WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 20 October 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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Live from the WWE Smackdown arena on 20 October 2023, Paul Heyman had all eyes on him as he took center stage. He acknowledged the vast expectations on him, highlighting the drama from the previous week. Jimmy Uso, inspired by the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, had cost both Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes their chance at the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Heyman quickly shifted the crowd’s attention to an upcoming clash at Crown Jewel, where Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight. Even as Heyman acknowledged the widespread fandom for LA Knight, the fans began their “Yeah” chant. But Heyman, ever the consummate speaker, quickly silenced them. Making his stance clear, he projected that Roman Reigns would decimate LA Knight.

However, LA Knight had other ideas. His entrance music played, causing a roar from the crowd. Clearly not in the mood for Heyman’s rhetoric, LA Knight expressed his desire to confront Roman directly. After a tense exchange with Heyman, where LA Knight emphasized his resilience and intent to claim the WWE title, he left the ring with the crowd chanting his name.

Behind the scenes, WWE Smackdown gave viewers a glimpse of Bobby Lashley and Angelo Dawkins motivating Montez Ford for his impending match. This led to a much-anticipated battle as the commercial break concluded.

Montez Ford took on Santos Escobar, backed by LWO, while Angelo Dawkins stayed by Ford’s side. The match saw high energy from the get-go with Ford initially dominating. However, as the match progressed, Escobar showcased his prowess with an impressive array of moves. The clash was evenly poised, with both wrestlers having their moments in the spotlight. A notable moment saw Ford executing a modified bulldog from the second rope.

Escobar wasn’t down and out, though. He replied with a stunning hurricanrana from the top rope. But as the match reached its climax, Angelo Dawkins made his presence felt, resulting in chaos outside the ring. Dawkins’ interference ultimately allowed Ford to capitalize, rolling up Escobar for the win.

Post-match, The Street Profits, consisting of Ford and Dawkins, took their aggression out on Escobar. This prompted a surprise appearance from Carlito, who, wielding a chair, managed to rescue Escobar. Backstage, gratitude was in the air as Rey Mysterio thanked Carlito for his timely intervention, also hinting at a future conversation with Logan Paul.

Next, we see the replay of Pretty Deadly’s victory over the Brawling Brutes. While the duo celebrated their win luxuriously at a spa, they faced a surprise attack by the Brawling Brutes, turning the serene setting into a scene of chaos.

Back in the WWE arena, the atmosphere was electric. Paul Heyman occupied his office with Solo when Jimmy Uso made an entry. During their conversation, the spotlight shifted to the TV screen revealing the arrival of the legendary John Cena.

No sooner than Cena’s theme played, the arena was filled with loud cheers. Recognized as the greatest of all time, Cena addressed the roaring crowd, sharing some personal revelations. It’s been a staggering 2002 days since Cena’s last televised singles match victory, way back in 2018. Amidst talks of retirement and chants of “You still got it,” Cena confidently proclaimed his faith in himself and the fans. Warning anyone who dared challenge him, he was soon confronted by Solo. A showdown seemed imminent. However, it turned chaotic with Jimmy Uso’s intervention, followed by a surprising rescue act by Jey Uso, disguised in a black hoodie.

Amidst the chaos, Cena demonstrated his wrestling prowess, ending the segment by delivering his iconic AA move to Solo and celebrating amidst overwhelming cheers.

Meanwhile, the audience was treated to clips from Logan Paul’s recent boxing win against Danis. The excitement didn’t wane as Logan made his entrance in a black SUV, followed by his theatrical entry into the arena. The crowd’s reaction was mixed as Logan recounted his journey since his first WWE match, where he defeated the legendary Rey Mysterio. Highlighting his personal and professional achievements, Logan made his intentions clear – he was eyeing Rey’s US Championship.

The tension peaked as Rey Mysterio, the masked marvel, walked into the ring. Rey, holding his US Championship, drew a comparison between Logan and his son, Dominik. Pointing out Logan’s potential and arrogance, Rey laid down the challenge: Logan Paul vs. Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at Crown Jewel. The segment concluded with a handshake between the two, promising an epic showdown.

The episode also provided glimpses of other engaging segments. A video package showcased the partnership of Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, known as The Unholy Union. In another turn of events, Nick Aldis had a heated exchange with Adam Pearce and Jey Uso backstage. Aldis decided to fine Jey $10,000, but Pearce’s intervention led to Aldis ordering security to escort both out. Pearce’s parting words hinted at further drama.

For the next match, we have dynamic duos of Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, squaring off against Cameron Grimes and Dragon Lee.

