WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 10 November 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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WWE SmackDown on November 10, 2023, was a night filled with high-octane action and surprising turns, starting off with Kevin Owens joining the commentary team. The energy in the arena was palpable as the LWO’s music hit and Rey Mysterio, a key figure in the night’s drama, addressed the crowd. Rey, still feeling the sting of his loss to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, openly accused Paul of cheating, using brass knuckles to snatch away his United States Championship. The tension escalated when Carlito interrupted, shifting the blame to Santos Escobar for leaving the weapon that cost Rey the title.

The altercation between Carlito and Santos heated up, but it was quickly overshadowed by Bobby Lashley’s entrance, accompanied by the Street Profits, for his match against Carlito. The match was a showcase of sheer power and agility, with Lashley dominating early on with a series of punishing moves including a shoulder tackle and spears. However, Carlito wasn’t one to be easily subdued, as he fought back with a cross body and a clothesline, momentarily shifting the momentum in his favor.

The battle spilled outside the ring, adding an extra layer of intensity. Lashley’s brute strength was on full display as he hurled Carlito into the barricade and ring post. Yet, Carlito’s resilience shone through, executing a shoulder tackle off the top rope and a splash onto Lashley outside the ring. The chaos escalated when the LWO and Street Profits clashed at ringside, drawing in more attention and adding to the frenzied atmosphere.

In a crucial moment, Santos Escobar appeared, seemingly to bring some order, but his presence only added to the confusion. This distraction proved costly for Carlito, as Lashley seized the opportunity to deliver a devastating spear, clinching the victory with a decisive pin.

The night’s events were a rollercoaster of emotions and physical prowess, illustrating the intense rivalries and alliances that define WWE SmackDown. From the bitter feud between Rey Mysterio and Logan Paul to the explosive match between Bobby Lashley and Carlito, the show was a testament to the athletes’ dedication and the drama that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. As the WWE Universe looks ahead, one thing is certain: the fallout from this night’s confrontations will have significant implications for the future storylines and matchups in the world of WWE.

The aftermath of the WWE SmackDown match between Bobby Lashley and Carlito took a dramatic turn when the Street Profits attacked Carlito outside the ring. Amidst the chaos, Santos Escobar stood by, watching from the ring apron, but refrained from intervening. The situation escalated when Rey Mysterio’s music blared through the arena, and he rushed to Carlito’s aid, causing the Street Profits to retreat. Rey confronted Escobar, pushing him and emphasizing the importance of their unity as a family.

However, the confrontation took a shocking twist when Escobar attacked Rey from behind. Rey, undeterred, retaliated with a series of slaps, knocking Escobar onto the ring apron. In a moment of apparent remorse, Rey checked on Escobar, only to be brutally pushed into the ring post, falling onto the ring steps. Trapped, Rey’s leg was stuck between the steps and the apron, leaving him vulnerable to Escobar’s ruthless dropkick, which further injured his leg.

In the aftermath, Santos, with mixed emotions, professed his love to Rey while Zelina Vega intervened to break up the altercation. Santos, carrying his suitcase, was confronted by Cathy Kelley, who questioned his motives for the attack. Santos, visibly agitated, declared that Rey had it coming before storming off, leaving the arena in a huff.

The show then shifted to highlights from the Women’s Championship match at Crown Jewel, where IYO SKY triumphed over Bianca Belair, with the surprise return of Kairi Sane adding to the spectacle. This led to Bayley making her way to the ring, reflecting on the journey of Damage CTRL, from tag team champions to dominating the women’s division. She voiced her confusion and frustration over Kairi Sane’s unexpected return at Crown Jewel, disrupting what should have been a celebratory moment for Damage CTRL.

As IYO and the rest of Damage CTRL joined Bayley in the ring, a tense discussion ensued. Bayley questioned IYO about Kairi’s presence, to which IYO responded with confidence, declaring it her era. A flashback to July 2020 showed Bayley’s previous attack on Kairi Sane, highlighting the tension in the ring. Dakota Kai intervened, assuring Bayley that Kairi’s return was meant to strengthen, not undermine, Damage CTRL.

Kairi Sane, addressing Bayley, expressed her respect and forgiveness, leading to an unexpected group hug, despite Bayley’s initial reluctance. This moment of reconciliation was interrupted by Bianca Belair, who challenged Damage CTRL, still holding a grudge for their past actions. Bayley’s dismissive response was cut short by the arrival of Charlotte Flair, who stood in solidarity with Bianca.

