3 Matches That Can Be Added In Tonight’s Episode Of AEW Collision – 28th October 2023

6 months ago By Jhon Woug

This week’s AEW Collision is full of excellent wrestling action, as it always is. There’s a noticeable sense of excitement for tonight’s broadcast, given the already great roster. It’s critical to take note of the most recent announcements made in the AEW universe as we examine the matches that may be added to this exciting tournament. With Abadon’s victory in the AEW Rampage title eliminator, the stage is now officially set for an exciting Women’s Championship showdown. Furthermore, the highly anticipated match between MJF and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship looks to be an incredible spectacle.

But as long-time followers of the sport know, the unpredictable nature of the business sometimes leads to surprises and last-minute changes to the schedule. Let’s examine three potential matchups that may be included in tonight’s AEW Collision programme.

The emergence of The House of Black and the reappearance of “Switchblade” Jay White have both occurred in recent weeks. Fans are excited to see more, as their arrival at AEW has shocked everyone. Fans who enjoy agility and acrobatics would be treated to a clash between AR Fox and Dante Martin, since AEW often produces high-octane, high-flying action.

Martin and Fox are renowned for their amazing agility and daring stunts. In addition to being a powerhouse on the indie scene, AR Fox just made his AEW debut and left the crowd in awe. Conversely, Dante Martin has emerged as a prominent figure in AEW, dazzling audiences with his incredible aerial abilities.

A contest between these two would surely be a display of aerial prowess. This fight has the potential to be the highlight of the event since both competitors are pushing the envelope of what’s feasible in the squared circle.

This bout may easily fit into the genre of dream matches that AEW is known for delivering. The fans have always loved Eddie Kingston because of his vicious offensive and aggressive fighting style. The legendary wrestler Minoru Suzuki is well-known around the world for both his powerful style and his passion for hurting his opponents.

It would be an exciting meeting to witness Kingston and Suzuki’s clash of styles. The arena would become a theatre of vicious attacks and attempts at submission, with neither fighter having a reputation for backing down from a fight.

Fans would be thrilled to see a battle of this magnitude added to AEW Collision, and it would also demonstrate AEW’s dedication to providing interesting and varied matches. Without a doubt, the Kingston and Suzuki accident would permanently alter the AEW terrain.

After AEW Rampage’s championship eliminator, Abadon won and was given the opportunity to defend her title against AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. Nevertheless, a developing family dispute may make Abadon’s route to the title even more difficult.

The stage has been set for a possible rivalry as Abadon defeated Anna Jay via pinfall in the elimination bout. Anna Jay, one of the Dark Order’s members, might not be happy about her loss. This plot may develop into a contentious familial rivalry between two gifted women, giving the women’s divide more nuance and emotional resonance.

The different yet intriguing personas of Abadon and Anna Jay might make a pairing that would heighten the tension in tonight’s AEW Collision program. It would be fascinating to see how the Dark Order’s internal strife plays out in the ring.

AJF vs. Kenny Omega and Abadon vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship are just two of the exciting matches that fans can eagerly anticipate seeing at AEW Collision. On the other hand, extra matches frequently surface on the night of the show since the professional wrestling industry is notorious for its unexpected developments.

The AEW Collision would only be more exciting and unpredictable if it included a familial conflict between Abadon and Anna Jay, an aerial exhibition between AR Fox and Dante Martin, or a hard-hitting bout between Eddie Kingston and Minoru Suzuki. Undoubtedly, AEW is going to elevate the standard for sports entertainment, so wrestling fans everywhere can expect an exciting evening of action.

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