WWE NXT Result And Report For 19 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

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Welcome to Tuesday Night NXT! Tonight’s NXT episode is broadcasting from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

The show begins with NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch making her entrance in casual attire.

Opening Segment: NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

Lynch greets everyone and says she’s here in NXT, or as she calls it, N-BEX-T. She mentions several talented women in the locker room whom she’d like to face. Lynch acknowledges that Tiffany Stratton, the former champion, pushed her to her limits. She agrees to give Stratton a rematch anytime she wants. However, Stratton interrupts and demands her title shot tonight, prompting cheers from the crowd. Unfortunately, Lynch declines and suggests they meet at a bigger event, NXT No Mercy. She reminds Stratton that she promised her a rematch whenever she desired. The crowd supports this decision. Lynch compliments Stratton’s skills but suggests they settle it in the ring rather than talking. Lynch attacks Stratton, but Kiana James intervenes. Lynch manages to fend off both opponents.

D’Angelo Family’s Meeting

The D’Angelo Family discusses their next challengers. They decide to offer deserving contenders a seat at the table, accompanied by Uncle Cesare’s tortellini. They invite the Creed Brothers, Garza, and Carrillo, but with only one seat left, they let Nima and Price and Walker and Ledger compete for it.

Ilja Dragunov’s Backstage Interview

Ilja Dragunov states his determination to win the NXT Championship at No Mercy. He mentions he’ll be watching the champion vs. champion match tonight. Becky Lynch enters and asks for a moment.

She challenges Stratton and James to a handicap match in tonight’s main event.

Meta-Four’s Segment

Meta-Four performs a Matrix-themed segment wearing long black coats. Noam Dar, adopting a gravelly American voice, confidently declares that he’ll remain the champion, regardless of the choices (red pill or blue).

Backstage Interaction: Dominik Mysterio and Trick Williams

Dominik Mysterio shares his experience of being in someone’s shadow with Trick Williams, who denies being in anyone’s shadow. Dominik notes that he found his identity when he joined The Judgement Day.

Heritage Cup Invitational Group A Finals Match: Tyler Bate vs. Butch

In a thrilling contest between two NXT UK standouts, Bate counters Butch’s Bitter End with a DDT and then executes his Bitter End for a near fall. Butch retaliates with a jab, but Bate responds with a rebound clothesline. Bate attempts a Spiral Tap from the ropes, but Butch intercepts with a knee strike.

Result: Butch ultimately secures the victory with another Bitter End, earning two points and winning Group A, advancing to the finals.

Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail’s Shopping Trip

Footage shows Jacy Jayne taking Thea Hail shopping, where Hail is dealing with growing up. After a fashion show featuring various outfits, Hail’s favorite outfit remains undisclosed.

Upcoming Matches and Challenges

– Nathan Frazer expresses his enthusiasm about the 3-Way Tie in Group B, with a Triple Threat Tiebreaker scheduled for tonight.
– Eddy Thorpe issues a challenge to DIJAK for a Strap Match via a vignette.

Heritage Cup Invitational Group B Match: Duke Hudson vs. Joe Coffey

Duke Hudson delivers a series of attacks, while Joe Coffey drops Hudson onto the top rope. Coffey attempts All the Best for the Bells, but Hudson surprises him with a roll-up for the win.

Results: Duke Hudson with a roll-up earns two points, resulting in a three-way tie in Group B.

Following the match, Kelly Kincaid interviews Nathan Frazer, who suggests settling the tie with a triple-threat match next week. However, Kelly informs Nathan that a tiebreaker will occur later in the evening, prompting him to prepare.

Update on Von Wagner via Social Media

Robert Stone provides an update on Von Wagner’s condition, stating he’s not doing well but appreciates the well-wishes.

Lola Vice vs. Roxanne Perez

Lola Vice attempts multiple pinfalls, but Roxanne Perez manages to kick out each time. Perez executes a rope walk arm drag, but Vice stuns her on the top rope. Vice focuses on Perez’s arm and eventually counters Pop Rocks into a submission. Perez reverses an omoplata into a pinning predicament to secure the victory

Result: Perez defeated Vice.

Backstage Interaction: Roxanne Perez and Becky Lynch

Roxanne Perez encounters Becky Lynch in the locker room. Lynch praises Perez and offers to team up with her tonight. Lynch advises Perez to concentrate on her injured arm.

