Relive the Greatest WWE Elimination Chamber Moments: From Lesnar’s F5 To Shocking Invasions

4 months ago By Jhon Woug

The euphoria among WWE fanatics is all-time high while they wait for the much anticipated 32-Man Elimination Chamber spectacular Showdown. Since such matches have produced jaw-dropping moments every year, fans are all set to become eyewitnesses to such match-changing moments. During its tenure, Elimination Chamber has been a witness to breathtaking matches, unexpected twists, and phenomenal displays of athleticism. Let’s take a trip down memory lane on our way back as we remember some of the most amazing things that happened here at past events.

World-famous Brogue Kick

In 2014, when WWE Heavyweight Champions Sheamus and John Cena contested the Elimination Chamber match, the fight was at its peak. Even so, Sheamus was on top when he climbed to the top of the pod and leaped to the outside to attack Randy Orton inside the Broke Kay pod. He carved a positive legacy among other wrestlers who made a name out of monster slam events.

Unexpected Attack: Shawn Michaels in the Front

At the Elimination Chamber match in 2010, Shawn Michaels brought out his surprise entrance. An underdog challenger fights The Undertaker to prove his royalty status. In this climax match, which was also a chance for him to position himself by executing’sweet chin music’ his signature traditional move on Undertaker, This time change took everyone by surprise, and it automatically led to the new World Heavyweight Champion. In short, this was once a time I would never forget as far as the WWE Elimination Chamber is concerned!

Sasha Banks’ Traitorous Turn

The women’s Elimination Chamber match at the 2018 exhibition was a giant step forward in making history, where women superstars faced the unyielding structure for the very first time. It was during all this pandemonium that the stage was set for Sasha Banks to unfaithfully turn on her friend Bayley by kicking her off one of the pods ruthlessly. It was a rather intense match since Alexa Bliss managed to retain her title despite the heavy opposition; this was an important moment in women’s wrestling history since it was designed as an elimination chamber while also demonstrating the high level of difficulty of this type of match!

Lesnar Dominates: F5 Demolishes

Recall Brock Lesnar’s unparalleled glory that was there at the Elimination Chamber? This performance of his F5 was undoubtedly legendary, with that of 2022 being one of the most unforgettable. Lesnar showed his power. He doesn’t care about Styles and Seth Rodman’s victories. But when it came to the final stages of the match, his raw energy drove him to meet theory. From the tip of his pod’s apex, he sent a F5-groundbreaking C4 that sent Theory flying down from above. The pure visceral power was mind-numbing as the viewers witnessed Lesnar punch his dominance by being one of the most controlling wrestlers they have ever seen in this combat field, which is called ‘Chamber’.

Morrison’s Soaring: The Faith Leap

Over the years, it is indeed the WWE Universe that has been fascinated by John Morrison’s breathtaking stunts, and his 2011′ Elimination Chamber’ showcase was no exception. There are a number of prominent wrestlers who left their fans speechless with the suplex from the chamber top onto the Kazuo down below. This seemingly daring move eventually propelled him ahead to gain a spectacular win over Sheamus, yet in the process, the stunning victory also spurred unbelievable tension across the arena—an unprecedented display of courage embodying what it meant to be a part of such an event—the Elimination Chamber.

With the time now close to the next WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, fans are already excitedly waiting for the live broadcast of the upcoming show. Each match is staged to be exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and have incomparable moments, and hence it will be ensured that the Elimination Chamber remains the stage that best showcases the superiority of WWE within the talent pool. Thus, mark the dates, device your tools, and be ready to engage in the live action on Sony LIV and witness the heroes facing battles that tell a great story with steel as your witness.

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