Big E Was The First Choice To Replace Roman Reigns In The Shield

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

More than nine years ago, the New Day made their SmackDown debut with minimal excitement. The group initially faced a lukewarm reception from fans, leading to their transformation into villains shortly thereafter. Fast forward to today, and they have accumulated an impressive total of eleven tag team title reigns, solidifying their status as one of WWE’s most successful factions in history.

Despite their numerous achievements, including two WWE title reigns as a group, the current WWE Champion, Big E, reflects on how they could never have foreseen the incredible success they would achieve when they first conceptualised the New Day.

Prior to the resounding ‘New Day Rocks!’ chants echoing through arenas across the nation, the trio frequently endured an unenthusiastic chorus of jeers. Considering their immense success today, it can be challenging to fathom their humble beginnings. However, Big E emphasises his commitment to staying grounded by recollecting those initial stages.

Long before he attained the highest individual accolade in WWE, the individual who would go on to become the second-ever NXT Champion was introduced to the main roster as the enforcer of a group. He eventually found his place as a formidable ally of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, but was briefly considered for the role of Roman Reigns in The Shield.

The Shield made their main roster debut more than a year ahead of the New Day’s formation, giving the Hounds of Justice an earlier taste of championship success compared to Kofi, Woods, and Big E. Despite the distinct journeys, Big E stressed his appreciation for embracing the less conventional path.

Big E would say in the interview:

“We believed in ourselves tremendously, but I can’t say I would have known,” Big E told Cincy360. “Especially considering how difficult things were getting off the ground. I don’t think I could have ever fathomed that Kofi would’ve had that incredible run. I don’t think that I could’ve fathomed breaking records that stood for over 20 years in WWE. Becoming tag team champions for 483 days? Uninterrupted? That’s very, very rare, and it’s a feat that we couldn’t have predicted.”

“It really is humbling. That’s one of the things that I always try to do: not forget the start of this journey as a collective, because it was not easy. It was not easy at all,” Big E said. “We were looking to get this thing going and hopefully be on TV together for three to six months, and hopefully that would allow us the momentum for us to do whatever it is that we needed to do. Just give us something, and that something has turned into such a beautiful journey.”

“I couldn’t ask for better partners. I feel like when we’re done with our careers, when it’s all said and done, we’re still going to be connected. We’re still going to talk all the time. We’re still going to see each other because it’s a very real bond, a very real brotherhood.”

“I think it worked out the best for all of us. I couldn’t fathom now being a part of The Shield,” Big E said. “I’m sure it would’ve been fun. I’m sure it would’ve been enjoyable. I think it was really best for Roman to be in that role as the big dude, the enforcer of that group. That dynamic wouldn’t have felt the same with me being there. It’s hard to fathom that almost a decade ago, for one brief moment, I was considered a possibility to be in that group.”

“My route was definitely a longer one. It was a longer one getting to the accomplishments that those guys had years ago,” Big E said. “But I’m glad for the more difficult journey. We would not have had the New Day if I were a member of The Shield. The shield would’ve felt different. I think it all worked out for the best.”

Big E Replaces Roman Reigns in the Shield: A What-If Scenario

It’s fun to speculate on what could have been. Here’s our attempt.

In this exploration, we delve into a captivating alternate reality where the powerhouse known as Big E enters The Shield, replacing Roman Reigns after Seth Rollins’ shocking betrayal. This intriguing hypothetical scenario allows us to envision a WWE landscape where one of the most dominant factions undergoes a dramatic transformation. In this 1700-word narrative, we will explore the potential consequences and implications of such a profound change, from character dynamics to championship pursuits, rivalries, and legacy.

Chapter 1: The Formation of the Shield

To fully grasp the impact of Big E joining The Shield, we must first revisit the group’s origin. The Shield, consisting of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, burst onto the WWE scene in 2012. Their mysterious personas and ruthless tactics quickly made them a dominant faction.

Chapter 2: Seth Rollins’ Betrayal

In our alternate universe, Seth Rollins’ shocking betrayal of Roman Reigns still occurs. However, instead of going solo, Rollins aims to strengthen The Shield with a powerful new recruit. This pivotal moment sets the stage for Big E’s unexpected entrance into the faction.

Chapter 3: Big E’s Arrival

Imagine the WWE Universe’s astonishment as Big E, renowned for his exceptional strength and charisma, is introduced as The Shield’s new member. His imposing presence immediately adds a fresh dimension to the group’s identity, leaving fans and fellow wrestlers alike curious about his motives and how he’ll fit into the dynamic.

Chapter 4: The Dynamics of the Shield

With Big E in the mix, The Shield’s dynamics undergo a significant transformation. Rollins retains his role as the strategist, Ambrose remains the unpredictable wildcard, and Big E becomes the powerhouse. The chemistry and synergy within the faction evolve, creating a formidable trio capable of conquering any challenge.

Chapter 5: Championship Pursuits

The Shield, with Big E on board, redefines its mission. While justice remains important, their primary focus shifts towards capturing championship gold. This change in priorities leads to new rivalries and memorable championship reigns, raising questions about how their journey would unfold and how many titles they would collect.

Chapter 6: Rivalries and Storylines

The introduction of Big E to The Shield generates fresh rivalries and storylines. They face off against opponents they might not have encountered in our reality, resulting in intriguing feuds and epic encounters. The wrestling landscape undergoes a significant transformation, with the trio rewriting the history books.

