WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 27 October 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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As WWE SmackDown kicked off tonight, the anticipation in the arena was palpable. The Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, made his way to the ring with his advocate, Paul Heyman, ready to set the stage for an intense evening. However, things took a sudden turn when LA Knight’s music hit, and he confidently walked past Roman, igniting the crowd’s energy.

SmackDown General Manager, Nick Aldis, was already in the ring, with a contract and a set of chairs and a table ready for the awaited signing. The arena filled with chants for LA Knight as he took his seat, unbothered by the presence of Roman and Heyman.

Heyman, showing his disdain, asked LA Knight to stand up, attempting to assert some control. But LA Knight, unfazed, told Roman to “sign the deal and sign the title away,” as he proceeded to sign the contract himself.

With the crowd chanting his name, LA Knight addressed Roman, telling him it was his time to shine, and this contract marked the beginning of his era. He expressed his confidence, stating that despite this being his first WWE Championship match and contract signing, he was ready to take the title.

Roman, trying to intimidate LA Knight, called him an idiot and questioned his experience. He reminded LA Knight of his own dominance as the Tribal Chief and proceeded to sign the contract after a slight pen malfunction, which Heyman quickly resolved. The crowd, picking up on Roman’s hesitation, began chanting “Roman’s scared,” adding fuel to the fiery encounter.

With the contract signed, Aldis quickly exited the ring, leaving Roman and LA Knight to settle their differences. LA Knight, seizing the moment, told Roman to acknowledge him as the head of the table and the future WWE Champion. He emphasized that he had worked hard for this opportunity and was ready to dethrone Roman.

Not taking kindly to LA Knight’s words, Roman flipped the table and attacked him, resulting in a chaotic brawl. The crowd roared as LA Knight fought back, showcasing his resilience. Things escalated further when Jimmy Uso ran down to aid Roman, only to be thrown through a table by LA Knight, who stood tall as his music hit, ending the segment on a high note.

The excitement in the arena was tangible as the first match of the night kicked off on WWE SmackDown. It was a tag team clash featuring Santos Escobar and Carlito against the Street Profits, with Bobby Lashley in their corner, ensuring an extra layer of intensity to the matchup.

The bell rang, and without hesitation, Dawkins and Santos were at it, locking horns in the middle of the ring. Dawkins initially took control with a strong head lock, but Santos was quick to respond, landing a crisp drop kick after being thrown to the ropes. Dawkins quickly kicked out of a pin attempt, signaling that this match was far from over.

Carlito was tagged in, and the duo of Escobar and Carlito displayed their chemistry with some excellent double team moves on Dawkins. However, the momentum shifted when Lashley’s distraction allowed Dawkins to land a hit from behind. Dawkins attempted to capitalize, but Carlito’s agility shone through as he ducked a right hand and launched Dawkins to the outside, followed swiftly by Ford.

With the Street Profits reeling on the outside, Carlito took a moment to strategize, eventually deciding to take matters into his own hands. Climbing to the top rope, he flew over the top rope, taking out both members of the Street Profits in a stunning display of athleticism.

The match returned from commercial with Ford attempting to shift the momentum, landing a splash and a kick to the face of Santos. Despite Rey Mysterio watching from backstage, Ford kept his focus, locking in a modified camel clutch. Santos, however, was not ready to give in and fought out of the hold, only to be met with a kick to the head from Ford.

Dawkins tagged back in, and the Street Profits utilized their teamwork to double-team Santos, but a knee to the face from Santos turned the tide, leaving both men down. Carlito and Ford were back in, and Carlito was on fire, knocking down Dawkins and hitting Ford with a series of impressive moves, including a sitdown powerbomb.

Just when it seemed Carlito had the match in hand, chaos erupted backstage. Rey Mysterio was attacked by Logan Paul, catching the attention of everyone, including Carlito and Santos. With his partner distracted, Santos urged Carlito to check on Rey, leaving him alone in the ring.

Ford tagged in Dawkins, and Santos was hit with the Revelation. Dawkins covered him for the pin, and just like that, the Street Profits secured a hard-fought victory.

Backstage at WWE SmackDown, the atmosphere was intense as Roman Reigns took a moment to sit down and regroup. Paul Heyman, ever the strategist, presented Roman with a WWE Championship belt adorned with the Green Bay Packers logo. Confused, Roman questioned Heyman about the odd choice of decoration. Heyman explained with a smirk that this was the closest LA Knight and the Green Bay Packers would ever get to a title, drawing a chuckle from the Universal Champion.

