WWE Smackdown Result And Report For 08 September 2023: Highlight, Match Ratings, Winners And Losers

8 months ago By Sports Desk

Live from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, WWE Friday Night SmackDown lit up the ring once more, bringing in the aftermath from the Payback Premium Live Event that graced Pittsburgh last Saturday.

In a tag team clash, Charlotte Flair and Shotzi Blackheart squared off against Damage CTRL’s Bayley & IYO SKY. The match started with fireworks between Flair and Bayley which escalated quickly. After clearing SKY from the apron, Charlotte, with a flurry of chops, dominated the initial proceedings. As the action intensified, Blackheart and SKY took center stage, delivering a showcase of athleticism and skill. The scene intensified with Blackheart delivering an arm drag on SKY and Bayley joining the fray. However, Charlotte’s crossbody and hammering chops tilted the scales. An interruption from Asuka, targeting Dakota Kai and IYO SKY’s title at ringside, threw Bayley off her game. This gave Charlotte and Shotzi the perfect opportunity. Blackheart secured the win with a suplex on Bayley. After the match, Asuka daringly dropped the WWE Women’s Championship before IYO SKY, initiating a confrontation.

Jimmy Uso’s recent developments were recapped, followed by a backstage moment with Paul Heyman. Jimmy expressed his dedication to the Bloodline and queried about their plans. Heyman clarified that Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns’ absence meant Jimmy wasn’t officially “IN” until Roman gave the nod. Heyman advised Jimmy to handle AJ Styles for the night. When Uso sought validation with a high-five, Heyman nonchalantly continued on his path. As Jimmy was left contemplating, he had an unexpected run-in with AJ Styles, leading to a confrontation.

The air backstage was thick with tension when Damage CTRL addressed the press. Bayley, visibly upset by Asuka’s interference, swore retaliation, while IYO SKY bravely challenged her for a title showdown.

But the drama wasn’t just limited to the ladies. LA Knight made his presence felt, bringing up Miz’s recent performance on Raw. In a verbal tirade, Knight contrasted Miz’s playful nature with his own ambition to rise to the top. The conversation took a turn when Grayson Waller stepped in, introducing Austin Theory. Waller and Theory proudly highlighted their triumph over the Latino World Order. Theory’s audacious claims about his victories didn’t sit well with Knight, who fired back with some sharp-tongued remarks, promising a showdown for the ages.

When Theory and Knight finally clashed, it was a spectacle to behold. With Grayson Waller providing his insights from the commentary table, both wrestlers showcased their prowess. The back-and-forth battle saw Knight emerging victorious following a BFT. However, the action didn’t end there; Waller hastily made his exit when Knight approached him after the match.

In another backstage interview, AJ Styles, still reeling from his confrontation with Jimmy Uso, vowed to get back up and retaliate. He was determined to give Uso a piece of his mind in the ring. As the night reached its crescendo, Judgment Day took the stage, setting the tone for more action, and sending us off to a break.

Adam Pearce had a one-on-one with Paul Heyman. Heyman was eager to ascertain which superstar would be traded to Raw. Pearce played his cards close to his chest, suggesting that such decisions weren’t his alone to make. The dynamics shifted with the unexpected entry of LA Knight, who made his ambitions clear: he wants a match with the Miz. While the match is slated for the next week, a tense interaction between Knight and Heyman laid the foundation for an evening full of confrontations.

As the evening progressed, the three men of Judgment Day took center stage. Damian Priest addressed the crowd and with his allies, Finn Balor and Dirty Dominik Mysterio, they proudly recounted their recent triumphs. However, their celebration was short-lived as the Brawling Brutes made their presence known. An outspoken Ridge Holland, with Pete “BUTCH” Dunne by his side, challenged Judgment Day’s claim of dominance. This verbal face-off escalated into a full-blown melee, setting the stage for a tag-team bout between Brawling Brutes and Judgment Day.

The match between Brawling Brutes and Judgment Day proved to be a thriller. Returning from a break, the audience witnessed a fiercely contested battle where Dunne was pinned to the corner by Judgment Day. Just when it seemed Dunne and Holland were at a disadvantage, Holland showcased his strength, executing a phenomenal double back body drop on Damian and Finn. The match had its highs and lows, with interference from Dominik Mysterio and surprise appearances by Pretty Deadly, observing from the sidelines. In a climactic finish, Judgment Day emerged triumphant with Finn Balor delivering a decisive Coup de Grace on Ridge Holland.

But the drama didn’t end there. The post-match segment saw Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits confront Judgment Day, hinting at a new feud on the horizon. In another corner of the arena, AJ Styles confronted his former allies Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Mia Yim about a backstage betrayal by Jimmy Uso. It was clear that the once-unbreakable bond between Styles and his friends had frayed.

This set the stage for an electrifying match between AJ Styles and Jimmy Uso. From the start, Styles exhibited relentless aggression, giving Uso little breathing space. As the match intensified, external distractions came into play. Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa’s presence at ringside proved to be a game-changer. Despite the odds, AJ Styles exhibited resilience and secured a victory with the Phenomenal Forearm, a testament to his undying spirit and unmatched skill in the ring.

However, triumph was short-lived for Styles. No sooner had he tasted victory, Judgment Day made a surprising appearance, ambushing him from behind. Their brutal attack left Styles vulnerable to Solo’s wrath. The night concluded with a shocking Samoan Spike from Solo Sikoa, leaving fans and wrestlers alike in anticipation of what’s to come.

The 8th of September edition of WWE Smackdown was an unforgettable evening that promised rivalries, alliances, and future confrontations. With every passing week, the storylines grow richer, promising fans a roller coaster of emotions and edge-of-the-seat action. Wrestling enthusiasts worldwide are surely marking their calendars for the next installment.

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