3 Reasons Why WWE Made Drew McIntyre To Take Turn Heel

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

In the world of professional wrestling, character changes are as common as body slams and suplexes. These alterations can either propel a wrestler to new heights of popularity or turn them into one of the most despised figures in the sport. In recent WWE news, Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior, has made a surprising character change by turning heel, and fans are buzzing with speculation about why WWE made this bold move.

This article explores the three reasons behind WWE’s decision to turn Drew McIntyre into a heel and two key factors that may suggest otherwise. From revitalising Monday Night RAW to addressing fan demand, let’s delve into the intriguing world of Drew McIntyre’s character shift.

  1. Fresh Energy for Monday Night Raw

Monday Night RAW has been a staple in WWE’s programming for decades, but even the most enduring shows need a fresh injection of energy from time to time.

With Jey Uso’s Return, Raw’s New Spotlight

Jey Uso’s return to the Red brand brings an intriguing dynamic to Monday Night Raw. It sets the stage for a potential showdown with a heel Drew McIntyre, a clash that could become the focal point of the show. This fresh rivalry has the potential to reinvigorate RAW and capture the audience’s imagination in entirely new ways.

Furthermore, Drew McIntyre’s heel turn doesn’t just offer a fresh storyline; it unlocks a treasure trove of creative possibilities. For the former WWE Champion, this shift in character opens doors to reshaping his persona, paving the way for compelling rivalries that will undoubtedly keep fans glued to their screens. WWE understands the importance of keeping their flagship show engaging and unpredictable, and McIntyre’s heel turn is a strategic move in that direction.

A Chance at Another World Championship Run

Drew McIntyre’s illustrious career has seen him hold the WWE Championship on multiple occasions, firmly establishing himself in the upper echelons of WWE. However, recent times have witnessed setbacks and losses for the heroic McIntyre, including his Intercontinental Championship match defeat at WrestleMania 39. This transformation into a heel character presents a golden opportunity to rebuild and reestablish McIntyre as a dominant force in WWE.

Seth Rollins currently wears the mantle of a babyface World Heavyweight Champion, setting the stage for a potentially captivating rivalry with a heel McIntyre. Fans have borne witness to the Scottish Warrior’s indomitable spirit and unyielding determination, making a heel turn the perfect catalyst for another remarkable World Championship run. WWE’s decision to make McIntyre a heel could be a strategic manoeuvre to position him for a triumphant return to the main event scene.

Responding to the Unyielding Fan Demand

The WWE Universe is renowned for its passionate and vocal fanbase, whose influence often shapes the course of storylines and character arcs. A significant driving force behind Drew McIntyre’s heel turn is the unrelenting demand from fans for change. Speculation about McIntyre’s transformation into a heel had been swirling, with many hoping for a dramatic shift, potentially at Money in the Bank this year. Though those hopes didn’t materialise, fans have eagerly anticipated the Scottish Warrior’s heel turn.

Many wrestling aficionados believe that Drew McIntyre’s heroic character has been constrained, limiting his opportunities to showcase his full potential within WWE. They yearned for a change that would unleash his darker, more aggressive side. In heeding the audience’s fervent calls for change, WWE has strategically made the decision to grant fans what they’ve longed for.

Considering Contrary Perspectives

While compelling reasons advocate for Drew McIntyre’s heel turn, it is equally essential to weigh the contrasting viewpoints.

  1. The Dearth of Leading Babyface Stars on Raw

One pertinent argument against turning Drew McIntyre into a heel revolves around the current lack of captivating babyface stars on the RAW roster. Presently, notable babyface superstars on RAW include Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre himself.

However, speculation abounds that Jey Uso’s stay on Raw may not be permanent, and rumours persist about Cody potentially making a move to SmackDown. If these changes come to fruition, it would leave RAW with Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins as the two prominent babyface figures.

Conversely, RAW boasts a roster teeming with formidable heel stars, including Gunther, Shinsuke Nakamura, and the entire Judgement Day faction. With the heel side well represented, the necessity of transforming McIntyre into a villainous character becomes a subject of scrutiny, particularly in light of the potential imbalance it could create between heel and face personas.