The atmosphere intensified as Asuka made her entrance, speaking in Japanese and declaring that no one was ready for her. As her music filled the arena, it was clear that new alliances and rivalries were forming, setting the stage for future confrontations and reshaping the dynamics within the WWE women’s division. The episode was a vivid illustration of the ongoing power struggles, betrayals, and alliances that make WWE SmackDown an unpredictable and thrilling spectacle for wrestling fans around the world.

In a thrilling encounter on WWE SmackDown, Cedric Alexander faced off against Dragon Lee in a match that showcased the agility and fighting spirit of both competitors. From the moment the bell rang, the intensity in the ring was palpable. Alexander initiated the action with a solid right hand and a swift dropkick, but his early attempt at a cover was thwarted by Dragon Lee’s resilience.

The match quickly escalated when Dragon Lee countered Alexander’s offensive, delivering a stunning kick to the face from the ring apron. Capitalizing on this momentum, Dragon Lee executed a flawless hurricanrana, sending Alexander tumbling outside the ring. Not missing a beat, Dragon Lee followed up with a breathtaking senton over the top rope, a move that drew cheers from the captivated audience.

Back in the ring, Dragon Lee continued to dominate, hitting Alexander with a powerful sitdown powerbomb. Despite this, Alexander’s determination shone through as he kicked out of the pin, much to the fans’ delight. The crowd’s enthusiasm reached new heights, chanting “This is awesome” in appreciation of the high-calibre wrestling on display.

The match saw a series of high-octane exchanges between the two wrestlers. Alexander’s agility was evident as he narrowly avoided Dragon Lee’s attack, countering with a series of striking moves. However, Dragon Lee was not to be outdone, showcasing his own impressive skill set with a release German suplex and a spinning reverse neck breaker.

In a dramatic climax, the match saw several near falls. Cedric Alexander attempted his signature Lumbar Check, but Dragon Lee skillfully reversed it, maintaining the suspense. The battle of endurance and technique continued until Dragon Lee emerged victorious, marking a significant win in his wrestling career.

The match between Cedric Alexander and Dragon Lee was a testament to the competitive spirit and athletic prowess of WWE superstars. It left the fans exhilarated and looking forward to more such high-energy matches in the future, highlighting the unpredictability and excitement inherent in WWE SmackDown.

LA Knight’s entrance to the WWE SmackDown arena was met with an overwhelming cheer from the crowd, signaling his popularity among the fans. He addressed the audience about his recent performance at Crown Jewel, admitting that things didn’t go as planned. Despite falling short of capturing the WWE Championship from Roman Reigns, LA Knight remained unapologetic, asserting that he had lived up to his promises and nearly clinched the title. The crowd’s reaction was mixed, with chants of support and disappointment echoing through the arena.

Knight passionately declared that he was robbed of victory due to the interference of Jimmy Uso, which elicited boos from the audience. He boldly claimed that without Uso’s involvement, he would have been the new WWE Champion. This statement showcased Knight’s confidence and determination, refusing to see this setback as the end of his journey towards the championship.

As LA Knight continued, he emphasized that his feud with the Bloodline was far from over. He vowed to not only confront Roman Reigns again but to ultimately own the WWE Championship, highlighting his unyielding ambition.

The atmosphere shifted when Grayson Waller’s music hit, and he made his way to the ring. Waller confronted LA Knight, accusing him of shifting blame and failing to acknowledge his shortcomings. Waller questioned Knight’s capability to compete at the level of Roman Reigns, triggering a heated exchange between the two wrestlers.

LA Knight, known for his sharp tongue, retorted with a series of cutting remarks aimed at Waller, mocking his recent defeat and questioning his credibility as a competitor. The tension between them escalated, with Knight belittling Waller’s appearance and experience. The crowd played a significant role in this exchange, their chants and reactions fueling the rivalry between the two wrestlers.

The verbal confrontation reached its peak when LA Knight, driven by anger and frustration, struck Waller with a microphone, sending him tumbling out of the ring. This act of aggression was a clear statement of Knight’s intensity and readiness to confront any challenge in his path.

This segment on WWE SmackDown showcased LA Knight’s charismatic presence and his ability to engage the audience, whether through his bold declarations or his confrontations with other wrestlers. It also set the stage for a brewing conflict with Grayson Waller, hinting at future encounters that promise to be just as intense and captivating for WWE fans.

In an exhilarating match on WWE SmackDown, LA Knight faced off against Grayson Waller, delivering a spectacle of strength and strategy. As soon as the bell rang, the intensity in the ring was palpable. LA Knight wasted no time, launching into the match with a powerful clothesline and a suplex. He attempted a pin, but Waller showed resilience by kicking out, keeping the match alive.

