3 Reasons Why AJ Styles vs CM Punk Will Be A Dream Match

5 months ago By Sports Desk

The anticipation of Royal Wumble 2024 is reaching high with the return of superstars to WWE. We already have noticed the return of Randy Orton in WWE Survivor Series 2023. Also, you must be familiar with the surprise return of CM Punk at the same event. It was a shocking moment which sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. However, the excitement does not stop here, we might see the return of AJ Styles soon to WWE in the coming weeks ahead of the WWE Royal Rumble 2024.

Styles’ absence since his brutal encounter with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso in September, which culminated in his departure in an ambulance, has left a void in WWE that only a superstar of his caliber can fill. His expected challenge to CM Punk upon his return is a scenario that fans are eagerly anticipating. If these two titans clash at WWE Royal Rumble 2024, it’s not just a match; it’s a dream encounter.

One reason this would be a dream match is the collision of two parallel paths. Although AJ Styles and CM Punk have briefly crossed paths in the early 2000s, the wrestling world has yet to witness a major promotion showdown between these two icons. Both have carved out legendary careers in WWE and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. A face-off between Styles and Punk would blend history with intense current rivalries. The storyline possibilities, particularly with The Club’s recent heel turn targeting Punk, could add an electrifying dynamic. This match would be a narrative-rich spectacle.

Additionally, the prospect of seeing CM Punk, a wrestler who has etched his name in WWE lore, step into the ring with AJ Styles, is nothing short of a wrestling fan’s dream. Punk’s journey, which saw him venture out to AEW, has only added to his mystique. His celebrated return to WWE promises must-see action against Styles, a consistent fan-favorite known for his high-flying, hard-hitting style. Their convergence at Royal Rumble 2024 would captivate as a clash of eras and styles.

Finally, the narrative of resilience and comeback makes this a potentially monumental match. AJ Styles returning after injury against Punk is a story of triumph over adversity. Both wrestlers have shown enduring appeal and ability to draw crowds, remaining at the pinnacle of wrestling for over twenty years. Their match would be more than a display of physical prowess – it would showcase their talent and be a testament to the human spirit. Between the high stakes, emotional draw, and world-class action, AJ Styles vs CM Punk defines what it means to be a dream match.

Ever since Punk left WWE in 2014 after a blazing 434-day reign as WWE Champion, fans wondered if they would ever see him compete in a WWE ring again. His sudden departure left many storylines unfinished, perhaps none bigger than a potential match with AJ Styles. By the time Styles signed with WWE in 2016, Punk was firmly entrenched in the world of MMA. But Styles became a cornerstone of WWE programming over the next six years. As current Raw Tag Team Champion, his résumé includes two WWE Championship reigns, a United States Championship run and several high-profile matches at WrestleMania.

Likewise, CM Punk entered wrestler lore when he captured the Ring of Honor World Championship in 2005 before moving onto WWE stardom. His famous “pipe bomb” promo in 2011 sparked tremendous interest in his controversial persona. His verbal skills on the mic and technical mastery in the ring made him one of WWE’s most popular performers. Though his MMA foray with UFC proved unsuccessful, his signing with thriving upstart AEW demonstrated Punk still had drawing power. His emotional return at the second AEW show in his hometown of Chicago amped anticipation for what he could achieve.

Rumblings of discord between Punk and AEW management marred his time there however. Finally, the wrestling world exploded with shock when he suddenly re-emerged in WWE after eight long years at Survivor Series 2023. Social media exploded over his confrontation with video screens teasing his old foe Kevin Owens. The wrestling community buzzed over dream matches with Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.

Yet many still returned to the missed opportunity between AJ Styles and CM Punk, two generational talents that never crossed paths in their prime. Those wondering what could have been may finally get their wish if these two icons square off at WrestleMania 41 next April.

The renewed possibility comes off Styles’ setback against The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso last September that hospitalized him via ambulance. As a veteran entering his late 40s, skepticism arose concerning Styles returning from injury to compete at the highest level. But true to his “Phenomenal” moniker, Styles appears poised for a triumphant Royal Rumble return to win the 30-man melee – and punch his ticket to WrestleMania.

Given CM Punk’s confrontational history with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, he figures to play a prominent role on the road to WrestleMania as well. What better showcase for his big return than a showdown with a fellow legend? Pitting Styles against CM Punk for a first-time-ever dream match could be the perfect complement to Roman Reigns headlining the spectacular for the WWE Universal Championship.

So why does this potential clash between AJ Styles and CM Punk loom as such a dream match? What aspects might cement is place in WrestleMania lore? Consider these three compelling reasons why:

A Contrast of Personalities and Wrestling Styles – Styles’ high-flying arsenal stands out among his quickness and precision honed over years in the ring. That clashes excitingly against Punk’s more grounded, brawling style melded with his vaunted submission prowess. Add in their varied personas with Styles as the consummate good guy against Punk’s anti-hero edge, and the chemistry oozes tremendous potential.

Historical Significance – This match carries far more weight than a standard first-time pairing because of each icon’s enormous success over 20+ years. Their shared credibility as former champions and headliners lends this showdown a level of hype and intrigue beyond the norm for today’s product. The historical significance can’t be understated when two showmen of this caliber meet for the first time on wrestling’s grandest stage.

Unfinished Business in Their Prime – Although both Styles and Punk have dazzled fans for decades, they amazingly never crossed paths while both actively competing at the peak of their powers. Their simultaneous return to WWE after career adventures elsewhere rekindles this dream match when both seem poised to showcase their very best abilities. Unfinished business finally gets settled.

After years of speculation, the wrestling world can finally receive an epic showdown between two generational talents who helped shape their industry over the past 20 years. Their battle of speed vs technique, high flying vs wrestling moves promises something for all fans. Add in the historical gravitas of two cornerstones of wrestling’s modern history, and AJ Styles vs CM Punk owns all the ingredients of a WrestleMania dream match for the ages. The only question remains – who emerges victorious when these two icons clash on wrestling’s grandest stage next April?

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