10 WWE WrestleMania Moments That Left Fans Speechless

3 months ago By Jhon Woug

WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania, attracted many fans from all over the world due to it being the platform where monumental moments were made that even fans still can’t talk about after a long time. Thus, we have had it from someone forcibly knocking out their rival to others fighting a real long-term battle for their title. WrestleMania never ever disappoints in serving the shocks. In this article, we walk through 10 spine-chilling WrestleMania moments that were so full of surprises that many WWE viewers had a stunned and incredulous reaction.

  1. The Bret Hart and Steve Austin Double Turn: WrestleMania 30:

WWE Wrestled Mania 13 can be termed one of the most iconic matches ever held in professional wrestling, as former tag team partners and real-life friends Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Steve “Stone Cold” Austin fought out in a gruelling submission match. Watching Walloway and Flowaz turn at the same time, both team-mates and opponents lit up the ring, was the last thing this match had in store to make the memory of it unforgettable.

During the bout, Hart is a familiar but cruel audience, and Austin represents nonconformity, roughness, and bravery. Both were present. Finally, it was decided that gangs would be entirely banned from the city. Topping it all was when Hart locked Austin using the Sharpshooter and held fast even after he was already passed out.

Presenting a demeanour that successfully obeyed all the codes of professional wrestling, Austin was endowed and won the crowd’s affections, while Hart just won the match by technical means, which alienated him from the audience. This triggered an unparalleled shift of alliances, which left the spectators and the folks watching both in amazement and disbelief. Most of them thought that would be the new state of affairs. Of course, as they say, the television cameras don’t always capture the full story.

  1. Alexa Bliss Turns Against Bray Wyatt:

In the match between Wyatt and Randy “The Viper” Orton at WrestleMania 37, Alexa Bliss and the strange alliance of Wyatt and Bray took an unexpected turn when The Fiend turned his back on Orton and started chasing him. Preempting the big battle with Harris, Wyatt’s Orton and Bliss turned against him, distracting him and eventually forcing him to his knees.

Wyatt’s resolve falters when he sees Bliss lying in a pool of black fluid with a scared look on her face. This raises more questions in the minds of audiences in regards to what is happening. The alarming fact is that following a match, Wyatt also disappeared without notice, and fans who attended the event wondered why Bliss betrayed him and where he went afterwards.

Such an unforeseen turn stunned the WWE Universe into silence, with people trying to figure out who was behind it, masterminding the dark forces.

  1. Triple H Beats Rock for the World title on the Night of WrestleMania 16

For 16 years, WrestleMania’s main event followed a familiar script: the heroic underdog that lets the audience in with his triumphant defiance of the odds and leaves the fans feeling content. On the other side, WrestleMania XVII brought a temporary end to this tradition when Triple H, the hated villain and the one who already owned the WWE title, won the main bout.

In the midst of their aspirations to win the belt from such great champions as The Rock, The Big Show, and Mick Foley, Triple H managed to take his championship belt once again and left the audience in ruins, both those who were at the live event and those watching at home. After the match, The Rock Body slammed the McKmahon family; however, this only served to exasperate the fans’ sulled mood, the new reality of Triple H knocking centre stage, and the and the settlement of a volatile era in the WWE scene.

  1. Fandango Upsets Chris Jericho in WrestleMania 29:

Even after his first and most astounding debut in WrestleMania ever, Fandango pulled off a good deed by defeating the famous wrestling legend, Chris Jericho. With most fans not knowing him, Fandango’s win over Jericho in the biggest pay-per-view event of them all came as a real surprise.

The audience was rendered speechless by what seemed to be a nobody who had become the conqueror of the night. Fandango, who had gained his name mostly for his unconventional charisma and his dancing persona, had pulled out a victory that everybody was least expecting. The triumph of an underdog that embraced Fandango in the spotlight of WrestleMania was an amazing hit and meant the fans could just anticipate future successes of spectacles.

  1. Asuka taps out to Charlotte Flair: Kofi’s being the face of this event truly shows how far he has come.

Asuka’s never-ending allure was the hallmark of history, stretching over two years and raising her to the throne of WWE, making her one of the most powerful women in the organization. As each step is inseparable, traversing Calvary without losing was also an impossibility, but that all came down at WrestleMania 34, when Asuka opposed Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

In a very dramatic moment, an unforeseen event took place, with Asuka, who has demonstrated her strength and courage for a long time, being forced to give up, with Flair making her give up via the submission hold, causing her to lose the match, making it the first defeat of Asuka in WWE.

Unlike any other opponent who fought and got defeated before her, the sight of a once-unstoppable Asuka submit to Flair left the fans in the stadium and those watching at home terrified and confused. The fans had a lot of queries as to why Kairi Sane took Asuka’s streak away from the WWE fans in such a disappointing way, leaving them in complete silence and waiting for answers.