  1. The Timing and Context of McIntyre’s Heel Turn

Another pivotal consideration revolves around whether Drew McIntyre’s heel turn aligns harmoniously with WWE’s current landscape and storytelling. McIntyre has played a vital role in WWE’s global expansion efforts, as exemplified by the Superstar Spectacle event held in India. Before this groundbreaking event, Drew actively engaged with Indian fans and made a heartfelt promise to bring WWE’s spectacle to the subcontinent.

Moreover, McIntyre’s existing character has formed a strong bond with fans, including a younger audience that reveres him as a heroic figure. Transitioning him into a villainous character at this juncture might feel abrupt and potentially discordant with the current WWE scenario. WWE strategically positioned him as a global ambassador, and altering his character may not seamlessly align with the company’s long-term vision and objectives.

Drew McIntyre’s heel turn has sparked significant interest and discussion among WWE fans. While there are compelling reasons for this character shift, including injecting fresh energy into RAW, positioning him for another World Championship run, and responding to fan demand, there are also valid arguments against it, such as the shortage of top babyface stars and the timing of the change.

Ultimately, WWE’s decision to turn Drew McIntyre into a heel will be a pivotal moment in his career and in the landscape of Monday Night RAW. It remains to be seen how this transformation will unfold and whether it will lead to greater success for the Scottish Warrior in the world of professional wrestling. As WWE continues to evolve and adapt to its audience’s preferences, the only certainty is that the WWE Universe will be closely watching McIntyre’s journey in the coming weeks and months.

The Impact of Drew McIntyre’s Heel Turn on Monday Night RAW

Drew McIntyre’s recent heel turn has undoubtedly injected a new level of excitement into WWE’s flagship programme, Monday Night RAW. The dynamic shift in McIntyre’s character opens up a multitude of possibilities for captivating storylines and engaging rivalries. From his intense persona to his newfound ruthlessness, McIntyre’s transformation has added a layer of complexity to his character that was previously untapped.

This development is not just about turning a beloved face into a villain; it’s about evolving a character to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

One must appreciate WWE’s willingness to take risks with established stars like McIntyre. While some might argue that turning him heel was unnecessary, it’s important to recognise that maintaining the status quo can lead to stagnation in the world of sports entertainment. The decision to position McIntyre as a dominant force on WWE’s heel roster could potentially create compelling narratives and rivalries that elevate RAW to new heights.

It’s a calculated gamble that seeks to reinvigorate the show and capture the audience’s imagination. As fans, we should embrace the unpredictability that comes with character changes and look forward to witnessing how Drew McIntyre’s heel persona will shape the future of Monday Night Raw.

Drew McIntyre’s Heel Turn: A Strategic Move or a Risky Gamble?

Turning a beloved figure like Drew McIntyre into a heel is a decision that prompts both excitement and scepticism among wrestling enthusiasts. While there’s no denying the potential for fresh storylines and championship pursuits, one must question the timing and context of this character shift. McIntyre’s role as a global ambassador for WWE, particularly in regions like India, has contributed significantly to the company’s expansion efforts.

His heroic image has resonated with fans worldwide, including children who view him as a role model. Turning him into a villain could disrupt this carefully cultivated image and impact WWE’s global outreach.

Furthermore, the scarcity of top babyface stars on Raw is a valid concern. WWE’s roster balance is crucial to maintaining engaging storylines and rivalries. The potential departure of Jey Uso to another brand and Cody Rhodes’s rumoured move to SmackDown could leave RAW with a shortage of compelling faces.

This shift might inadvertently create an imbalance between heels and faces, affecting the overall quality of storytelling on the show. It’s imperative for WWE to consider the long-term implications of McIntyre’s heel turn and whether it aligns with their strategic goals beyond the immediate storyline.

The Evolution of Drew McIntyre’s Character: From Chosen One to Malevolent Heel

Drew McIntyre’s journey from a young “Chosen One” to a malevolent heel is a testament to the complexities and nuances of character development in professional wrestling. To truly understand the significance of his recent heel turn, we must delve into the evolution of his character, tracing the pivotal moments that have shaped the Scottish Warrior into the persona we see today.

The Chosen One: Drew McIntyre’s initial WWE run saw him branded as the “Chosen One” by Vince McMahon himself. With his chiselled physique, undeniable charisma, and in-ring prowess, he was earmarked for greatness from the start. His first run culminated in an Intercontinental Championship victory, solidifying his status as a rising star. However, his initial character lacked depth, relying primarily on his physical attributes and the “Chosen One” moniker. While it served as an adequate introduction to WWE fans, it barely scratched the surface of McIntyre’s potential.

