Dominik Mysterio Could Win Another Big Title In WWE

8 months ago By Sports Desk

Dominik Mysterio, WWE’s rising star, could be on the path to winning more titles, according to a prediction by a seasoned expert. The veteran suggests Dominik might even capture the United States Championship from his father, Rey Mysterio.

A Remarkable Showdown

Dominik and Rey Mysterio, a father-son duo, engaged in an epic battle during Night One of WrestleMania 39. This match stood out as one of the highlights of the event. Despite now competing separately—Dominik on RAW and Rey on SmackDown—fans eagerly anticipate their future clashes in WWE.

Building Dominik’s Legacy

Bill Apter, a respected journalist, expressed his thoughts on Dominik’s potential during a show. Despite already holding the NXT North American Championship, Apter envisions Dominik achieving more. He believes Dominik should win the US Title from his father, Rey, to continue enhancing Dominik’s character and future star power.

A Different Partnership Idea

Logan Paul, a popular social media personality, recently proposed a unique idea on his podcast. He suggested teaming up with Dominik Mysterio for a tag team partnership. Paul sees Dominik’s current status as a strong heel character, drawing boos from the crowd. He believes they could become an immensely disliked duo in wrestling, leveraging their shared story arc of debuting at the same WrestleMania.

Shared History and WrestleMania Debuts

Logan Paul pointed out the connection between him and Dominik. They both made their WrestleMania debuts in the same year and in the exact match. Their intertwined histories make the idea of a partnership even more intriguing.


What are your thoughts on Dominik Mysterio potentially winning the WWE United States Title from Rey Mysterio? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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