next move, and lands a devastating Stunner on Theory. With the crowd on its feet, Owens covers Theory, the referee counts, and it’s over.

The winner, by pinfall, is Kevin Owens, marking a spectacular start to SmackDown that will be talked about for weeks to come.

Backstage at SmackDown, Cathy Kelley catches up with Bianca Belair to discuss her upcoming match against Bayley. Bianca acknowledges their shared past, noting Bayley’s undeniable skill, but expresses that things have now become personal. She’s out for vengeance. Mid-interview, Damage CTRL blindsides Bianca, but the sudden chaos is quickly contained as Nick Aldis and WWE officials rush in to break up the scuffle.

Elsewhere behind the scenes, Logan Paul crosses paths with the Street Profits. They exchange a friendly handshake, and Ford comments on how it’s about time someone showed Rey Mysterio a lesson in humility. After Paul departs, Lashley steps in, remarking to the Profits that Paul’s attitude is the epitome of success. B-Fab appears, complimenting the Profits on their sharp new attire and watches, then pulls Lashley aside for a word.

The action returns to the ring with Piper Niven and Chelsea Green taking on Shotzi and Charlotte Flair. Niven starts strong against Shotzi, landing a solid right hand and slamming her to the mat. Shotzi manages to kick out of the pin. Chelsea tags in, and together with Niven, they double-team Shotzi, but she refuses to stay down, kicking out once more.

Niven is tagged back in, but their attempt to double-team Shotzi backfires as she delivers a right hand to Chelsea and a swift kick to Niven’s head. Flair is then tagged in, and she bursts into the ring with energy, taking both opponents down with a crossbody from the top rope. Flair’s onslaught continues as she delivers chops and a suplex to Chelsea.

The match intensifies when Flair, standing on the ring apron, faces a charging Niven, only to counter with a boot to the face. Flair climbs back into the ring, and the action doesn’t stop. Chelsea, now legal, tries to seize an opportunity from the top rope, but Flair evades. Flair then lands a big boot and goes for the cover, securing the pinfall victory.

Winners of the match, by pinfall, are Shotzi and Charlotte Flair, adding another high-energy win to tonight’s SmackDown.

Solo strides to the ring, his presence commanding attention, with Paul Heyman by his side. The arena is tense, every eye locked on the duo as they enter the ring. Heyman, ever the orator, takes the microphone and speaks with grave seriousness. He muses aloud, pondering if the audience grasps the gravity of this moment – the end of days for John Cena, the doctor of thuganomics.

Heyman declares that no one should blame Roman Reigns for what’s to come. Cena, he says, made his own bed by challenging the Bloodline. It’s Reigns who calls the shots, Heyman emphasizes, and when a threat like Cena emerges, Reigns has Solo, the enforcer, the assassin, to rely on.

As the crowd listens, Heyman paints a picture of Solo’s future – not just as an enforcer but as a future Tribal Chief. But for now, Heyman’s focus is Cena, who, according to him, chose the hard way. Discontent stirs in the crowd, their boos filling the space as Solo takes the microphone from Heyman.

Solo’s words are few but pointed. He questions Heyman’s intentions, stating they didn’t come to talk to the crowd; they came for Cena, to confront him directly.

The atmosphere electrifies as John Cena’s music hits, and he appears to a roaring welcome from the fans. Cena enters the ring, facing Solo head-on. Solo, unflinching, delivers a message from the Tribal Chief – he hands Cena a microphone, a tool for what he suggests will be Cena’s farewell to the fans.

Cena, microphone in hand, confronts Solo’s assertions. He questions Solo’s understanding of the situation, belittling his contribution to the dialogue. Cena declares confidently that even at half-strength, his voice can outmatch Solo’s, insisting he isn’t the one who’ll be saying goodbye. Instead, he’ll be the one bidding farewell on behalf of the fans to Solo’s career aspirations.

Cena’s retort is scathing. He credits Solo’s job to his cousin’s influence and mocks him as a mere imitation of past wrestling greats. With a final jab, Cena predicts an embarrassing defeat for Solo at Crown Jewel, dropping the microphone with precision timing and exiting the ring, leaving Solo and Heyman to absorb the impact of his words.

As Pretty Deadly struts down to the ring, the Brawling Brutes pounce on them without warning. The fight kicks off on the ramp and quickly spills into the ring as the bell sounds. The Brutes, Butch and Holland, dish out the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán to their opponents with rapid-fire strikes. Holland gets Prince in a tree of woe, hanging him upside down, and together with Butch, they unleash a fierce double-team assault.

Wilson jumps into the fray, but he’s met with the same two-on-one attack. Butch then delivers a knee to Prince’s face at ringside. In a sudden turnaround, Prince slams Butch into a bar set up by the ring, a harsh crash resonating through the arena.

Holland lands a solid shoulder tackle on Prince outside the ring. Wilson fights back, sending Holland crashing into the ring post. Pretty Deadly gains some control, tossing Holland back into the ring for a double-team attack. They snatch up sheleighleighs, aiming for Holland, but he fends them off, lifting both his adversaries and throwing them outside.

