“Nerdy, goofy, soft punk dude” – Jamahal Hill calls out Ariel Helwani for his recent comments 

9 months ago By Sports Desk

Jamahal Hill has had enough of Ariel Helwani. The former UFC light heavyweight champion recently sounded off on the veteran MMA journalist for some disparaging comments he made during an interview with Jiri Prochazka. 

A few days ago, Helwani spoke to Hill’s predecessor on The MMA Hour. During their conversation, Helwani appeared to take shots at ‘Sweet Dreams’ for disrespecting ‘Denisa’ and insinuated that Hill tried to rush Prochazka back from a nasty shoulder injury. 

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Jamahal Hill fired back at Ariel Helwani. Clearly upset at the journalist’s comments, Hill clarified that he never disrespected Jiri Prochazka and demanded proof if he did. He said:

“Last time I came on your show, after my championship fight, you tried your tactics on me. And it didn’t work… You’re now upset and every chance you get you’re taking shots at me. These are blatant shots… We all know Ariel, the nerdy, goofy, soft punk dude who’s admitted multiple times, “I wouldn’t fight.” But has the nerve to disrespect fighters.” 

Addressing Helwani’s allegations that he disrespected Prochazka, Jamahal Hill continued:

“Where did I say it at? And where was I disrespectful? Where did I do anything ill towards him other than wish him well?… Ask Jiri what I said to him when I talked to him. I’m not fake, I don’t have no reason to play fake or nice in nobody’s face.”

Catch Hill’s comments below (1:05):

Ariel Helwani responds to Jamahal Hill; invites ‘Sweet Dreams’ for an interview 

Ariel Helwani wants to clear the air with Jamahal Hill and recently invited ‘Sweet Dreams’ to have a conversation. 

After Hill put Helwani on blast for things he said during his interview with Jiri Prochazka, the veteran journalist responded by inviting ‘Sweet Dreams’ to his studio for a “man-to-man” chat on his popular The MMA Hour show. Helwani also offered to talk to the former light heavyweight champion via a Zoom call if in-person wasn’t possible. 

During the latest episode of The MMA Hour, Helwani stated that he wished to hash out their differences and said:

“I would like to extend an invitation to you, Jamahal Hill, whom I have nothing but respect for and I think that your thoughts on the way that I think about you are very wrong. I’d like to extend an invitation to you to come in the studio on my program and we can hash it out, Mano-a-Mano, man to man.” 

He continued: 

“We can talk about the issues, and hopefully we can squash the beef… I know you just got injured. If you’d like to come on via Zoom, I would love to have you on… I would love to have you on to figure this out, to settle this, because I think there’s a lot of misinterpretation.” 

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