The Journeyman: Following his initial release from WWE, McIntyre embarked on a journey through various promotions, honing his craft and adding layers to his character. He adopted the nickname “The Scottish Psychopath,” showcasing a darker and more aggressive side. This period of his career allowed him to explore different facets of his persona, earning him respect and recognition among wrestling aficionados. McIntyre’s time away from WWE not only improved his in-ring skills but also provided him with a broader perspective on character development.

The Heroic Comeback: Drew McIntyre’s return to WWE was met with thunderous applause and a hero’s welcome. His triumphant victory at WrestleMania 36, where he defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, solidified his status as a fan favourite and a heroic figure. This phase of his career was marked by resilience, fighting spirit, and a commitment to be a role model for fans worldwide. His connection with the audience, especially in regions like India, elevated him to global ambassador status. McIntyre’s journey as a hero was defined by his pursuit of excellence and the embodiment of WWE’s values.

The Heel Turn: The decision to turn Drew McIntyre into a heel was a calculated risk, one that aimed to unlock new dimensions of his character. McIntyre’s heel persona represents a departure from the heroic figure fans have come to admire. His ruthless tactics, disdain for the audience’s adulation, and willingness to break the rules have positioned him as a malevolent force in WWE. This transformation signifies a willingness to embrace change and explore uncharted territory.

Drew McIntyre’s evolution from the “Chosen One” to a malevolent heel is a testament to the art of character development in professional wrestling. It showcases the importance of continuous reinvention and the willingness to take calculated risks. McIntyre’s character journey reflects the ever-changing nature of WWE storytelling and the dynamic relationship between performers and their audience. As we witness the next chapter in McIntyre’s career, it’s a reminder that in the world of professional wrestling, characters are not static; they evolve, adapt, and surprise us, keeping the industry vibrant and captivating.


During the September 25 episode of RAW, subtle indications pointed towards a potential heel turn for Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior. His transformation into a heel character was suggested, as he made a notable appearance in all-black attire, a traditional symbol associated with wrestling villains. McIntyre’s demeanour and actions aligned with the characteristics typically exhibited by heels in the wrestling world. This significant development in his character arc unfolded when he was invited as a guest on The Miz’s Miz TV segment, leaving fans intrigued and curious about the potential shift in McIntyre’s persona and the dynamic it may bring to WWE programming.

There’s a strong likelihood that Drew McIntyre, a two-time WWE champion, may set his sights on Cody Rhodes once he makes the transition to a heel persona. The roots of McIntyre’s discontent with The American Nightmare trace back to Rhodes’ introduction of Jey Uso to the Raw roster. This move by the former Bloodline member had significant consequences, as Uso had previously interfered in McIntyre’s championship opportunities against Roman Reigns, actions that the Scottish Warrior has not forgotten.

In light of these past events, McIntyre seems poised to seek retribution, potentially targeting both Rhodes and Uso in his quest for vengeance. Alternatively, he may opt to maintain his ongoing rivalry with Kofi Kingston, which has been anything but resolved. The recent segment involving Kingston and his New Day partner, Xavier Woods, added fuel to the fire, resulting in a heated altercation between McIntyre and Kingston. This development hints at a dynamic and potentially explosive storyline that WWE fans are eager to witness.

While Drew McIntyre’s heel turn and a potential rivalry with Seth Rollins are speculative at this point, the prospect is undeniably exciting for WWE fans. Both superstars have the charisma, in-ring abilities, and storytelling prowess to create memorable moments and captivating storylines. Whether it’s a battle of words on the microphone or an epic clash inside the ring, a McIntyre vs. Rollins feud could become a highlight of WWE programming and remind fans of the magic that can happen when two top-tier talents collide in pursuit of supremacy.


In the world of professional wrestling, the trajectory of a wrestler’s career can be as dynamic as the in-ring action itself. Drew McIntyre, often touted as the “Scottish Warrior,” is no stranger to the ebb and flow of his career within WWE. His recent heel turn has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans, as it represents a pivotal moment in his journey from stagnation to revitalization.