  1. The Firefly Funhouse Match:

WWE match Firefly Funhouse, which was the first time a cinematic video was used in wrestling. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt pushed the boundaries of normal storytelling in wrestling to a new level. Besides entering Wyatt’s epicurean world, Cena got to go with his demons: past and present, and both in his subconsciousness and reality.

From WWE classic re-enactment to even bizarre extended dream sequences, it was the match that defied the world of pro-wrestling, with people wondering what reality it was. Everyone, including wrestling fans, was captivated by the bizarre and thought-provoking nature of the Firefly Funhouse match, which led to an all-round debate as to what the message was all about. The craziness generated shock and awe that had fans speechless and in awe.

  1. The Undertaker and Big Boss Man Inside Hell in a Cell: Wrestlemania 15

The Undertaker and Big Boss Man had a disappointingly tame Hell in a Cell bout at WrestleMania 15, yet their match somehow shocked and angered both the live audience and those who had tuned in. The creeping disaster: The Undertaker hanged The Big Boss Man from the roof of the cell by noose, lifting him up to the view of the public as the scaffolds above started to move.

The hanging sight of Big Boss Man above the ring opening lifeless and screaming made the fans feel confused and disturbed by the limits of entertainment in pro wrestling. In the world of sports, there are remarkable moments that pass down to generations through the memories of those who witness them. These moments embody character and touch on emotion in a way that ordinary performances cannot. The Undertaker’s macabre act was one such moment that eminently exists at WrestleMania, forever embossed in the brigade of the memories of those who witnessed it.

  1. Sheamus beats Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds.

A highly anticipated annual event on the wrestling calendar, this year’s installment of WrestleMania 28 is expected to be the biggest and best yet.

Even though it was predicted that the World Heavyweight Championship match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan in WrestleMania 28 would be a battle of the WWE’s two best stars, who are very capable in their respective styles, the actual fight was deemed to be a thrilling and nail-biting contest. Nonetheless, the contest was over so quickly as it had begun, with Sheamus finishing the Aplugged Bryan with less than 18 seconds of the time and one fatal swoop.

The awe-striking manner in which Bryan was defeated was subtle, leading to the fans in the crowd as well as the ones being aired to be confused and bewildered. Bryan was defeated; however, whatever the valiant efforts he has made to retain himself, it was evident that his composure was damaged and never seen in the speed of Sheamus’s triumph. The WWE Universe was left speechless.

  1. Steve Austin Makes a Deal with Vince McMahon: The first ever WrestleMania in the Carolina’s Panther’s brand new stadium:

The main event of WrestleMania 17 ended in an unbelievable and outrage-propelling act when WWE’s Stone Cold Steve Austin joined his arch-enemy, Mr. McMahon. To the surprise of everyone, Austin unexpectedly maternalized the dastard that McMahon is to the wrestling panel.

Austin was considered the superstar who was abjectly against the rules of the authority, and the management all of a sudden decided to assist McMahon by beating him in the WWE Championship, which was dumbfounding and made the fans lose confidence in their favourite superstar. The thrilling final result not only closed that chapter, it also made an indelible impact on the WWE, having WWE fans smirk at how it illustrates the moral ambiguity involved in this new, brutal business.

  1. Brock Lesnar Breaks The Undertaker’s Streak: The 30th Anniversary of Wrestle Mania

While the probably astounding moment of WrestleMania has occurred on WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar has done the unthinkable by ending the record killing streak of The Undertaker. The Undertaker had a winning record at WrestleMania that lasted for two decades now, and he rightfully became an icon of the event and an inspiration for other wrestlers. Yet, Lesnar was the exception and left no doubts with an incredible attitude adjustment from the undertaker.

The silence that prevailed in the stadium while the referee was counting down to three could be more deafening than it has ever been before, as the fans tried slowly grasping the big news. The dejected and stunned looks on the fans at the stadium and at home only manifested the increasing resolve that the 21-year unbeaten streak was suddenly and abruptly over.

Besides the melodramatic storyline, fans have come thrilled ever since when witnessing all sorts of dramatic acts, either breaking the bonds of friendship or defying the impossible. Even with the crowd, the audience admires these actions, and they are always sparking deep feelings and debate among the WWE viewers. The fact shows that rivalry has been stronger than ever in the last decade. Sometimes it’s the climax of a long rivalry or it could pave the way for new and unexpected developments, but whatever it may be, WrestleMania keeps being the scene, creating unforgettable moments in sports entertainment too.

There is already so much excitement among fans when it comes to the annual WWE WrestleMania. But they can never be certain of what they are going to see. It is possible that the surprises and jaw-dropping will be their next year’s episode. One thing is certain: while as long as the wrestling will go on and exist, so will the WWE Universe, which will always have something to wonder about as they will find themselves speechless because of something incredible.

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