Former WWE Writer dismisses claim against WWE’s Vince McMahon

9 months ago By Sports Desk

Former WWE creative writer Britney Abrahams has voluntarily withdrawn her racial discrimination lawsuit against both Vince McMahon and WWE. 

This withdrawal follows a request for dismissal made in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of New York. The dismissal applies to “all claims and causes of action against the defendants” without prejudice, allowing the possibility of reopening the case at a later time.

The lawsuit originally targeted various defendants, including Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and several WWE writers. However, this particular motion of dismissal exclusively pertained to the claims against these named individuals. This suggests that Abrahams and her legal team may still be contemplating the pursuit of legal action against WWE as an organization.

Vince McMahon’s racial discrimination lawsuit is withdrawn

Abrahams’ lawsuit alleged that she faced discriminatory treatment and retaliation after raising concerns about offensive and racially insensitive storyline concepts during her tenure as a WWE writer. Some of these concepts involved portrayals such as Apollo Crews adopting a caricatured Nigerian accent and implicating Mansoor in the events of September 11.

Though the precise reasons behind Abrahams’ decision to withdraw the lawsuit against the named defendants remain unclear, speculation has arisen that she and her legal representatives might be exploring the potential for a settlement with WWE. The dismissal, made without prejudice, leaves open the possibility for Abrahams to refile the lawsuit in the future.

Former WWE writer Britney Abrahams has dismissed her lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and retaliation for her complaints about racially insensitive scripts. Initially filed against WWE, Vince McMahon, and other executives, the lawsuit claimed that Abrahams faced discrimination and retaliation for speaking out against “offensively racist and stereotypical jargon” in relation to WWE stars like Bianca Belair, Apollo Crews, Mansoor, and others. Abrahams asserted that her complaints were ignored and subsequently resulted in her termination.

The filing stated the following:

The filing states:

“Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a)(1)(i), Plaintiff Britney Abrahams, by and through her attorneys, THE COCHRAN FIRM, hereby gives notice that the above captioned action is voluntarily discontinued without prejudice as to all claims and causes of action against defendants CHRIS DUNN, individually, RYAN CALLAHAN, individually, JENIFFER PEPPERMAN, individually, CHRISTINE LUBRANO, individually, MIKE HELLER, individually, VINCE MCMAHON, individually, STEPHANIE MCMAHON, individually, with each party bearing that party’s own attorney’s fees and costs. Dismissal is proper under this section because the Defendants have not yet answered the complaint in this matter.”

Reported by Fightful, Abrahams requested the dismissal of the lawsuit on Thursday. The dismissal was made “without prejudice,” which implies the possibility of refiling the lawsuit at a later date.

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