3 Roles That John Cena Can Play At WWE Payback 2023

8 months ago By Sports Desk

John Cena’s imminent return to WWE has ignited a spark of anticipation among fans. His comeback, long-awaited and highly anticipated, promises to inject fresh energy into the world of professional wrestling. Initially slated for a full-time return to SmackDown, there are now rumours about his involvement in WWE Payback 2023. Let’s explore the various roles that Cena could potentially undertake at this thrilling event.

Special Guest Host

One of the most captivating rumours circulating regarding John Cena’s comeback is his potential role as the event’s special guest host. Cena’s return aligns perfectly with the timing of WWE Payback 2023, making him an ideal choice to kick off the show with his trademark charisma. As the special guest host, Cena could captivate the WWE Universe with an opening address, possibly even unveiling exciting matches or segments. This role would allow him to engage with fans and set the stage for an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

Shock In-Ring Comeback

While initially pegged for a non-wrestling role, the WWE is renowned for its ability to deliver jaw-dropping surprises. Cena’s comeback might feature an unexpected return to in-ring action at Payback. Such a surprise would send shockwaves through the WWE Universe and create an electrifying atmosphere. Whether Cena challenges a fellow superstar, joins a tag team showdown, or sparks a high-stakes rivalry, his presence in the ring would unquestionably be a showstopper.

Seeding Future Dramas

John Cena’s return to WWE has sparked numerous speculations about potential storylines and rivalries. WWE Payback 2023 could serve as a platform for Cena to sow the seeds of future narratives and ignite feuds with fellow superstars. Whether through confrontations in the ring, intriguing backstage encounters, or cryptic messages, Cena’s interactions at the event could provide fans with tantalizing hints about his upcoming journey in WWE. These teasers would leave the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama in the weeks and months ahead.

The hype surrounding John Cena’s return reaches a fever pitch as WWE Payback 2023 approaches. His particular involvement is still unknown, but one thing is for sure: his presence will take the occasion to new heights. 

John Cena’s return promises to be a monumental moment in WWE history, whether he takes centre stage as the host, astounds the crowd with a surprise in-ring comeback, or lays the foundation for future storylines. The major reveal at Payback, when Cena’s name will once again be vividly carved in the WWE spotlight, is highly anticipated by wrestling fans around the world.

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