Suddenly, the mood shifted as Jimmy Uso burst into the room, his energy high as he jumped onto the couch. Roman, however, was not in the mood for games and questioned Jimmy’s antics. Jimmy tried to justify his actions, saying he was just following the plan, but Roman quickly cut him off. He sternly told Jimmy that he had executed the wrong play and that their focus needed to be on taking out LA Knight tonight. He instructed Heyman to get in touch with Nick Aldis to sort things out.

Elsewhere backstage, Logan Paul was making his presence felt. Stopped by Cathey Kelly for an interview, he was questioned about his unexpected attack on Rey Mysterio earlier. Unapologetic, Logan boasted about his actions, comparing his fist to Rey’s head and implying that he was simply too strong for someone of Rey’s stature. He walked off, leaving Cathey and the viewers at home to ponder his words.

His path crossed with Kevin Owens, who was proudly wearing a Rey Mysterio shirt. A brief and tense exchange between Logan and Owens was quickly interrupted by Theory and Waller, leading to a heated argument. WWE officials were quick to intervene, but Owens, never one to back down, landed a punch on both Theory and Waller before being restrained, leaving a lasting impression.

Meanwhile, Kayla Braxton caught up with Dragon Lee for a quick interview. He expressed his excitement about being a part of SmackDown and was quickly interrupted by Cedric Alexander. Cedric compared himself to Dragon Lee and challenged him to a match, shaking hands to solidify their upcoming showdown as the scene transitioned back to the ring.

The next event of the night was ready to kick off with Shotzi facing off against Chelsea Green, who had Piper Niven by her side. The crowd was buzzing with excitement as the bell rang, signalling the start of the match. Chelsea wasted no time, hitting Shotzi with a powerful dropkick and then slamming her face-first into the turnbuckle. But Shotzi was quick to respond, landing a kick to Chelsea’s head as she charged towards her. The action spilled outside the ring where Shotzi hit a cannonball off the apron, leaving the crowd in awe. She then threw Chelsea back into the ring, eager to seize the advantage.

Back in the ring, both women showed their agility, springing onto the second rope. Chelsea executed a flawless Russian leg sweep from this precarious position and followed up with a dropkick. She went for the cover, but Shotzi was not done yet and kicked out. Chelsea attempted to keep the pressure on, climbing onto the apron, but Shotzi hit her with a kick to the head, taking control of the match. Shotzi then positioned Chelsea on the second rope, but Chelsea fought back, headbutting Shotzi and slamming her face-first into the mat. Climbing to the top rope, Chelsea delivered another dropkick, aiming to put Shotzi away. She went for the cover, but in a surprising turn of events, Shotzi countered into a crucifix cover, securing the pin and the victory.

The atmosphere in the arena shifted dramatically as John Cena’s music hit. The fans erupted into cheers, chanting Cena’s name as he addressed the crowd. With Crown Jewel just a week away, Cena acknowledged the special energy in the arena but also shared that he felt a serious undertone to the night. He opened up about his career, highlighting the serious moment 20 years ago when WWE considered letting him go. He spoke of how he turned his fortunes around, earning the fans’ support and respect over two decades.

However, Cena admitted that for the first time in 20 years, he felt like he was in jeopardy of losing that support and respect. The fans rallied behind him, standing and cheering, but Cena was contemplative, wondering aloud if he still “had it” and acknowledging the pressure to deliver in the ring. He stressed the importance of winning at Crown Jewel, not just for his career, but for maintaining the support of the WWE Universe.

Just as Cena was delving deeper into his thoughts, Paul Heyman made his way to the ring. Introducing himself with his usual flair, Heyman extended respect to Cena, even thanking him for his 21 years of sold-out arenas. Heyman recounted the moment he chose Cena as his first-round draft pick from OVW, highlighting Cena’s unparalleled ability to communicate and connect with the audience.

However, Heyman also delivered a sobering message, reminding Cena of his SummerSlam defeat to Roman Reigns and declaring that while Cena might be the greatest communicator of all time, he was no longer the greatest in the ring. Heyman warned Cena that the Bloodline had ordered a hit on him, specifically targeting his ability to speak, which he deemed Cena’s greatest weapon.

As Heyman’s words hung in the air, Solo made a sudden and brutal attack on Cena, hitting him with the Spinning Solo and then a Samoan Spike, leaving Cena laid out in the ring. The camera then cut backstage to LA Knight, who was clearly not intimidated by the Bloodline’s show of force. Knight cut a fiery promo, reminding everyone of the recent attack he suffered at the hands of Roman and Jimmy, and issued a stern warning to Jimmy, telling him that he was about to show everyone whose game they were really playing.

