5 Big Matches That Needs To Added For WWE Royal Rumble 2024

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

The WWE Universe is raving with anticipation for the Royal Rumble 2024 and what amazing bouts will be held in the ring. The royal rumble is not only about the over-the-tops ropes battle royal but also includes surprise matches, never-forgotten moments, and finally massive tag team battles that make fans watch them in suspense. The night of spectacle should comprise five huge matches that must be added to the Royal Rumbla card, which are as follows:

  1. Kane’s Milestone Moment: A Farewell Match?

Since its beginning, Kane (Big Red Machine) has never missed participating in the royal rumble, with up to twenty occurrences. Nevertheless, regardless of his continued attendance, he has never managed to win this famous game. During Kane’s last year, Milestone at Farewell Match might be witnessed in Royal Rumble 2024.

Picture the feelings that will linger in the air of Royal Rumble when Kane comes out for the last time. This legendary figure would certainly be supported by the WWE Universe, and it would become one of those matches for history. The mere possibility that Kane will play his last match and whether he wins will make the Royal Rumble in 2024 a worthy addition to the programme.

  1. Ziggler vs. Kingston: The Rumble Rivalry

The likes of Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston, who have scored 15 and 14 Royal Rumble appearances, have proved to be some of the most lasting and hilarious competitors in these challenging matches. In an attempt to avoid each other’s path, they have done this countless times. However, an all-out fight between them inside the wild setting of the Royal Rumble has not come to pass.

The duel between Ziggler and Kingston promises a display of technical prowess and flying wrestling, as well as creative survival techniques, at Wrestlemania’s rumble segment.

These two veterans would have an exciting storyline in the bigger Royal Rumble spectacle, adding flavour through the personal animosity between the contenders for both participants alike.

  1. Randy Orton’s Chase for the Rumble Legacy

Randy Orton remains immortal through his fourteen championship victories, for all time being known as the 14-time champion. For him, the royal rumble presents an opportunity to be the second person after Stone Cold Steve Austin to have won it three times. This year might give Orton an opportunity to claim Rumble supremacy and make his thirteenth Royal Rumble appearance count more.

There may develop a main story line connected with Orton’s hunt for history, and viewers may look forward to whether the man will gain the third victory on his side in the Royal Rumble. Certainly, this would be an ideal match of marquee importance, especially for Royal Rumble 2024 with all its historic connotations.

  1. Rey Mysterio’s Redemption Story

Rey Mysterio has fought just once at the Royal Rumble, and he’s also come there thirteen times. Despite this, Mysterio has had unfair boos from the audience in recent years that illustrate the fickle nature of fan behaviour.

The redemption story for Mysterio’s in Royal Rumble 2024 Will the ultimate underdog be able to beat the naysayers who are trying to stop the revival of the magic he possessed when he won the WWF Royal Rumble? The chaotic nature of Royal Rumble can make this narrative arc emotionally deep, as can the new chapter on Mysterio’s record of matches.

  1. Kofi Kingston’s Annual Highlight Reel

The name Kofi Kingston now goes alongside Royal Rumble highlights, thanks to his inventiveness and ability not to go down in defeat in spite of everything. Every year’s Rumble in Kingston has had fourteen appearances, making them expected among fans as each one is known for the last-ditch saves.

Royal Rumble 2024 is one of the most promising events to come, and with Kofi Kingston’s awesome survival tactics, it could be a show-stealer. Imagine the thrilling moment as Kingston pulls off another jaw-dropping escape. This match isn’t just going to be a landmark for Kingston; it will also add unpredictability to the Royal Rumble 2024.

As WWE Royal Rumble 2024 gets closer, the huge potential of these five big matches makes us excited and think about the different possible scenarios.

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