Kurt Angle Expresses Disappointment Over Match with Mick Foley

10 months ago By Sports Desk
Kurt Angle

Pittsburgh’s own wrestling giant, Kurt Angle, known for carrying WWE during its tumultuous times in the early 2000s, expressed his regret over not having the chance to wrestle with another titan of the industry, Mick Foley, in their prime. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017, Angle’s in-ring prowess is undeniable, with several of his matches still being cited as classics for their entertainment value and the technical acumen he displayed.

While Foley had retired by the time Angle had become a main event player, he continued to make sporadic appearances for the company. It was only when the paths of these two legendary wrestlers crossed in IMPACT Wrestling in 2009 that they got a chance to square off inside the ring.

Reflections from the Kurt Angle Show

Speaking on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist reflected on his rivalry with Foley and the match they had. To the disappointment of many fans, Angle admitted his dissatisfaction with how their face-off panned out.

“If I was 100% healthy, I could have made the match look a lot better,” Angle lamented. “I wish Mick and I could have wrestled in our prime. At this point in time, Mick was a little bit past his prime.”

Angle parted ways with Vince McMahon’s WWE in 2006 but returned for a retirement run after being inducted into the Hall of Fame 11 years later. Foley’s last in-ring appearance to date was the Royal Rumble match in 2012.

The clash between Angle and Foley, albeit not in their prime, was a significant event that sent ripples through the wrestling community. With both competitors well-respected for their storied careers, many fans hoped that they would finally see a clash of titans. However, both Angle and Foley were past their prime by the time they faced off, leading to a match that, in Angle’s words, could have been better.

A Missed Clash of Titans

It is a sentiment echoed by many wrestling enthusiasts who would have loved to see the collision between Angle’s technical mastery and Foley’s hard-hitting, no-nonsense style at the height of their respective careers. While the face-off in IMPACT Wrestling provided a taste of what could have been, it is a bitter-sweet reminder of a missed opportunity for a dream match-up.

The regret expressed by Angle underscores the fleeting nature of professional wrestling, where stars may rise and fall before dream match-ups can come to fruition. It is a stark reminder to fans and the industry alike to seize opportunities for iconic match-ups when the competitors are still in their prime, creating spectacles that would forever be etched in the annals of wrestling history.

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