The match between Dragon Lee and Cedric Alexander started with energy as the bell rang. Cedric took early control with a modified arm drag takedown, but Dragon Lee was quick to respond, bringing Cedric down onto the mat. As the action continued, Cedric managed to land an arm drag and a series of chops to Dragon Lee’s chest. The momentum shifted back and forth, with both men taking the fight to the ring apron. After a knee strike from Cedric, Dragon Lee retaliated with a knee to the face, but Cedric turned the tables, dropping Dragon Lee onto the apron.

Cedric was in control, hitting Dragon Lee with a Michinoku driver and going for a pin, but Dragon Lee was kicked out. Dragon Lee fought back, landing a kick to Cedric’s face and climbing to the top rope, only for Cedric to interrupt him with a right hand. Attempting to capitalize, Cedric climbed the ropes, but Dragon Lee turned the situation around, trapping Cedric in a tree of woe and hitting him with a double stomp. Despite this, Cedric managed to land on his feet after a lift from Dragon Lee, striking back with a back elbow and attempting a clothesline. Dragon Lee was quick to respond, countering with a powerbomb and following up with an inverted DDT, securing the pin and the victory.

After the match, a show of respect was displayed as Cedric shook Dragon Lee’s hand and raised it in victory, acknowledging his opponent’s skill and the hard-fought match.

The focus then shifted to last week’s Women’s Championship match and Bianca Belair’s return, with clips highlighting the intense action. Bianca made her way to the ring, expressing her excitement to be back on SmackDown and her determination to settle scores with Damage CTRL. She spoke of the attack two months ago that left her sidelined, describing how it haunted her during her recovery. Bianca explained that vengeance became her driving force, fueling her workouts and her return strategy. She announced her intentions to reclaim the WWE Women’s Championship from IYO SKY at Crown Jewel and to face Bayley next week, declaring her plan to dismantle Damage CTRL.

As Bianca left the ring, determined and focused, the camera cut backstage to Damage CTRL, who was visibly worried, realizing the storm that was headed their way. Bianca’s comeback was clearly not going to be easy for them.

The bell rang, marking the start of the match between LA Knight and Jimmy Uso. Jimmy tried to strike first with a right hand, but LA Knight quickly gained the upper hand, delivering a series of right hands and a back elbow. He followed up with a snap suplex and went for a cover, but Jimmy was able to kick out. Not letting up, LA Knight applied an arm bar, but Jimmy fought back with a headbutt and a chop to the chest. He then attempted to throw LA Knight against the ropes, but LA Knight countered with a clothesline, followed by a drop kick and a backbreaker.

However, Jimmy was not down for long. He managed to throw LA Knight onto the ring apron, then joined him there to execute a suplex.

Jimmy landing an uppercut in the middle of the ring. He then ran towards LA Knight, but LA Knight responded with a clothesline. Despite taking a series of right hands from LA Knight, Jimmy was able to hit back with a kick and throw LA Knight shoulder first into the ring post. He followed up with a chop to the chest, but when he tried for a body slam, LA Knight landed on his feet and hit Jimmy with an inverted DDT.

Not wasting any time, LA Knight unleashed a flurry of right hands and executed a Russian leg sweep, followed by a DDT. He went for the cover, but Jimmy managed to kick out. Jimmy then rolled out of the ring, prompting LA Knight to follow. LA Knight slammed Jimmy’s face into the announce table before rolling him back into the ring. Seizing the opportunity, LA Knight climbed to the top rope, but as he jumped off, Jimmy moved out of the way. LA Knight was quick on his feet, though, and avoided injury, but Jimmy capitalized with a Samoan drop and went for the cover, only for LA Knight to kick out.

Jimmy then climbed to the top rope, but LA Knight got to his feet and climbed up after him. After exchanging right hands, LA Knight was pushed down by Jimmy, who then hit him with the Uso Splash. He went for the cover, but LA Knight kicked out once again. Jimmy climbed the top rope again, but this time, LA Knight ran up and delivered a superplex. With Jimmy down, LA Knight hit the BFT and covered him for the pin.

As LA Knight celebrated his victory on the top rope, Roman Reigns appeared, entering the ring with the intention of hitting LA Knight with a spear. However, LA Knight was quick to react, moving out of the way and countering with the BFT, leaving Roman Reigns down and out as SmackDown went off the air.

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