Carmella plans to get back to the ring soon, after giving birth

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Carmella, the renowned WWE Superstar, has shared her thoughts on the possibility of returning to the world of professional wrestling after giving birth to her child.

Pregnancy Announcement and Personal Background

The 35-year-old wrestling sensation, Carmella, revealed her pregnancy on May 1, 2023. This announcement came shortly after her comeback to the wrestling company. She is married to Corey Graves, a commentator for WWE’s RAW, and the couple is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child. Their relationship is publicly acknowledged as part of their on-screen personas.

Carmella’s WWE Future: An Interview with PEOPLE

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Carmella was asked about her intentions concerning WWE and whether she plans to step back into the wrestling ring following the birth of her son. She expressed:

“I definitely have plans to make a comeback. Demonstrating that one can balance motherhood and a demanding career, especially one as physically rigorous as wrestling, is crucial. However, I won’t be hasty in my decisions. My focus right now is on recovering at my own pace, ensuring I’m in top condition before I return. I want to avoid rushing things, as I can’t predict how I’ll feel post-childbirth,” she explained.

Navigating Pregnancy: Carmella’s Experience

Reflecting on her pregnancy journey, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion mentioned a previous miscarriage in September of the prior year before finally conceiving her current child.

Describing her pregnancy experience, Carmella revealed that the initial trimester was particularly challenging. She noted that while people often discuss morning sickness and fatigue, she underestimated the impact until she experienced it firsthand. She further explained, “The intensity of the experience took me by surprise.” I can see why people don’t often discuss it. At this stage, I feel remarkably better – full of energy and more like myself than ever before.”

Aspirations for Her Child’s Future: A Potential Wrestler?

Carmella also shared thoughts on her unborn son’s potential future in wrestling. While she mused about the idea of her son following in her footsteps as a third-generation wrestler, she emphasized that she would never impose her desires on him. She described her son’s prenatal activity level and playfully speculated that his constant movement could hint at his future energy and enthusiasm. She added, “If he’s anything like he is now in the womb – full of energy and never still – we’re definitely in for an adventure.”

Corey Graves Changing Role and Other Pregnancy News

Carmella’s husband, Corey Graves, is undergoing a professional shift as he prepares to become a father once again. He is transitioning from working on Monday nights to Friday nights, where he will join Kevin Patrick in hosting WWE Friday Night SmackDown alongside Michael Cole.

Carmella used her social media platform to reveal that her due date is set for November of the current year. Notably, she isn’t the sole WWE star expecting, as Alexa Bliss is also pregnant.

Conclusion: Reflecting on Carmella’s Impact

Do you find yourself missing Carmella’s presence in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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