Dolph Ziggler, Elias, Shelton Benjamin And Other Big Names Released By WWE

9 months ago By Jhon Woug

Dolph Ziggler is the latest addition to the list of big names that have just been shown the door. These superstars formed the backbone of the company and have countless fond memories with the WWE Universe. The Show Off has given him his heart and soul, but maybe he just couldn’t make ends meet for the board. The list also includes WWE veteran Brock Lesnar’s former roommate, Shelton Benjamin. He too did his bit to keep the brand going, but to everyone’s astonishment, Shelton Benjamin too made the list.

The WWE Universe may never see another guitarist or superstar like Elias. One who had the look, the gimmick, and the talent to pull it off made it on the red list too. Elias had main event calibre and was the modern-day Jeff Jarrett. But as budget cuts and new ownership have taken over the boardroom of late, sackings were expected. Another surprise came in the way of Mustafa Ali, a name nobody expected to be cut at least before WWE’s bonanza, The Crown Jewel. The WWE has made it very clear that they will look for greener pastures in the Middle East and explore new talents. A workhorse, Ali has already been linked to Tony Khan’s AEW for obvious reasons.

Some other prominent names who have been released are Top Dolla, Emma, Aliyah, Riddick Moss and Rick Boogs. CombatSports247 will keep you updated with more details and the future of the above-mentioned Superstars. Expect more names to be unfortunately added as Vince McMahon begins a new chapter for the kingdom he so fondly created.

All 10 Superstars Released By WWE In September 2023

Tenille Dashwood
Rick Boogs
Riddick Moss
Top Rolla
Shelton Benjamin
Dolph Ziggler
Mustafa Ali

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