UFC Las Vegas 80 Who Won The Performer Of The Night, Bonus Amount And More

7 months ago By Jhon Woug

UFC Las Vegas 80: Who Won The Performer Of The Night, Bonus Amount, And More

In the heart of Las Vegas, under the bright lights of the UFC Apex, UFC Vegas 80 delivered a night of exhilarating mixed martial arts action that left fans in awe. The main event, featuring the underdog Bobby Green, stole the show with a jaw-dropping 33-second knockout. But beyond the main attraction, this event was a treasure trove of thrilling moments, from dominant TKOs to celebratory encounters with NFL legends. Let’s delve into the details of this unforgettable night.

Bobby Green, known as “King,” proved that he could not be underestimated. In a scintillating main event, Green pulled off an astonishing upset by finishing No. 10-ranked lightweight Grant Dawson with a blistering 33-second knockout. It was a lightning strike that shook the octagon, showcasing Green’s speed and precision.

The excitement didn’t stop with the main event. UFC Vegas 80 was packed with remarkable performances. Flyweight mainstay Nate Maness, eager to snap a two-fight losing streak, did so in emphatic fashion with a dominant TKO stoppage over Brazilian prospect Mateus Mendonca. Joe Pyfer, a rising star in the UFC middleweight division, extended his undefeated record to 3-0 by securing a massive submission finish over Abdul Razak Alhassan. What made Pyfer’s victory even more memorable was his celebration with NFL legend Tom Brady, who was cageside to witness the action.

Lightweight veteran Drew Dober added to the night’s highlight reel by earning another knockout win with a first-round TKO over “Gladiator” Ricky Glenn. Dober’s striking power was on full display, and he made it clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division.

The Bonus Winners

As is customary in the UFC, exceptional performances are rewarded with post-fight bonuses. At UFC Vegas 80, four fighters distinguished themselves and walked away with an extra $50,000 in their pockets:

  1. Performance of the Night: Bobby Green’s remarkable 33-second knockout earned him the Performance of the Night bonus, and rightfully so. He made a statement that reverberated throughout the lightweight division.
  1. Performance of the Night: Joe Pyfer: Pyfer’s impressive submission finish and undefeated UFC record earned him a well-deserved Performance of the Night bonus. His journey from Contender Series injury setbacks to UFC success is a story of determination and skill.
  1. Performance of the Night: Drew Dober’s devastating first-round TKO against Ricky Glenn showcased his knockout power once again. He added to his highlight reel and secured a Performance of the Night bonus.
  1. Performance of the Night: Nate Maness bounced back from a two-fight losing streak with a dominant TKO victory over Mateus Mendonca, earning himself a Performance of the Night bonus.

The Toughest Loss

While there were many winners on this electrifying night, there was also one fighter who faced a tough defeat. Grant Dawson, after six years of hard work inside the UFC Octagon, entered the bout on a hot streak with an 11-0-1 record, earning him a spot in the Top 15 rankings. However, his dreams came crashing down in just 33 seconds when Bobby Green unleashed a stiff jab, followed by a flurry of strikes that resulted in a first-round finish.

Dawson’s loss was not just a setback; it was a stark reminder of the unforgiving nature of the sport. He didn’t even have the opportunity to launch any offence of his own. His path to cracking the Top 5 was suddenly obstructed, and he now faces the arduous task of rebuilding and climbing the ranks once more.


UFC Las Vegas 80 was a night filled with unexpected twists and turns. Bobby Green’s lightning-fast knockout in the main event will be etched in MMA history, and his impressive victory might propel him into the Top 15 rankings. However, it wasn’t just Green who shone; the night featured dominant performances by Nate Maness, Joe Pyfer, and Drew Dober, all of whom earned well-deserved Performance of the Night bonuses.

On the flip side, Grant Dawson’s swift loss was a bitter pill to swallow after years of hard work. His path back to contention will undoubtedly be challenging, but MMA has a knack for producing comeback stories, and perhaps Dawson will pen his own in the future.

In the end, UFC Vegas 80 showcased the essence of the sport: unpredictability, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of greatness. It was a night that reminded us why we love mixed martial arts, and fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for these remarkable fighters.

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