As the bell signaled the start of the match, it was Theory and Dragon Lee who faced off in the ring. Theory showcased his strength early on with a sharp shoulder tackle. But Dragon Lee was not to be outdone, demonstrating his agility with a swift hurricanrana. The momentum shifted when Grayson Waller was tagged in, only to be greeted with a kick to the face from Dragon Lee. Cameron Grimes then entered the fray, teaming up with Dragon Lee to deal a double blow to Grayson, sending him tumbling outside the ring. An intended kick from Grimes to Waller misfired, with Austin Theory being the unfortunate recipient instead.

Cameron Grimes pulls off a cross-body on Theory. Grayson Waller attempted to intervene but was quickly dealt with by Grimes. The latter then unleashed a barrage of moves, including a kick and a German suplex on Theory. Waller wasn’t spared either, with Dragon Lee delivering a super kick and Grimes following up with a clothesline that sent Waller out of the ring. Dragon Lee, seizing the opportunity, executed a perfect senton over the top rope onto Waller. Back in the ring, Grimes tried pinning Theory after a cross body but was unsuccessful.

The tables turned when Theory resorted to a sneaky eye rake on Grimes, blinding him momentarily. With Dragon Lee neutralized by Waller outside the ring, Waller and Theory teamed up to subdue Grimes. Theory’s A-Town Down move sealed the deal, earning the pinfall victory for himself and Waller.

The night also featured an insightful pre-recorded interview with the charismatic Kevin Owens. Speaking to Cathy Kelley, Owens opened up about his sentiments on being separated from his longtime friend and partner, Zayn. The two share a rich history, having traveled the world together with dreams of headlining WrestleMania. However, Owens expressed his excitement about his new journey on SmackDown.

When probed about potential matchups, Owens revealed he expects to clash with the Bloodline soon. But he also expressed eagerness to face off against superstars like Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and the Brawling Brutes, whom he hasn’t had a singles match with yet. A light-hearted moment ensued when Owens remarked on Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, jesting that they have “faces you want to punch.” Kelley humorously turned the tables on Owens, suggesting that some might say the same about him, wrapping up the interview on a cheerful note.

In an electrifying match for the WWE Women’s Championship on SmackDown, defending champion IYO SKY, accompanied by Damage CTRL, took on the challenge from the seasoned Charlotte Flair.

As the contest commenced, Flair swiftly tried to gain the upper hand by tripping IYO and aiming for her signature figure four. Quick on her feet, IYO evaded the move, rolling out of the ring. However, after the commercial break, the momentum shifted in Flair’s favor as she unleashed a stinging chop to IYO’s chest. But as the referee was momentarily distracted, Bayley, taking full advantage, interfered by grabbing Flair’s leg. This provided IYO with the perfect opportunity to land a strong kick, forcing Flair to the ring’s outskirts. Wasting no time, IYO executed a daring suicide dive, taking Flair down. But the resilient Flair quickly found her footing, rolling back into the ring, only to be greeted by a top-rope dropkick from IYO. She attempted a pin, but Flair kicked out just in time.

Flair, not one to be dominated for long, managed to land a solid back drop on IYO, following it up with a knee to the face. Yet, when she attempted a splash, IYO sidestepped, causing Flair to crash into the turnbuckle. IYO tried to capitalize by pushing Flair out of the ring and then attempting a high-risk move. But Flair, displaying her veteran instincts, caught IYO mid-move and slammed her onto the ring apron.

After another break, the fierce competition continued with IYO delivering a powerful sit-down powerbomb from the second rope. Even though she tried pinning Flair, the latter managed to kick out. Despite IYO’s relentless attempts to submit Flair, the latter turned the tables with a modified German suplex. Both competitors exchanged a series of moves, with neither giving an inch. Flair’s experience showed when she caught IYO mid-air, slamming her from the second rope. However, IYO’s resilience shone through, kicking out of Flair’s pin attempt.

In the closing moments of the match, IYO, trying to seize an opportunity, aimed for a top rope move. But Flair was prepared, countering with a Boston crab. IYO managed to turn the move into a pin, but Flair kicked out again. Following a sequence of back-and-forth moves, Flair aimed to capitalize on a weakened IYO. But interference from Bayley, who placed IYO’s foot on the ropes during a pin, thwarted her attempt. An enraged Flair dealt with Bayley, tossing her over the announce table.

But in a surprising twist, as Flair aimed for a finishing move on IYO, the champion cleverly used the Women’s Championship title to block, causing Flair to collide with it. Quickly disposing of the evidence, IYO secured a pin on the dazed Flair, retaining her title.

The night was far from over as Damage CTRL ambushed Flair post-match. Coming to Flair’s rescue was none other than Bianca Belair, who ran to the ring, tackling IYO and Bayley. Although she aimed to finish IYO with her KOD move, Bayley’s interference saved IYO. But Bayley wasn’t as fortunate, as she found herself on the receiving end of Bianca’s KOD. As SmackDown concluded, Belair was seen aiding Flair, highlighting the spirit of sportsmanship.

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