Other Backstage Moments

– Trick Williams declines Joe Gacy’s invitation to join The Schism.

– McKenzie Mitchell conducts a backstage interview with Tank Ledger and Hank Walker, who express their readiness to take on the entire tag team division.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes vs. NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio

Ilja Dragunov joins the commentary team for the match. The bout sees Dominik Mysterio and Carmelo Hayes exchanging moves and near-falls. The match ends in a no-contest following interference and brawling involving Ilja Dragunov.

Result: No Contest

After the match, Dragunov unleashed a powerful move called the H-Bomb on Dominik. Then, he attempted the Torpedo Moskau, but Dominik cunningly placed Hayes in harm’s way. Dragunov ended up demolishing Hayes instead. Dominik, proud of his clever escape, rolled out of the ring. However, Dragon Lee made his entrance, strolled down the ramp, and tapped Dominik on the shoulder. As Dominik turned around, he was swiftly superkicked by Lee, who proudly posed with the North American Championship.

Backstage, Trick Williams encountered the remnants of the Schism, but he was not interested in their company. He dismissed their claims of loneliness, comparing it to olive oil. Trick emphasized that his decision to be independent did not equate to being alone. Joe Gacy attempted to persuade him to join their group, but Trick was not convinced. He remarked that he had seen this scenario before and knew how it would end. Gacy had some parting words before they left Trick to contemplate his decision.

In the locker room, Duke Hudson conversed with Andre Chase. Chase motivated Duke to go out and win Group B despite Duke’s feelings of intimidation and breathlessness. He reminded Duke of his potential to be the MVP.

Next week on NXT, there will be the No Mercy Contract Signing featuring Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov. Trick Williams will face off against Joe Gacy. Blair Davenport will engage in a grudge match with Gigi Dolin. Additionally, there will be a Strap Match between DIJAK and Eddy

Heritage Cup Invitational Tie Breaker Triple Threat Match – Duke Hudson vs. Nathan Frazer vs. Joe Coffey

Hudson came close to securing the victory, attempting to pin Coffey just as he had earlier in the evening. However, Frazer executed a remarkable move, hitting his Phoenix Splash on Hudson. Coffey intervened, breaking up the pin attempt and sending Hudson out onto the apron. Taking advantage of the situation, Coffey headbutted Frazer off the apron and then delivered his finishing move, “All the Best for the Bells,” to Hudson, clinching the win.

Result: Joe Coffey emerged victorious by pinning Duke Hudson with “All the Best for the Bells,” thus securing the top spot in Group B.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali expressed his frustration about Dragon Lee receiving an NXT North American Title Shot on Raw. He questioned why the men he had defeated were getting title opportunities before him and believed neither Dominik nor Dragon deserved the title.

Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton confronted each other backstage. They acknowledged their mutual disdain for Becky Lynch and vowed to cause her serious harm, aiming to become the next NXT Women’s Champion. Stratton teased a surprise for Becky, and they walked off together.

Josh Briggs blamed Fallon Henley for choosing Myles Borne as their tag team partner. Baron Corbin joined the conversation and advised Briggs to stay quiet. Briggs, undeterred, challenged Corbin to a match.

Carmelo Hayes was interviewed as he left the arena. He expressed his determination to put Ilja in his place at No Mercy and let him know where he truly stands next week.

Becky Vs Tiffany

The match between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James began with a sneak attack on Lynch by Stratton and James. Lyra Valkyria came to Lynch’s rescue, and they retaliated by attacking James and Stratton. Lynch then directed James into the ring, and the match commenced.

Becky & Lyra Vs. Tiffany & Kiara

In the closing moments, Lynch tagged in and executed a missile dropkick on James. Lynch and Valkyria combined for a DDT/neckbreaker combo on James and Stratton, but James managed to kick out. Lynch then applied the Disarmher submission hold, but James escaped. James knocked Lynch into the corner and inadvertently allowed Valkyria to get a blind tag. Valkyria leaped from the top rope with a splash to secure the victory.

Becky Lynch and Lyra Valkyria won by pinfall with a diving splash from Valkyria on Kiana James. After the match, Stratton attacked Lynch with a steel chair and stood over her with the title belt. Lynch recovered and announced that their match at No Mercy would be an Extreme Rules match.

And that concludes this episode of NXT! Share your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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