Butch climbs the top rope, soaring off with a moon sault, and lands on all three men on the floor outside the ring.

Holland has Wilson trapped in a Boston crab in the ring’s center, while Butch locks in an ankle lock on Prince. Prince manages to kick Butch away, seizing a bar stool to whack Holland across the back. Pretty Deadly coordinates to double-team Holland, but Butch interrupts the pin attempt.

Butch chops at Wilson’s chest, but Prince strikes Butch from behind. Holland lifts Prince in a gorilla press and turns to Wilson, who skillfully dodges and counters with a knee strike to Holland’s face. Butch’s kick is evaded by Wilson, but then Prince gets smacked with a sheleighleigh. Wilson tries for a pin, but Butch powers out.

On the ringside apron, Ridge powerbombs Prince through a table, creating a crash that echoes around the venue.

Wilson faces Butch’s Brogue Kick, but he survives the pin attempt. Holland fetches a table from under the ring, sliding it inside. Wilson rolls out, dodging the action, and Butch, in pursuit, accidentally collides with beer barrels.

Back in the ring, Wilson finds himself perched on the second rope by Butch, but Prince intervenes, striking Butch with a beer bottle. Pretty Deadly capitalizes, smashing Butch through the table. Wilson covers, the referee counts, and Pretty Deadly clinches the win.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Nick Aldis is walking backstage when Paul Heyman approaches him. Heyman wants to give Aldis some advice. Aldis looks like he’s listening, but he’s not too keen. Heyman warns him about the dangerous Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. Aldis seems unimpressed and cuts Heyman off, asking if he’s finished. Heyman, with a smirk, suggests that Aldis is going to suffer, especially with LA Knight involved.

We move to a special stage set up for the weigh-in. Officials are around as Nick Aldis steps up to introduce Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio for their weigh-in. There’s a big scale set right in the middle of the stage. It’s Logan Paul’s turn first. He steps on the scale and it reads 213 pounds. Next up is Rey Mysterio. He’s lighter, the scale shows 175 pounds.

After the weigh-in, Logan and Rey come face to face for a stare-down. Logan tries to rattle Rey by tapping him on the head. Rey doesn’t take it lightly. He has just one thing to say, and he doesn’t hold back. Rey suddenly strikes, slamming Logan right in the face.

The situation escalates quickly. Logan, in a fit of rage, knocks out an official who’s trying to calm things down. Rey grabs a microphone and hits Logan in the face with it. Chaos breaks out as the weigh-in descends into a brawl. Everyone rushes in to separate them, but the tension is high and the air is thick with anticipation for what’s to come in their match. The crowd is buzzing, officials are scrambling, and the scene cuts off as they try to restore order.

The match starts and Bayley quickly throws punches at Bianca Belair. She tries to slam Bianca into a corner. Bayley charges for a spear, but Bianca dodges. Bianca then throws Bayley into the corner instead. Bianca delivers a snap suplex, follows with a vertical suplex, and tops it off with a moonsault. She tries to pin Bayley, but Bayley kicks out.

Bianca grabs Bayley, but Bayley gets free and rolls outside the ring. Bianca chases her. Bayley goes back into the ring first. When Bianca tries to get back in, Bayley attempts an elbow strike but misses. Bianca enters the ring and body-slams Bayley. She tries to slam Bayley on the apron, but Bayley counters and hangs Bianca on the second rope, then knees Bianca, sending her outside.

After a commercial break, Bayley is seen hitting an elbow drop on Bianca outside the ring. She gets Bianca back into the ring and pins her, but Bianca survives. Bayley puts on a chin lock. Bianca fights back, grabs Bayley’s arm, and slams her to the mat. Bianca continues her attack with a backbreaker and shoulder tackle, followed by a dropkick.

Bianca punches Bayley in a corner, but Bayley slips under and drops Bianca face-first on the turnbuckle. Bayley tries to run the ropes, but Bianca catches her and slams her on the mat. Bianca tries to pin again, but Bayley refuses to stay down. Bianca then puts Bayley on the top rope, hits a superplex, and tries to pin her once more, but still, Bayley kicks out.

Bianca attempts a standing moonsault, but Bayley moves away. Bayley uses Bianca’s ponytail to pull her outside. Then, Bayley rams Bianca shoulder-first into the ring post and throws her back into the ring. Climbing the top rope, Bayley lands an elbow drop and tries to pin, but Bianca is not done yet.

Bayley clears the announce table outside, intending to powerbomb Bianca, but Bianca escapes. Bianca gets Bayley on the apron, and Bayley charges at her. Bianca moves, and Bayley crashes into the ring post face-first. Bianca gets Bayley back into the ring and attempts the KOD. Bayley lands on her feet and tries to roll Bianca up, but Bianca kicks out. Bayley runs the ropes, but Bianca strikes with her ponytail and successfully hits the KOD. Bianca covers Bayley, and this time, it’s enough for the win.

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