The action quickly spilled outside the ring, with both competitors engaging in a fierce exchange. LA Knight demonstrated his dominance by landing a solid right hand and then slamming Waller’s face into the ring apron. Despite being thrown back into the ring and facing another pin attempt, Waller remained defiant, kicking out once again.

LA Knight continued to press his advantage with a swinging neckbreaker, but Waller’s determination was evident as he survived another pin attempt. The match saw a back-and-forth struggle, with Waller managing to deliver a significant right hand, momentarily shifting the momentum in his favor.

Waller’s agility came into play as he cleverly tripped LA Knight, causing him to face-plant into the announce table. He then escalated the attack by hurling Knight into the ring steps and landing a clothesline. The brutality of the match was evident as Waller threw Knight shoulder-first into the ring post, but even this didn’t secure him the victory as Knight kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt.

In the ring, Waller tried to maintain control with a half crab and an elbow drop from the second rope, but Knight’s resilience was on full display as he continued to kick out. The tide of the match turned when Waller missed an elbow drop, allowing Knight to seize the opportunity. Knight showcased his skill with a series of moves, including a back suplex, a Russian leg sweep, and a DDT. Each attempt at a pin was met with resistance from Waller, but Knight kept up the pressure.

The climax of the match came when LA Knight executed a perfectly timed body slam followed by a jumping elbow. He then hit Waller with his signature move, the BFT, finally securing the victory with a decisive pin.

This match between LA Knight and Grayson Waller was a testament to their endurance, skill, and sheer will to win. It captivated the WWE audience, showcasing the high level of competition and entertainment that WWE SmackDown is known for.

The drama on WWE SmackDown escalated quickly when Austin Theory and Grayson Waller made their entrance, targeting commentator Kevin Owens. In an unprovoked act, Theory pushed Owens, causing a stir at the commentary desk. Michael Cole, concerned about potential repercussions, urged Owens to keep his composure and avoid suspension. However, the situation intensified as Waller callously poured water over Owens and tossed the empty bottle at Kevin Patrick, further provoking Owens. Despite Cole’s warnings, Owens reached his limit, declaring that he couldn’t tolerate such disrespect, especially towards his colleague. He left the commentary desk and launched a surprise attack on Theory and Waller.

In the ring, Owens attempted his signature Stunner on Theory, but Theory narrowly escaped to the outside. Waller, less fortunate, received a Stunner from Owens, much to the crowd’s delight. This incident underscored Owens’ volatile nature and his readiness to defend his respect, regardless of the consequences.

Backstage, Jimmy Uso cut a promo, accepting LA Knight’s challenge for a match the following week. However, his confidence seemed to waver as he received a phone call from Roman Reigns, leaving him visibly nervous and uncertain as he faced the camera.

The show then shifted to a high-stakes tag team match featuring Bayley, Kairi Sane, and IYO SKY with Dakota Kai against Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka. The match started with Bianca showcasing her athleticism with a dropkick and body slam on Bayley. Despite Bayley’s resilience, Bianca maintained the upper hand, executing a spectacular standing moonsault and nearly securing a pin.

The action spilled outside the ring, where Bianca continued to dominate, executing a vertical suplex on Sane. However, the tables turned when IYO and Sane double-teamed Bianca, exploiting a momentary distraction of the referee by Bayley. Sane’s flying punch and subsequent cover were not enough to put Bianca down, as she kicked out, keeping her team in the game.

As the match progressed, Bayley tagged in, maintaining the pressure on Bianca. A brief moment of hope for Bianca emerged as she fought back, throwing Bayley onto the ring apron and landing a right hand. However, Sane’s interference prevented Bianca from tagging in Flair, shifting the momentum once again.

In a shocking twist, Asuka betrayed Bianca, attacking her with the blue mist and a kick to the head. This unexpected turn of events led to a reunion in the ring, with Asuka embracing Sane and IYO, followed by Bayley joining in, signaling a new alliance.

Charlotte Flair’s attempt to intervene was met with a brutal attack by the newly formed faction, prompting the referee to call for the bell, resulting in a no-contest decision.

The chaos continued after the match, with Damage CTRL and Asuka assaulting Flair. Shotzi, attempting to aid Flair, was quickly overwhelmed by Damage CTRL. Bianca, despite her efforts to fight back, also fell victim to the group’s onslaught.

This segment of WWE SmackDown was a whirlwind of alliances, betrayals, and intense in-ring action, leaving the audience both stunned and eager for the next chapter in these evolving rivalries. The episode highlighted the ever-changing dynamics of WWE, where alliances are fragile, and the quest for supremacy is relentless.

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