WWE Welcomes Back Two Stars, AEW Signs Former Knockouts Champion In Pro Wrestling Free Agency (January 2024)”

5 months ago By Jhon Woug

Following the thrilling conclusion of the Royal Rumble, fans were delighted to witness a nostalgic moment as two former champions made their way back into the ring. Andrade, known for his charisma and moniker El Idolo, returned from a break to WWE, which drew much anticipation surrounding how he would impact today’s wrestling scene with his raw talent.

Naomi’s return to WWE after a short stint in IMPACT Wrestling, where she won the Knockouts Championship, added an extra level of excitement. The Royal Rumble not only highlighted the winners but also gave familiar faces a chance to make their mark once again. Andrade and Naomi’s return is a significant gain for WWE, as it presents opportunities for new storylines and fresh energy.

Deonna Purrazzo Joins AEW’s Roster: An Impressive Power Move

As WWE welcomed back its past superstars, AEW shook things up by making a calculated acquisition. The Virtuosa, former Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, left IMPACT and joined Tony Khan’s AEW towards the end of 2023. This move brings an exciting element to the women’s division in AEW since Purrazzo wasted no time targeting ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm, who is currently reigning as the Women’s Champion there.

Purrazzo and Storm’s shared background in dojos, where they both honed their skills, brings a personal element to their upcoming feud. Nevertheless, there are concerns about the timing of this conflict since Storm has already been involved in several storylines for championship titles. The Virtuosa’s debut on AEW will undoubtedly be watched closely due to the varied successes of ex-TNA wrestlers such as Kiera Hogan, Allie, and Madison Rayne, who have previously joined the company.

Former WWE stars Nic Nemeth and Ash by Elegance are joining TNA’s revival.

After significant changes in the pro wrestling industry, TNA found a chance to revamp themselves by replacing their old name, Impact, and featuring new wrestlers with impressive backgrounds. A pair of familiar faces from WWE, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth) and Dana Brooke (Ash by Elegance), joined the roster at TNA. Their appearance during Hard to Kill brought a sense of familiarity for fans towards this modified promotion.

Without delaying, Nemeth immediately established himself by challenging the new TNA Champion, Moose, and participating in an authorised match. On the contrary, Ash’s persona of Elegance is still shrouded in mystery, as she only appears in brief video clips but has yet to perform within a wrestling ring. By incorporating seasoned wrestlers like them into their roster, TNA demonstrates that they are making proactive strides to enthral viewers and vie on a larger platform.

Departures of Kazuchika Okada and Tama Tonga from NJPW

Amidst the buzz surrounding novel partnerships and homecomings, New Japan Pro-Wrestling bid farewell to two of its enduring members. Kazuchika Okada, an NJPW cornerstone hailed as the Rainmaker, announced his departure from Japan. Considered a pivotal figure in wrestling lore, much like John Cena’s celebrated tenure with WWE, Okada has left an indelible mark on the sport across time and space. His reappearances in AEW and TNA garnered interest and attention; even Triple H expressed eagerness for securing his services going forward!

Tama Tonga, a prominent figure in NJPW, played a significant part in creating the Bullet Club. He remained dedicated to the roster for several years until his departure from NJPW recently. With him leaving, fans are now speculating about where he might end up next—AEW or WWE? Both of these influential personalities have yet to announce their future plans, and wrestling enthusiasts are excitedly anticipating what they will do next.

Quick Hits on Free Agency: Hammerstone, Kamille, Sami Callihan, and the Return of Matt Riddle

In addition to the eye-catching acquisitions, there were a few notable signings in free agency during January 2024. Alexander Hammerstone, former MLW World Champion, took part in a one-time match against Josh Alexander at TNA’s Hard to Kill event. Kamille garnered attention as an attractive prospect for both AEW and WWE after leaving her position with NWA. Sami Callihan and Matt Riddle made impactful comebacks to MLW, while rumours circulate that Callihan continues his tenure as a free agent despite participating in matches.

The ever-changing free agency market highlights the constantly evolving nature of professional wrestling as performers navigate various opportunities before discovering their ideal match.

The dynamic environment of wrestling

With the pro wrestling industry undergoing unpredictable changes due to free agency, January 2024 promises excitement. WWE’s happy reunion with Andrade and Naomi, AEW making strategic moves by signing Deonna Purrazzo, TNA bringing in former WWE stars, and NJPW bidding adieu to Okada and Tama Tonga all reveal a dynamic landscape for the sport.

The dynamic interplay of talent, new challenges, and fresh narratives in promotions keeps fans on the edge of their seats. With every move made during free agency, the landscape shifts to give both wrestling enthusiasts and sports lovers an exhilarating journey. The only constant in pro wrestling is its unpredictable nature, which guarantees a rollercoaster ride full of emotions and surprises for avid followers throughout the year.

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