Drew McIntyre’s journey in WWE has been characterised by highs and lows, with his ascent to the top being one of the most remarkable stories in recent wrestling history. He initially signed with WWE in 2007, entering the scene as the “Chosen One” with immense potential. His early years saw him capture the Intercontinental Championship and gain recognition for his in-ring prowess.

However, despite his initial promise, McIntyre’s career took a downturn, and he was released from WWE in 2014. This setback could have marked the end of his wrestling journey, but it instead became the catalyst for a remarkable resurgence.

Following his WWE release, Drew McIntyre embarked on a journey through the independent wrestling circuit, where he honed his skills, reinvented his character, and gained invaluable experience. Wrestling under his real name, Drew Galloway, he became a top star in promotions such as Impact Wrestling and various international promotions.

During his time away from WWE, McIntyre showcased his versatility, captivating audiences with his charisma, impressive wrestling ability, and his ability to connect with fans on a personal level. His journey was a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport he loved, and it caught the attention of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2017, Drew McIntyre made a triumphant return to WWE, signalling a new chapter in his career. The WWE Universe welcomed him back with open arms, recognising the transformation he had undergone during his time away from the company. This return marked the beginning of his journey towards the pinnacle of professional wrestling.

McIntyre’s second stint in WWE was marked by significant accomplishments, including his victory in the 2020 Royal Rumble match and a monumental win over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, where he captured the WWE Championship. It was a career-defining moment, and it solidified his status as one of WWE’s top stars.

However, as Drew McIntyre scaled the heights of WWE and became a beloved babyface, he encountered a new set of challenges. Maintaining momentum at the top of the card can be a daunting task as expectations and pressures grow exponentially. Despite his championship reigns and memorable feuds, there was a sense that McIntyre’s character had reached a plateau.

One of the challenges he faced was the absence of a consistent, compelling rival. His battles with Randy Orton and his pursuit of the WWE Championship had been engaging, but the absence of a true nemesis to push his character to new depths had become evident. Additionally, the absence of a live audience during the COVID-19 pandemic altered the dynamics of crowd reactions, affecting the emotional connection between wrestlers and fans.

WWE’s decision to turn Drew McIntyre heel was a strategic move aimed at injecting new life into his character and the overall product. Heel turns, where a wrestler adopts a villainous persona, often serve as a means to refresh a character’s direction and provide fresh storylines.

The heel turn for McIntyre allows him to explore a darker, more aggressive side of his character. It presents an opportunity for him to unleash his full potential as a performer and tap into the depth of his character. As a heel, McIntyre can create chaos, form alliances, and engage in compelling rivalries that can captivate the audience.

Turning Drew McIntyre heel opens the door to a multitude of exciting possibilities in WWE storytelling. He can become the antagonist in feuds against beloved fan favourites, setting the stage for dramatic confrontations and intense battles. His heel character can be ruthless, cunning, and unapologetic, challenging the moral compass of the WWE Universe.

One potential storyline is a renewed rivalry with former foes like Randy Orton or AJ Styles, where McIntyre’s heel persona can provide a fresh perspective on their encounters. Alternatively, he can target rising stars or align himself with other heel wrestlers, forming dominant factions that shake up the WWE landscape.

The response from the WWE Universe to Drew McIntyre’s heel turn has been a mix of excitement and curiosity. Fans are eager to see how he embraces his new character and the impact it will have on WWE programming. The unpredictability of a heel turn adds an element of surprise to the product, keeping fans engaged and invested in McIntyre’s journey.

As Drew McIntyre continues to evolve as a character and performer, the future holds boundless potential. His heel turn represents a turning point in his career, a chance to break free from stagnation and embark on a path filled with fresh challenges and opportunities. Whether he becomes a despised villain or a complex antihero, McIntyre’s journey promises to be a compelling narrative within the world of WWE.

Drew McIntyre’s heel turn is a pivotal moment in his wrestling journey, a decision made to breathe new life into his character and reignite his career. From his initial rise to the challenges of sustaining success, McIntyre’s transformation into a heel is a bold move that opens the door to exciting rivalries, captivating storylines, and fresh possibilities. As he explores this new persona, fans can expect a thrilling and dynamic chapter in the saga of the “Scottish Warrior” that will leave an indelible mark on WWE history.

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