Chapter 7: The Dissolution of the Shield

Every faction faces its inevitable breakup. In our alternate timeline, when and how would The Shield disband with Big E in the mix? Would the breakup carry the same emotional weight, and what unique paths would the members take afterward? This chapter explores the individual journeys of Rollins, Ambrose, and Big E.

Chapter 8: Big E’s Solo Career

Following The Shield’s dissolution, Big E embarks on a solo career. How would his tenure with the faction have shaped his solo run? Would he still achieve the same level of success, including his eventual WWE Championship reigns? This chapter examines Big E’s journey as a singles competitor.

Chapter 9: Seth Rollins’ Destiny

Seth Rollins, having orchestrated the pivotal betrayal and the addition of Big E to The Shield, takes on a different path than in our reality. How would his career trajectory evolve, and would he still ascend to the top of WWE as he did in our world?

Chapter 10: Dean Ambrose’s Unpredictability

Dean Ambrose, known for his unpredictable persona, undergoes unique character development in our alternate timeline. How would his trajectory change, and what memorable moments would he create in this parallel WWE universe?

Chapter 11: Legacy and Impact

As we conclude our exploration of this captivating “what if” scenario, we reflect on the legacy and impact it would leave on the wrestling world. Would The Shield with Big E be remembered as fondly as the original trio? What lasting influence would this alternate timeline have on WWE history, and how would it shape the careers of the involved superstars?


Professional wrestling thrives on the art of storytelling and the suspension of disbelief, making “what if” scenarios like this one a source of endless fascination for fans. The concept of Big E joining The Shield, replacing Roman Reigns after Seth Rollins’ betrayal, invites us to envision a WWE landscape that is both familiar and radically altered. Whether we view this hypothetical scenario as a missed opportunity or a thrilling glimpse into a parallel universe, it underscores the enduring allure and creative potential of professional wrestling’s storytelling. In the end, the power shift created by Big E’s entry into The Shield serves as a testament to the boundless imagination of wrestling fans and the captivating narratives that continue to define this dynamic industry.

Big E’s tenure as Champion: A Recap

Big E’s Impact as WWE Champion

In the world of professional wrestling, capturing the WWE Championship is the pinnacle of achievement. It signifies that the chosen one has not only demonstrated exceptional in-ring skills but also possesses the charisma, character, and connection with the fans that make them a true top star. In the case of Big E, his reign as WWE Champion brought a breath of fresh air to the wrestling landscape and showcased his profound impact on the industry.

Charisma and personality

One of Big E’s most significant contributions as WWE Champion was his infectious charisma and larger-than-life personality. Throughout his reign, he displayed a unique ability to connect with the WWE Universe on a personal level. His positive and joyful demeanor resonated with fans, providing a refreshing change of pace in a world often dominated by intense rivalries and conflicts. Big E’s genuine enthusiasm for wrestling and his gratitude for the opportunity to be WWE Champion were palpable, making him an incredibly relatable and endearing figure for fans of all ages.

Diversity and representation

Another crucial aspect of Big E’s championship reign was the emphasis on diversity and representation. As a black WWE champion, he became a symbol of progress and inclusivity in the wrestling world. His title reign was a significant step towards more diverse and representative storytelling in WWE, sending a powerful message that talent and hard work should be the key factors in determining who wears the championship gold. Big E’s success served as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers from underrepresented backgrounds, proving that their dreams could be realised on the grandest stage of them all.

In-Ring Excellence

While Big E’s personality and charisma were undeniable assets, his in-ring excellence was equally impressive. He brought a unique blend of power and agility to his matches, making him a formidable and versatile champion. Whether he was showcasing his incredible strength with powerbombs and suplexes or surprising opponents with agile manoeuvres, Big E consistently delivered exciting and entertaining matches. His in-ring abilities elevated the prestige of the WWE Championship and contributed to the overall quality of WWE’s in-ring product during his reign.

Promotion and Elevation of Midcard Talent

Big E’s championship reign also stood out for its role in promoting and elevating midcard talent. During his time as champion, he engaged in compelling feuds with emerging stars and provided them with valuable opportunities to shine on a larger stage. This approach not only showcased Big E’s willingness to help build the future of WWE but also allowed these talents to gain invaluable experience and recognition. His commitment to making his opponents look strong while still retaining his championship aura added depth to WWE’s storytelling and helped create memorable moments.

Entertaining Storytelling

Throughout his reign, Big E participated in entertaining and emotionally charged storylines that captivated audiences. Whether it was his heartfelt rivalry with Apollo Crews over the Intercontinental Championship or his high-stakes battles against top contenders for the WWE Championship, Big E’s storytelling abilities shone brightly. His ability to inject humour, drama, and intensity into his feuds made his championship run engaging and memorable.

Cultural Impact

Beyond the wrestling ring, Big E’s impact extended to popular culture. He was an advocate for important social causes and used his platform as WWE Champion to raise awareness and support various charitable initiatives. His charismatic presence and positive message resonated with a broad audience, helping WWE extend its reach and influence beyond the world of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, Big E’s reign as WWE Champion left an indelible mark on the wrestling industry. His infectious charisma, commitment to diversity, in-ring excellence, and dedication to elevating his fellow talents all contributed to his profound impact. As a champion, he not only entertained fans but also inspired and represented the values of inclusivity and hard work. Big E’s championship reign will be remembered not only for the exciting matches but also for the positive influence he had on the wrestling world and the broader community.

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